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  1. And finally, the last two of this year’s Parley matchups:
  2. Yesterday’s Parley matchups:
  3. Yeah, I noticed that too and made a comment about it in my earlier post. Really not sure how they missed that little detail, especially when the swooshes on the white and orange sets match like you said. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed by the time the uniforms make their on-field debut.
  4. Tom Andrich, an Oregon State alum, was the designer in charge of this new set. So I really don’t think your theory has any legs to it in this instance.
  5. The Blazers will be in their black/dark grey City uniform tomorrow. OKC will be in white.
  6. These are definitely a bit different from what I was expecting. The helmet is the same as the black helmet they used last season, but it’s still nice. The thick pant stripes are nice too, and the tree ring pattern inside the numbers is a really nice touch. I could do without the ‘Beavs’ on the chest, and the shoulder stripes are a bit weird, but overall it’s still a pretty solid look. I’d probably call it a lateral move, or maybe just a slight upgrade, but something closer to last season’s fauxbacks still would’ve been better. I will say though that I like the decision to add some white to the orange set, as now it’ll look more cohesive when mixed and matched with the black and white uniform pieces. Also, I’m very annoyed by the fact that the black jersey has an orange swoosh while the black pants have a white swoosh.
  7. For the second straight year, the Ducks will be wearing their regular uniforms for the Spring Game and will be going all-green vs. all-yellow: This post isn’t really an actual uniform announcement, but several players have posted shots of their helmets and jerseys to their IG stories, and it’s pretty clear that it’ll be all-green vs. all-yellow. Also, after only wearing the new green helmets twice this past season, this is just the third time that they’ll be worn.
  8. First three of this weekend’s Parley matchups: Few notes: - Players are wearing white undershirts with the light blue kits and black with the dark blue kits rather than undershirts that match the color of the kits. Same can be said for the compression shorts. - The Galaxy apparently took it upon themselves to add the 5 stars to their Parley shirts. None of the other clubs have their championship stars on their Parley shirts (at least from what we’ve seen so far in these games and from the promotional materials). - Even though the shade of blue isn’t right, Minnesota’s Parley kit is arguably better than both their current secondary and their secondary from the last two seasons.
  9. Leak of the Celtic home shirt: I love the green polo collar, but I’m not a huge fan of the shirt as a whole. The new NB template works well with the new Liverpool shirt, but not nearly as well here.
  10. Liverpool home and home keeper kit officially unveiled: I’m a big fan of this kit. And once again, it’s another really solid effort from New Balance.
  11. They’ll be wearing the one with the ‘40s logo and white squatchee:
  12. I agree about the white helmets and pants, as those will really only look good with the white jerseys. But the white jerseys could still easily be paired with the gold pants. West Virginia’s new white jerseys don’t have any gold on them, and they still look fantastic with the gold pants (though the navy helmet also helps with that). For the colored sets, Baylor should stick to only mixing the green and gold uniform pieces. But for the road combos they can pretty much mix and match any of the different pieces and it still should look good for the most part. Green/white/gold, green/white/green, gold/white/gold, green/white/white, etc. should all look pretty sharp.
  13. Here’s all of this weekend’s matchups:
  14. New custom home kits for Chicago and Orlando: Nice to see more bespoke designs here. Unlike the Thorns’ new kits, neither of these are on Nike’s new template, but they’re still bespoke designs nonetheless.
  15. This is not a kit clash at all IMO: No reason this matchup from the preseason couldn’t have been repeated yesterday. I seem to recall a press release or something from when their secondary was unveiled that said they’d be wearing the new kit for their home opener, so it seems like it was definitely an intentional choice on their part.
  16. Minnesota is indeed wearing their white secondaries for their first game at their new stadium:
  17. New Baylor uniforms: A bit too simplistic for them IMO, and pretty similar to the new Illinois and Iowa State sets from last year. These would’ve looked great with a stripe on the helmets and pants, but as is they just seem incomplete.
  18. This year’s Parley jerseys were just officially released:
  19. New crest and brand identity for Brazil: Also the official reveal of the Copa America kits, which still have the now-old crest: According to the CBF’s press release, the white throwback kit is technically a third kit and will be worn against Bolivia in the first match of the Copa America. The blue kit from last summer’s World Cup still serves as the secondary kit.
  20. I hate the Warriors, but damn that’s such a cool move on their part. I’m amazed that they were able to keep it under wraps, apparently even from the players until shortly before tip. And credit to the NBA, because I’m sure they had to give the Dubs special permission to wear these. Just a really awesome move all around.
  21. Also of note is that those are new socks for them this year.
  22. I actually really like the sublimated pattern in the helmet and pant stripes. And I don’t mind the number font too much either. Glad they pretty much just tweaked the throwbacks, though some sleeve stripes would’ve been nice.