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  1. Hola, I just did some more mock-ups of the new Pats Uni concepts, let me know what you think! --Travisimo
  2. Sorry it's been a busy weekend! Here's some white on the jersey, still have to do the outline on the numbers!
  3. BigRed618 I was thinking about that myself ill try something soon I have picnics tomorrow but ill throw something up soon
  4. Thanks again Matt, I'd love to see them on the field in these or something close the red just pops! Vaytch, sorry you hate the team but thanks for the compliment! Glad to hear you think they look awesome!
  5. Great Suggestion Brave Bird looks 100% Better! Thanks Matt! too wish they'd go back to the Red jersey, looks so much better IMO
  6. Hello all! Given the Pats changing their Script Logo I wanted to give a concept for a new home jersey a try, let me know what you think! --Travisimo