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  1. I would think so, yeah. Would definitely provide more contrast than the light blue.
  2. Here’s the link to all of this week’s kit assignments, both for the midweek matches and the ones at the weekend: https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/kit-matchups-what-your-club-is-wearing-for-mls-week-5 Pretty standard stuff for a lot of the matches, but still several things worth noting: - Miami will be wearing their secondaries at home tomorrow. - LAG, RSL, and SKC will all be wearing their secondaries at home this weekend. - Dallas will be wearing white clash shorts and socks with their red primary shirts for the second time this year, this time at Minnesota. - Nashville will be debuting their new secondaries at RSL on Saturday. - Montreal, Portland, SKC, and Orlando are all wearing their secondary kits for the first time this year (along with Nashville, obviously). I believe that leaves Houston and Vancouver as the only teams who have only worn their primaries so far this year.
  3. Also way more contrast than the last time the two teams wore green against each other. Still far from ideal, but the Timbers’ white shorts and dark green shirt backs definitely make it a little more tolerable:
  4. Another example of a matchup where the contrast will probably be passable but far from ideal. If Colorado went with the burgundy socks, Minnesota easily could’ve gone with their light blue kit. Colorado/SKC have had similar matchups in the last couple years: Frankly my ideal situation would be for Minnesota to wear their light blue tops with the grey shorts and socks from their primary kit. It doesn’t seem like they have dedicated clash shorts or socks for their new secondaries, but the grey shorts/socks would work fine as a one-time mashup. The home team shouldn’t have to change, and like in European leagues and competitions MLS should make the visitors come up with a kit combo that provides the best contrast. In this case, with Colorado sticking with their standard burgundy/blue/blue combo, that would mean Colorado going with a light blue/grey/grey combo.
  5. Quick note about the Dallas/Houston game; Dallas will be wearing navy socks with their current primary kits for what I believe to be the first time: While the first team hasn’t worn this specific kit combo, their academy teams have: Last year when Dallas and Houston went red vs. orange, FCD went with the red socks:
  6. I believe the last time Seattle wore green shorts was in 2018. I don’t remember them wearing them at all in 2019, and I know they haven’t been an option with their current primaries. White clash shorts/socks would be the best option if the league insists on designating their primaries as a “light” kit.
  7. There would definitely still be a bit of a shirt clash, but I think the dark green vs. dark purple could work if the Sounders had orange or yellow clash shorts and socks. Not that I would want to see that, but I do think it could provide enough contrast from the Timbers’ primaries and even Austin’s primaries. Frankly I’m a little surprised the league didn’t make them have a clash shorts and socks option for those cases. With their Nightfall kits they at least had pink clash socks that they wore against the Timbers last year.
  8. I made a comment last week about how the Timbers and Sounders will likely go green vs. green in Portland this weekend, and now it’s official. Sure the Timbers could change to their white secondaries, but really this is happening because the Sounders don’t have a secondary kit that provides adequate contrast from the Timbers’ primaries (or Austin’s primaries, for that matter). I personally don’t think there should ever be a case where the home team has to change because the away team doesn’t have a kit that provides sufficient contrast, so in a way I’m glad that the Timbers are being stubborn and sticking with the green kits. It’s far from an ideal matchup, though, and could very well end up being an eyesore like the 2019 green vs. green matchup between the two teams: This year’s matchup shouldn’t be quite as bad as that one because of the Timbers going with their white shorts and having the darker green shirt back, but it’ll likely still be a bit of a nightmare matchup:
  9. The faux retro kit was actually a true secondary, for the 2017/18 seasons. Their last third kit was the Pacific Blue, worn in 2016 and 2017: But anyways, I agree with your larger point about third kits making a comeback in the near future.
  10. There absolutely should be a yellow or red option for the refs, but that doesn’t solve everything. IMO there should never be a case where the home team has to change from their primaries because their opponent doesn’t have a kit that provides sufficient contrast, but that’ll likely be the case when Austin hosts Seattle and could be (but I’m suspecting it won’t be) the case when Portland hosts Seattle this year as well. Third kits should be allowed. I also happen to think Seattle’s primary should be classified as a dark kit and their secondaries should be light, but it wouldn’t matter if third kits were available.
  11. Ideally Austin would have the stripes continue onto the back of their shirt, and the Timbers would have the halves continue onto the back of theirs, but the league mandates the solid backs or that the design only occupies the very bottom of the back of the shirt (Vancouver’s now-old primary being the lone exception recently). A solid green back for Austin and the lighter green back for Portland would’ve been preferable than what they went with, though. I’m suspecting that the Timbers went with the darker green back so that they can wear it at home against Seattle’s light green. Not that I necessarily want to see them try another green vs. green matchup, but I do think it could be a little less terrible than the last time they tried it since the Timbers have the darker green shirt back and would almost certainly wear the white shorts. We’ll find out when the Timbers host Seattle next weekend, but I’d be shocked if the Timbers didn’t wear their primaries.
