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  1. Nope, that’s white on silver. The Eagles didn’t even have white pants back then.
  2. That’s just the blue throwback jersey sitting on top of the yellow CR jersey.
  3. They’ve already said all-black is the primary look, with all-white as the primary road look.
  4. Definitely a standard block. Compare the 2 on the shoulder in that image @VDizzle12 posted to the 2 on the shoulders here: If anything it just looks like they’ve slimmed down the shoulder numbers a bit.
  5. They’ve been featured as a sleeve patch on several other uniforms from throughout their history as well, these are just the examples with their current set.
  6. If you look closely at these screenshots, it looks like the numbers are a classic block (you can just barely make out a 2) and the helmet stripes are staying with the same thickness and proportion (as opposed to the pre-2015 helmets with thinner brown exterior stripes): In that first screenshot it also looks like the model is likely wearing the brown over white combo.
  7. Those were shots of Browns legends where you could make out the numbers. Edit- @crashcarson15 beat me to it.
  8. I don’t mind them having two pairs of pewter pants, and I actually like that on the Color Rush set they got rid of black and instead emphasized white and red. I just would’ve added the thin orange stroke between the red and white on the numbers and pant stripes.
  9. Nice look at all three sets: The all-pewter set has alternate pewter pants with red/white/red striping.
  10. Quoting your own posts with gifs? Especially these gifs? Bold move. And a really bad one at that.
  11. The facemask color is not changing, at least not for the regular uniforms (they could always swap to gray masks for Color Rush). They’ve said the helmets are staying the same, they’re using the current logo with the brown mask on this year’s Draft hat collection, and earlier this offseason they installed new turf in their indoor practice facility which uses the current helmet logo with the brown mask: That OBJ helmet is probably just a custom job or something for display purposes.
  12. According to @TruColor black was a primary color for them from ‘97-2013, and is now once again being considered a primary color with their new set.
  13. That’s just ridiculous. The outgoing set is a :censored:ing clown show, this new set will at least be respectable.
  14. Pretty sure that’s just the Falcons version of Riddell’s “Blaze” helmet series:
  15. Considering they updated the bolt logo, it seems pretty obvious that there will be new bolt decals as well. If you’re wondering if they’re gonna go with vertical bolt decals like the ones in that pattern or the one coming off the ‘A’ in the word mark, then the answer is, quite simply, no.
  16. Still needs to get rid of the Agency font, though. And chances are the new number font will be similar to the new logo type (and similar to Mizzou’s number font), in which case I think they should go without the helmet numbers and keep the yellow mask. I love the retro helmet numbers and gray mask, but neither of those things look quite right paired with a more modern number font.
  17. I wouldn’t read anything into that at all considering the jerseys don’t even have numbers or anything on them. Just using plain white/powder/white uniforms for the purposes of the stadium rendering.