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  1. Chelsea away: Sponsor logo aside, I’m a big fan of this kit. The pattern on the shirt is quite nice, and the pale blue/navy color combo is both reminiscent of the 05/06 away kit and a nice change of pace from Nike’s previous away kits for the Blues.
  2. This is shaping up to be one of the best Barça primary kits in recent memory IMO: Love the addition of the hooped socks to really complete the look, and the thin yellow pinstripes is a subtle but excellent way to add a little extra flair to the stripes.
  3. Lol, not even remotely close to being the best.
  4. Probably true, I just think it’s funny when I’d consider that kit to be grossly inferior to all but one of the kits it went up against in the bracket (the Revs kit that made the final four being the exception) and about 3/4 of the kits in the bracket as a whole. It shouldn’t have even beat out the Whitecaps’ current primaries in the first round, lol.
  5. If anyone’s in need of a good laugh, then here ya go:
  6. The Thorns have officially revealed their new kits: Just like last year, these are fully custom and on Nike’s newest template. They’re the only NWSL club getting kits on Nike’s latest templates. I have to say these really do look fantastic. I’m still not totally sold on the idea of black primaries, but it’s something that a lot of Thorns fans here have been clamoring for, and it does look quite nice. The away is an upgrade from last year in that the pattern is much more visible and more relevant to the team, but some red accenting would’ve been nice and really put it over the top.
  7. Yep, the gradient numbers could’ve been done pretty tastefully by just going with something like this:
  8. The only combos that should ever see the field.
  9. The only way to make the away set even remotely tolerable is to wear that combo on the right. The gray jerseys would still look like trash, but the yellow pants would at least make it look somewhat like the Rams. Really they just need to burn the gray and blue pants and only wear blue over yellow and gray over yellow. They should eventually burn the gray jerseys, too, though.
  10. The Timbers have had two third kits in their MLS history, both of which were retro inspired and were some of the classiest kits in the league’s recent history: The Whitecaps had their awesome brown third kits: Philly had their Bethlehem Steel fauxbacks:
  11. I think it’s much more likely that we’ll see them just about as often as the white pants.
  12. Looks like Justin Herbert will be sticking with #10 with the Chargers: https://www.nflshop.com/los-angeles-chargers/mens-los-angeles-chargers-justin-herbert-nike-powder-blue-2020-nfl-draft-first-round-pick-game-jersey/t-10226316+p-2543673407103+z-9-276493367?_ref=p-TLP:m-RFY:i-r0c0:po-0 This was to be expected, as the Chargers didn’t have anyone wearing #10 on the roster and Herbert wore the number all four years with the Ducks.
  13. And they never should have them, either. Edit: Yep, what @aawagner011 said.
  14. Good look at some players in the jerseys: https://vm.tiktok.com/7yCwTK/ Man, I really love these and can’t wait to see ‘em in action. The powder and white are fantastic, but the navy jersey looks really sharp in this video too.
  15. Nope, the rumor about a gray away uniform for the Chargers came from @boltsWRLD on Twitter, who has since made up a bull excuse for why he was wrong: His rumor about the gray has nothing to do with this new info from @canzman.
  16. Both. They are not to be mixed and matched together, and will not be mixed and matched together. They never mixed and matched the pieces from the navy, powder, and royal sets with their outgoing set, and they won’t be doing that with the new set either. @canzman showed all of the individual combos from the style guide earlier today, and the Chargers have shown all of the possible combos together in these graphics:
  17. First, I hope you’re joking because that looks like garbage. Second, they only have the six possible combos. The royal and navy CR sets are not to be mixed and matched with each other or with the regular home and away sets. The powder and white jerseys will only be worn with the white and gold pants, and vice versa.
  18. I really love this update all around. I don’t want to expand too much because other users have pretty much summed up all of the thoughts that I have, namely @FinsUp1214 with the post quoted below. I will say, though, that I actually like both Color Rush sets on their own, I just think they should’ve stuck with one (probably the navy) instead of rolling with both. I don’t think they confuse the brand, though, as both CR sets connect back to a significant portion of the team’s history and I like limiting the royal and navy to the CR sets rather than muddling up the primary branding and uniforms trying to incorporate all of the colors. With the combos they have, I hope the frequency that they wear each combo sort of follows how they’re shown here from left to right: If there’s an even split of games wearing color and games wearing white, I’d like the breakdown to be as follows: Powder over white : 4 games Powder over gold: 2 games Royal CR: 1 game Navy CR: 1 game White over gold: 5 games White over white: 3 games I like the gold pants but would prefer they emphasize the powder over white as the primary home combo. I’d like to see them go with the white over gold as the primary road combo, still wearing the all-white a few times as well.
  19. Good look at the actual helmet: And a couple good looks at Bosa’s powder blue jersey:
  20. Yeah, it definitely would be. Based on JW Johnson’s hints, it seems like there will be orange pants, though. And if there’s an orange alternate jersey too they’ll probably just release them at the same time and show them off as an all-orange combo.
  21. This orange name and number tee is currently being sold on Fanatics/NFL Shop: This may or may not be representative of a yet-to-be-released orange alternate, but it’s certainly a possibility given the fact that JW Johnson has hinted at there being more to come. It’s also worth noting that all of the other shirts currently available from this new line of Nike name/number tees (including ones for the new Falcons, Pats, and Bucs sets) are representative of teams’ home jerseys, and this orange Browns tee is the only one that’s not representative of the teams’ home jersey. It’s also the only one currently available for the Browns. So again, it may or may not be indicative of a future orange alternate, but I thought it was at least worth posting here. And on the off chance it is representative of an orange alt, here are a couple mockups of how that could look, with both white and orange pants:
  22. There’s more to evaluating a set of numbers than just saying how many of the numbers look “good” or “bad”. I like the font and think it’s a nice modern adaptation of classic block, but I still think there are a few issues besides the lousy ‘7’.
  23. After evaluating it more I actually think it’s a very solid set of numbers. The 7 is bad, but on the whole I’d give it probably an 8 or 8.5 out of 10. It maintains the proportions of the classic block, and as a result still reads as a classic block at first glance, but the rounded corners give it a little contemporary touch without doing too much. And it does match the wordmark font with the mix of rounded corners and hard edges, but it’s not as thick as the wordmark and is sort of a hybrid of that font and of the classic block.