  12. I’m guessing the league thought that Austin’s primary kit would clash with both the navy and green ref kits. I can definitely see the potential issue with Austin in primarily black and the refs in navy, and I suppose the kelly green on the front of Austin’s shirt is little too close to the green of the ref kits: The same issue will likely come up when Austin plays Seattle this year. I doubt the league will allow them to wear their primaries against Seattle’s green.
  13. Here are the Week 3 kit matchups: A couple notes: - Columbus, LAFC, Dallas, and Seattle are all debuting their new secondaries, with Dallas and Seattle doing so at home. - Minnesota going with their new light blue secondaries at home for the second week in a row.
  14. Yep, I can definitely see that happening this year. Normally I wouldn’t condone it, but IMO teams like Miami and Philly would benefit greatly by just wearing their new secondaries as much as possible this year: For Philly, their new secondary has all of the color and character that their current primary lacks. Unless/until they bring back the gold center stripe on their primaries, they should just embrace this kit and the flag color scheme. For Miami, the shade of pink is still too pale but at least it’s a little more discernible against the black. I’d much rather see them wear this kit as much as possible this year, with the hope that their new primary next year has a more prominent shade and incorporation of pink.
  15. Really liked how San Jose/Dallas looked yesterday. San Jose’s new kit looked great, and I enjoyed Dallas’ (one-off?) red/white/white combo more than I thought I would: After seeing Dallas’ white shorts and socks, I actually think they’re meant to be the clash shorts and socks for their new secondary kit. They unveiled that kit with navy shorts and socks, but these white shorts and socks are likely the alternate choice to give them a lighter option. They have navy adidas stripes and red logos, just like the new secondary shirt:
  16. Couple Cincy players wearing the wrong socks again:
  17. I cannot say enough about how much I love this kit, especially now with the yellow shorts option:
  18. There’s a navy ref kit that could be worn in a case like that: There really should be a yellow or red option, though.
  19. Here are the kit matchups for Week 2, starting with tonight’s game between SKC and Orlando: Of note: - San Jose, Minnesota, DCU, Chicago (secondary), and Miami are all debuting their new kits. - Minnesota, Philadelphia, and LAG are all wearing their secondaries at home. - Dallas is wearing white clash shorts and socks at San Jose. Will be interesting to see if they’re just the white shorts and socks from their now-old secondaries, or if they’re different from those. - Portland going with the white “alternate” shorts for their new primary kit for the second game in a row. Will be interesting to see if those end up being worn more than or equal to the green shorts this year. - NYRB going with white clash shorts for their new primaries. We hadn’t yet seen them, but it was expected that they’d be an option. - Finally, the most exciting thing is that Philly is debuting yellow shorts for their secondaries! I’ve speculated before about the possibility of yellow shorts, and now it seems that they are in fact an option! Really looking forward to seeing them on the field.
  20. Now that opening weekend has come and gone, I’d say these were the best looking matchups: Refreshing to see these matchups with both teams in non-mono kit combos, and all three had great contrast between light and dark. The new kits for NYCFC, Colorado, Vancouver, and Portland all looked really great in action, too. SKC/NYRB was a pretty nice matchup, too, but the contrast was lacking a little bit with both teams in lighter colors. SKC’s new kit could also benefit greatly from having navy shorts, but still a pretty good look overall and one that actually looks like SKC again: Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Galaxy, who debuted their new secondary against Miami: I loved this kit when it was unveiled, and after seeing it action I think I actually love it even more. It looked absolutely fantastic in the late afternoon Miami sun, and it’s just a banger of a kit overall. I think the teal socks really make it for me, as it needs that extra bit of teal to complete the look. The kit could maybe use a little more gold, and the solid black shirt back is unfortunate, but those are both pretty minor complaints.
  21. I still don’t like them choosing to emphasize navy over royal, but in a vacuum it is a really nice kit. I love the alternating pinstripes.
  22. FC Cincinnati’s Joseph-Claude Gyau (#13) wore two different socks yesterday, one that goes with the new kit and one that went with last year’s primary kit:
  23. Yeah, it’s odd that the socks are different for the kits from last year and the new kits this year. Would be nice if the template was the same across the board so there was some more consistency in the graphics. There are also a few instances of mislabeling (Philly’s shirt being labeled white, NYCFC’s socks being labeled white, etc.) and it would be nice if that was cleaned up. As for the ref uniforms, the shorts are indeed navy to match the navy shirt option and also the navy trim on the green and light blue shirts:
  24. MLS has actually posted all of the kit matchups for this weekend’s games: https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/kit-matchups-what-your-club-is-wearing-for-mls-week-1 They used to include these kit assignment graphics as a part of the match previews, but they’ve been missing for 2-3 years now. Hopefully they continue posting them each week this season, as it’s always nice to look at the kit matchups beforehand. Really looking forward to seeing the Galaxy and Rapids debut their new secondaries in their respective games, and NYRB vs. SKC and DCU vs. NYCFC both figure to be nice looking matchups. I’m biased as a Timbers fan, but I think Vancouver vs. Portland might be the best matchup of all.