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  1. What is the wordmark font on "SF DELTAS" I know I've seen it before...
  2. I do like the colors and the kits, but not crazy about the logo. I don't see it as an upgrade over what Nashville FC already has:
  3. Would be awesome if someone could get this in PSD form.
  4. Raysox, have you ever done a Mutiny rebrand? They were my favorite MLS team.
  5. The logos in the pack are still only about 150 pixels, is that the largest version you have?
  6. Also your first post doesn't have a link to Chattanooga FC.
  7. Is the Football Manager mod going to include the logos?
  8. I'm working on the database right now.
  9. Awesome thread. I'm an avid player of the computer game Football Manager and I'd like to put together a database of these teams for use in the game. Do you happen to have a file with just the logos? I could pull them from your images but the problem is that the game uses a base size of 180x180px so the 150px size would look a little small? Also I would love to see a USMNT concept from you. Incredible job.
  10. Awesome. Are you still working on filling out the 4th level and below?
  11. Does anyone play Football Manager that would be interested in helping me make a database for this?