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  1. I too think is a big improvement, simple but unique and bold, perfect for the USMNT. Look forward to seeing new kits you have come up with to go with the new crest!
  2. Exactly. Adidas really limited themselves with the whole three stripe motif, as the three stripes always have to be present, therefore eliminating space for more useful, creative designs.
  3. I think you hit in right on the nose with that, Adidas has been making "cookie cutter" uniforms ever since they took over the rights to the league. Nike really has a clean sheet and can do almost anything with their kits, whereas Adidas is stuck with three stripes and general designs.
  4. I think I speak for all of us when we say we want this template, it's great, and we would all be appreciative if you would share it.
  5. There you go. As a tweak, I do like this better than the original.
  6. As a huge Oregon fan, myself, I love these designs. I really think Nike missed a great opportunity with the pants last season and I think what you have done here is fix that mistake, and make the uniform nearly perfect in every way. I also like how you brought back the 'O' helmets, but I would like to see the winged helmets too. Also, any chance you would share this template, it's great!
  7. Sorry for all that I have said regarding your templates and work. I love the template, again, probably the best Nike template I have seen. And I love both your Houston and New York concepts so far, they are truly beautiful. I really like the Red Bulls kits with the wordmark instead of the logo, and the third kit looks great and the red bull logo looks good. I also love what you did with the Metrostars fauxback as I think it would be great to see the Red Bulls go back to that timeless look that really is synonymous with the MLS' early days. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the league, especially the Portland Timbers.
  8. I know he has the right to do whatever he wants with it.. What I am trying to say is that by trying to sell his template, nobody else is going to use it because nobody wants to spend money on that. This site isn't about earning a profit, it's about sharing ideas, helping others create ideas..
  9. Stop trying to sell your templates because nobody wants to spend money on them.. and most people are nice enough to share their templates without earning a "profit".
  10. Can you please post a link to your template??
  11. I really like this concept for Houston, and the idea of Nike taking over the MLS. Also, your concept might be the best that I have seen, was wondering if you could give a link to it??
  12. I like it, I think the red is a very nice contrast to the blue's.
  13. It's sad to think that a Barney costume is better than the original logo haha
  14. This is crap. Hpnestly, thats all that needs to be said.
  15. The american flag on the uniforms was on the uniforms worn during the olympics.. it wasn't his idea.. Again, this shouldn't even be considered a concept.
  16. can we get a link to this template?, it's very good!
  17. It's practically the same as the uniforms actually worn in the olympics.. Honestly, it's more of a tweak than a concept. Other than that, it looks good but it would look a whole lot better had the actual uni's not looked practically the same.
  18. Love the concept for Canada, simple but unique and distinct. Also, can you post the download link for the template?
  19. upperV03

    USMNT Kits

    I don't think either of them should have a collar, I think a simple v-neck collar would look good with both.
  20. Those Spurs kits are by far my favorite of the bunch. Clint Dempsey, Bale and co. would look great in that.
  21. upperV03

    USMNT Kits

    This is probably my favorite concept for the usmnt. I love the away kit, very similar to what france has done with their first couple nike kits. The centennial crest looks great with these kits, and ultimately they would be stupid not to keep it because fan reaction has been great and I think we are all sick of the clip art, wrong-colored crest they use now.
  22. I think this would be a really solid upgrade for the Revs. I too think that the ball, although generic, works best and keeps it simple, yet unique and modern. As far as the jerseys, I think the AC milan look would work very well, and it would be a unique look in the league, similar to the old metrostars. And with the adidas stripes, I would make them white and have gold accents on the collar and cuffs instead.
  23. Hi, this is my first concept posted on here, but I have posted on Uni-Watch and you may have seem them on there. Ever since the Blazers introduced their red alternates last season, I have been hoping that they would change their whole set to match. Here is a new rip city alternate following the red alternate's template. Please tell me what you think so I know what I did good and not so good, thanks. http://farm9.staticf...754de0b81_o.png