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  1. I think the sleeve design for the Lions' primary jerseys are great!
  2. Thanks for sticking with the brown facemask for Cleveland. That's basically the only change that I liked when they modernized their uniforms a few seasons ago.
  3. This is tremendous. It's a shame that professional franchises never come close to this type of quality when overhauling their brands.
  4. I really like your Bengals' concept. I know it's different, and you're getting some pushback on certain things, but I would really hesitate to change anything.
  5. Great work on these uniforms so far. A few tweaks would suit what I prefer to see in football uniforms. I've always felt the Texans should have a white helmet so good job on that. I think the Steelers' second color should be gold, not a highlighter yellow like you have.
  6. Good job on the Hawks. The Nets update was needed. On the Celtics' sweaters, I would consider applying the double stripe across the torso like it is on the sleeves. Also, on the Celtics' white sweater, I think the whole sweater should be white with green stripes at the top. (Instead of having the shoulders be the same for both.)
  7. The Hawks concept looks way better without the black stripe. Good job.
  8. I like the idea of forging different eras of Magic uniforms into one concept. However, I think your actual concept wasn't executed well enough, although I like the pinstripes. Please keep them. I agree with what others have said: add the star onto the shorts. Your concept's wordmark and number should be changed to more closely resemble the Magic's current set. The wordmark and number in the original Magic uniforms weren't the best part of the uniform ... it was the pinstripes.
  9. I agree with Clintau24. As closely as this concept is to the Rams' current alternate with yellow and blue, the better they are. The team should have never replaced yellow with gold in the early 2000s.
  10. I really like the Hawks concept with red and gold but the black stripe doesn't fit.
  11. I agree with pianoknight. One outcome of any regular season should be to separate good teams from bad ones. aergle, Why play 9 regular season games when all 128 teams would make the playoffs anyway? I suggest determining a lower number for the number of teams that qualify for the playoffs and then developing some rules to determine how teams qualify for the playoffs. Also, I am not a fan of alcohol reference for the conference you introduced.
  12. SFGiants58, the circular logo on the side of the shorts in the franchise's original uniforms was lower than what you presented in your Timberwolves concept. Were you trying to match the original uniform with that, or did you purposefully raise the logo in your concept?
  13. I think the jaguar print can work on Jacksonville's uniforms, but I don't believe it does the way you presented it. I hope you can work it into the uniforms in another way.
  14. The new logo is certainly a downgrade. As a couple others have already said. the drop shadow in the old logo was one the few cases when the drop shadow was acceptable.