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  1. Just in terms of a uniform - I love the number font along with that gold on black. The chrome gold helmet should look awesome too. However, when you take into consideration it's Baylor (green and yellow/gold) - it's really dumb.
  2. Exactly - just give us the tools and framework. There is a huge community that spans numerous forums that could make a generic college football release waaaaayyyy more exciting than EA ever could have. No idea if it'd even be possible now.
  3. There's no way HyrdoGraphics did these lids... right?
  4. Eh, I know what they were going for, but I think they could have been executed better.
  5. I think all those options are pretty terrible. Are they really going with whoever wins as their next uni set?
  6. Aesthetically speaking, KU has no idea what they're doing. As a KU alum, it makes me sad...
  7. I like the shorts. Do not like the blue on the shoulders. Nope. Hate the shoulders, hate the blue block on the waist. Don't like the pointless stripes and color blocks on the shorts. Please just go back to these:
  8. I just can't stand the huge, awkward gap between the stripes and the numbers on the front. It doesn't mesh well at all... clunky
  9. It's like when you see trailers for a comedy movie, and you finally see it but all the jokes were in the commercials...
  10. Dear god.. Wouldn't expect anything less though from Adidas. As a Jayhawk, these would be hugely disappointing to see. How difficult is it to request a classic template like Indiana... (with Circus font!!!)
  11. The ACC logo needs to be moved up to be even with the Nike logo, and would look way better if it were just white letters. Also, that small "Duke" script is overkill... too much going on.
  12. Seriously can't wait to see these. I hope red is prominent in the unis... looks so good with purple.