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  1. I think the sleeve design for the Lions' primary jerseys are great!
  2. Thanks for sticking with the brown facemask for Cleveland. That's basically the only change that I liked when they modernized their uniforms a few seasons ago.
  3. This is tremendous. It's a shame that professional franchises never come close to this type of quality when overhauling their brands.
  4. I really like your Bengals' concept. I know it's different, and you're getting some pushback on certain things, but I would really hesitate to change anything.
  5. I like the idea of forging different eras of Magic uniforms into one concept. However, I think your actual concept wasn't executed well enough, although I like the pinstripes. Please keep them. I agree with what others have said: add the star onto the shorts. Your concept's wordmark and number should be changed to more closely resemble the Magic's current set. The wordmark and number in the original Magic uniforms weren't the best part of the uniform ... it was the pinstripes.
  6. SFGiants58, the circular logo on the side of the shorts in the franchise's original uniforms was lower than what you presented in your Timberwolves concept. Were you trying to match the original uniform with that, or did you purposefully raise the logo in your concept?
  7. I agree with TheFuture. The Heat uniforms are good. They just need a different color scheme.
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