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  1. The contract with Stance ended when Nike became the league’s apparel provider. In addition to the uniforms, the socks are all Nike now. Nike does actually make team-specific sock designs to go along with the City Editions, and as of this year the Classic Editions as well. Plus, the standard sock design is available in a bunch of different color ways, including some team-specific color ways.
  2. Wazzu going traditional vs. Colorado: The Buffs are going all-white: Utah going red/black/red vs. Arizona State:
  3. I disagree. The old ones badly needed some white to provide some contrast, and this updated version does just that. I just wish they went a step further and added some white to the collar and armhole trim to make it a more cohesive look overall.
  4. You can add the Blazers’ updated Statement jersey to that: The team hasn’t officially released it, but it’s on the team’s webpage and now in 2K20, so it’s definitely real.
  5. I thought the Ducks looked pretty sharp in their all-yellow combo on Friday night. Definitely better than last season’s all-yellow combo, especially with the dark green cleats breaking up all the yellow a little bit. This wasn’t one of their better combos of the season thus far, but still a sharp look IMO. Plus, the all-yellow, along with the all-green, seem like they’re both becoming a yearly thing for the Ducks, which I have no problem with. Anyways, as the Ducks are now officially halfway through the regular season, here’s a graphic I made showing the combos they’ve worn thus far this season, as well as my predictions for what they’ll wear in the rest of their games this year: Looking ahead to next week, I think the Ducks will go apple green/white/white at UW and wear their new white pants for the first time.
  6. Predictably, the Saints’ new white pants are just a crappy white version of the black pants: These are absolutely terrible, at least when worn with the white socks.
  7. Predictably, the Saints’ new white pants are just a crappy white version of the black pants: These are absolutely terrible, at least when worn with the white socks.
  8. Ah alright, thanks. I was mainly just curious to see if they were keeping that little stripe block on the left side or if they were switching to a full vertical stripe on the shorts. Not surprised to see them just keep the basic shorts design the same but add in the white like on the jersey.
  9. In addition to the Retro Benny helmet decals, Oregon State is going with Retro Benny at midfield today: 🗣JUST MAKE IT PERMANENT ALREADY🗣
  10. Yep, that was pretty much the perfect OSU uniform (just needed the collar logo to be the full color Benny). I really do like their new set, especially the off-white roads, but it’s still not nearly as good as that fauxback. A full set built around that would’ve been perfect. And they really need to bring Retro Benny back full time. So much better than the current beaver logo.
  11. @ThunderCeltic would you be able to post a screenshot of the Blazers’ new Statement uniform in 2k20 since we haven’t seen the shorts yet?
  12. Yeah, I posted a shot of the jersey a few pages back. We haven’t seen the shorts, though, so would you mind posting a screenshot?
  13. Oregon State going all-black with monochrome orange Retro Benny helmet decals: I was really hoping they’d bring back last season’s Fauxback uniforms. At the very least they should’ve gone with the full color Retro Benny logo on the helmets:
  14. The Ducks are going all-yellow tomorrow night vs. Colorado: Gotta say, I’m a bit disappointed. I don’t mind the all-yellow, but I was really hoping to see the dark green/yellow/dark green. I still think we’ll see that combo later in the year (maybe against Wazzu), but I was hoping to see it tomorrow night. The all-yellow should still look good under the lights tomorrow night, though.
  15. Yep, it’s pretty unique on the inside. Even more so when the glass is exposed:
  16. Wazzu going white/white/anthracite at ASU: The anthracite pants look so out of place with this combo since the jerseys and helmets are both just white with crimson accents. Definitely not one of their better combos. Utah going red/white/red at Oregon State: It’s the Beavers’ Homecoming week, and they’re asking fans to wear retro gear to the game this weekend, and also using the retro Benny logo and other retro-inspired graphics on social media. With that in mind, I think the Beavs will be wearing the gorgeous retro Benny fauxbacks that they wore last season: Colorado going with the traditional gold/white/black at Oregon: The Ducks should be revealing their combo tomorrow. I could see them either going dark green/yellow/dark green or some combo involving the apple green jerseys.
  17. Here’s a bunch of photos from last night’s Blazers preseason game at the VMC: As I said on here late last night, this was a really special night to be a Blazers fan and a special sight to take in. Just a great sense of nostalgia and pride all around. The throwback uniforms looked gorgeous in action, as did the court. Being in that building was just a really cool experience for me since I’m too young to have seen them play there back in the day. I’m sure it was a special experience for everyone, young and old, that was in attendance.
  18. Easier to just leave it than try to cover it with some sort of floor decal or blank wood panel since they’re only playing in the VMC for one game (they also had their Fan Fest there this last Sunday, but still). Not the first time he’s worn retro-inspired garb, and certainly won’t be the last. I was actually at the VMC tonight to see the Blazers’ preseason opener, and boy was it a surreal scene. I’m too young to have seen the Blazers play there before the Rose Garden (Moda Center) opened, and I wasn’t able to attend the preseason game at the VMC ten years ago, so this really was a once in a lifetime (or at least couple be depending on if they ever play there again) experience for me. Everything was perfect, from the throwback-inspired 50th anniversary court, to the gorgeous ‘77 throwbacks, to the entire coaching staff wearing retro-inspired outfits, to the incredible atmosphere inside the arena, etc. I’ll post some more photos tomorrow (some that I took, some that I found online), but it was a great night to be a Blazers fan and reminisce on the great history of the Blazers franchise.
  19. The Wizards’ new Statement set is just the old navy set with the District wordmark:
  20. I did actually kind of like them on the football unis (though I think the regular nameplates on this year’s jerseys look better), but they look a bit awkward on the basketball jerseys IMO. I don’t hate them, though. The women’s team hasn’t even had NOB’s on their jerseys the last several years, so I’m mainly just happy to see the NOB’s return in the first place.
  21. No official reveal yet, but here are a few looks at the Oregon women’s new black set from Pac-12 media day today: Not as good as the white set, but still pretty nice overall. I like that the black set actually has green and yellow accents instead of just yellow. The chest logo isn’t the best, but I’m fine with it being used on the black set as long as the green and yellow sets have regular word marks (which I’m fairly confident they will). The one thing that does really bug me about this black set is that the green/yellow/green collar and armhole trim doesn’t match the shorts, which has yellow/green/yellow trim. Those should match IMO, but that’s a fairly small gripe. Edit- And now the official reveal of the black set:
  22. Official reveal of the Oregon women’s new white set: Chances are they’ll be revealing the other colorways throughout the day today. I’m particularly excited to see the yellow and green versions.
  23. Man, the Ducks looked absolutely incredible last night IMO. Not just the best combo of the season so far, but one of the best combos they’ve worn in recent memory. That dark green, as polarizing as it is, looks fantastic paired with the bright yellow and the yellow/dark green/yellow combo had tremendous contrast and balance and really popped under the lights. The only combo in this set that can top it is the traditional yellow/apple green/yellow combo, which we’ll hopefully get to see later in the year (preferably in the Civil War). Here’s what that combo looks like with this new set, courtesy of one of the Ducks’ recruits:
  24. The Timbers are going with city flag-themed numbers today:
  25. Panthers going blue over white (with blue socks) against Jacksonville today. The Ravens are going white over purple (with black socks) at Pittsburgh.