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  1. If the Chargers do actually go with a shade close to purple (and that’s a really big if), then I would imagine it would be more of a tertiary color, with the powder blue and gold as primary and secondary. Something like this: Maybe even a slightly darker shade. They made a pretty big deal out of the switch back to powder blue as the primary home uniforms last year, and have really emphasized the powder blue and gold in their marketing materials over the last year or so, so I really can’t imagine them going away from that and relegating those colors to support status in favor of a new, purple-like shade of blue.
  2. First image of Liverpool’s away shirt:
  3. New Argentina and Colombia home shirts: Edit- And here are the (replica) home shorts and the home keeper shirt for Argentina:
  4. Here’s what this year’s Final Four court design was set to look like:
  5. I think the red shorts are what makes DCU’s kit one of the best of this year’s crop. I’m not as sold on the red shorts for the Revs, but I do think they add to the retro-inspired look they were going for. From a purely aesthetic standpoint I think the red shorts fit much better on DCU’s kit as they tie in to the thick red cuffs on the shirt.
  6. The half-color, half-white socks are no longer mandated, so they’d probably just go with solid brown, orange, or off-white socks (or striped in a perfect world). Yes the bumpers and chin straps would be white (unless the NFL would make an exception for off-white), but I don’t really see that as an issue. The socks would be a bigger issue, but again there are ways around that now that the half-white socks aren’t required.
  7. I think cream would be a fantastic addition to the Browns’ color scheme. You can get a sense of how it could look by looking at Oregon State’s new set that they debuted this past year: Now obviously that’s black instead of brown, but I think it gives a good sense of how it could work if the Browns were to go that route.
  8. New home and away shirts for the Thorns: Just like last year these are fully custom and on Nike’s newest template. I’m personally not a huge fan of them going with black primaries this time around, but many Thorns fans have been clamoring for a black kit for years now. I do like the rose pattern, though, and I really like the thorn pattern on the away shirt. The away could use some red accents, though. Overall these are pretty sharp, and it’s nice to see them getting fully custom kits again this year. Hopefully some of the other clubs will be getting the same treatment.
  9. Man, just imagine LeBron or Zion in one of those things...
  10. So by that logic Nashville’s is gold as well since that’s what they call it and what the league calls it. But we all know their shade isn’t even close to gold, just how Columbus’ shade is more of a banana yellow than athletic gold.
  11. That’s gold in the same way that the Lakers’ current shade is gold. It’s not. Definitely closer to gold than Nashville’s almost-neon shade of yellow, but still not athletic gold. RSL uses more of a true athletic gold, while the Timbers have a mustardy gold, and Atlanta, LAFC, and Philly all have metallic gold.
  12. Blanco is 5’6”, one inch taller than Latif Blessing. Again, an odd choice to illustrate your original point:
  13. Portland and Nashville both debuted their new secondaries yesterday and both wore the special NGUOY (“Never Give Up On You”) patches for the Tennessee tornado relief effort: Nashville has kind of a weird thing going on with their shorts this year. First off, they’re the only team to have stripes on the shorts for the EQT kit, likely because the blue shorts will be worn with both the home and away kits instead of having two separate pairs of blue shorts. Second, these blue shorts follow last year’s template, while the yellow shorts have the new Condivo 20 cut: Even more odd is that, when they unveiled their primaries, the yellow shorts were on last year’s template:
  14. They did have the navy shorts last year, but only wore them a couple of times, including at New England: Hopefully they use them more this year, and the fact that they broke them out last night in the second game of the year is hopefully a sign that they plan to do just that. Last night was an odd game to break them out with LAFC in their all-black, but hopefully they keep them in the regular rotation for the rest of the year.
  15. Nashville will be debuting their new secondaries tomorrow at Portland and will be wearing special patches on the jerseys, which will then be auctioned off to raise funds for tornado relief efforts: The Timbers will also be debuting their new secondaries and will join Nashville in sporting the special patches. I don’t believe the Timbers’ jerseys will be auctioned off, but they did come out with a special $35 GA ticket deal for tomorrow’s game with $15 from each ticket going to the Middle Tennessee Tornado Relief Fund.
  16. Here’s the kit matchup for RSL vs. NYRB tomorrow: Props to RSL for posting the kit assignment graphic on their website (they posted it for last week’s game, too). I wish more teams would do this, or better yet that the league would just post the kit assignment graphics with their match previews, like they used to do as recently as a couple of seasons ago.
  17. The shade of pink just needs to be a few shades darker IMO, like the shade used for the pink Tiro 19 and Campeon 19 team wear shirts:
  18. Yeah, but in this case I think Vancouver made the right choice going with the navy shorts to avoid an overload of light blue in the matchup. SKC’s shorts are technically grey-blue but the kit is essentially mono-light blue. Had the ‘Caps gone with the light blue shorts the two kits would’ve still been distinguishable, but the mono-navy combo provided a bit more contrast between the two kits that already feature nearly identical color schemes. Frankly the ‘Caps should’ve just worn their primaries for this matchup and debuted their secondaries next week at LAG and again the following week at home against Colorado (I believe they are already planning on wearing the secondaries for that game against the Rapids).
  19. Vancouver is debuting their new secondaries tonight at home against SKC, but going with navy clash shorts because SKC is in their light blue primaries.
  20. Nashville going all-yellow for their MLS debut: Can’t say I’m surprised since the all-yellow was the combo shown off in their official unveiling of the primary kit, but still disappointing to not see the yellow/navy/yellow combo. Hopefully they end up wearing that combo at least as much as the all-yellow because it’s a vastly superior look.
  21. The white kit is the home kit.