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  1. Utah going all-black with the “Ute Proud” helmet decals and stripe against Cal:
  2. I wouldn’t say nothing about it says “Oregon”, but it definitely isn’t nearly as flashy as what they’ve worn over the last decade or so. I think it does have visual appeal in that the different pieces are simple and straightforward and can be mixed and matched successfully. The helmets and jerseys are essentially simplified versions of what they wore during the Mariota years. Some flashy aspects (wings on the helmets, shiny inlines in the numbers, iridescent numbers on the white/dark green jerseys, etc.), but overall a more simplistic, streamlined look. As an Oregon fan, the more simplistic look is actually more reflective of the culture that Coach Cristobal has brought to the program, but it still retains some of the flashiness that really made Oregon‘s uniforms (and to a certain extent program) famous.
  3. I am a die-hard Oregon fan, but that doesn’t mean I’m never critical of anything they do. I’ve been critical of them on here several times over the years, though I’ll admit I’ve been very positive of what they’ve done this year. I personally think their set this year is fantastic, and from what I’ve seen most other Oregon fans agree. Surely their best, and most cohesive set since the Mariota days. Some of you on here disagree, which is fine, though I do think some members here slander anything the Ducks do whether justified or not. Just my opinion, though. On TV, I didn’t find it hard at all to identify the Ducks. There are plenty of identifiable aspects on the combo that the Ducks wore yesterday, and in a broader sense on all of the Ducks’ uniforms this season.
  4. I thought the Ducks looked absolutely incredible in their chrome/all-white set yesterday. The chrome helmets and iridescent numbers really popped and made it a great looking combo overall, especially under the overcast, rainy skies in Seattle. I’d even go as far to say that this was, IMO, the best all-white combo they’ve worn (technically not all-white because of the chrome helmets, but it may as well be) since this combo from 2014: If they go chrome/white/white with the apple green-accented white jerseys, that’ll look just as good, if not even a little better than what they wore yesterday. Here’s what that combo looks like, from a recent recruiting visit: If I had to guess, I’d say they’ll wear this combo at SC in a couple weeks. Looking ahead to next week, though, I’m hoping (and partially expecting) that the Ducks will go dark green/yellow/dark green vs. Washington State:
  5. They unveiled it earlier this morning:
  6. They’ll be in purple for both of their regular season games at Golden State. The Warriors will actually be in gold for both of those games, wearing the gold Statement set on 2/8 and the gold Classics on 2/27.
  7. Really nice looking matchup between PItt and Syracuse earlier:
  8. Arizona going white/white/navy at USC: This is one of their better combos, but the white helmets need the navy face masks IMO.
  9. The Ducks are going chrome/white/white with the alternate white/dark green jerseys with iridescent numbers at UW: This is a nice combo, but I was hoping for apple green/white/white or at least for them just to go with the white/apple green jerseys. Still, I do like this look and the iridescent numbers add some flair to what is otherwise a pretty similar look to last season’s road outfits. Also, with the Ducks wearing their chrome helmets, white pants, and white cleats for the first time this season, they’ll have finally worn every single piece of their new set (that we know of, anyways).
  10. Oregon State going black/cream/cream again at Cal:
  11. Boise State going with their best overall combo at BYU:
  12. Yup, they do still sell NBA branded socks, just not the on-court versions. I should’ve been more specific there to say that the on-court sock deal ended when Nike came on board.
  13. The contract with Stance ended when Nike became the league’s apparel provider. In addition to the uniforms, the socks are all Nike now. Nike does actually make team-specific sock designs to go along with the City Editions, and as of this year the Classic Editions as well. Plus, the standard sock design is available in a bunch of different color ways, including some team-specific color ways.
  14. Wazzu going traditional vs. Colorado: The Buffs are going all-white: Utah going red/black/red vs. Arizona State:
  15. I disagree. The old ones badly needed some white to provide some contrast, and this updated version does just that. I just wish they went a step further and added some white to the collar and armhole trim to make it a more cohesive look overall.
  16. You can add the Blazers’ updated Statement jersey to that: The team hasn’t officially released it, but it’s on the team’s webpage and now in 2K20, so it’s definitely real.
  17. I thought the Ducks looked pretty sharp in their all-yellow combo on Friday night. Definitely better than last season’s all-yellow combo, especially with the dark green cleats breaking up all the yellow a little bit. This wasn’t one of their better combos of the season thus far, but still a sharp look IMO. Plus, the all-yellow, along with the all-green, seem like they’re both becoming a yearly thing for the Ducks, which I have no problem with. Anyways, as the Ducks are now officially halfway through the regular season, here’s a graphic I made showing the combos they’ve worn thus far this season, as well as my predictions for what they’ll wear in the rest of their games this year: Looking ahead to next week, I think the Ducks will go apple green/white/white at UW and wear their new white pants for the first time.
  18. Predictably, the Saints’ new white pants are just a crappy white version of the black pants: These are absolutely terrible, at least when worn with the white socks.
  19. Predictably, the Saints’ new white pants are just a crappy white version of the black pants: These are absolutely terrible, at least when worn with the white socks.
  20. Ah alright, thanks. I was mainly just curious to see if they were keeping that little stripe block on the left side or if they were switching to a full vertical stripe on the shorts. Not surprised to see them just keep the basic shorts design the same but add in the white like on the jersey.
  21. In addition to the Retro Benny helmet decals, Oregon State is going with Retro Benny at midfield today: 🗣JUST MAKE IT PERMANENT ALREADY🗣
  22. Yep, that was pretty much the perfect OSU uniform (just needed the collar logo to be the full color Benny). I really do like their new set, especially the off-white roads, but it’s still not nearly as good as that fauxback. A full set built around that would’ve been perfect. And they really need to bring Retro Benny back full time. So much better than the current beaver logo.
  23. @ThunderCeltic would you be able to post a screenshot of the Blazers’ new Statement uniform in 2k20 since we haven’t seen the shorts yet?
  24. Yeah, I posted a shot of the jersey a few pages back. We haven’t seen the shorts, though, so would you mind posting a screenshot?