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  1. What a joke. Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina were robbed. 3-loss Florida is better than an undefeated conference champ? One which had any opportunity to challenge a power 5 team dashed in August? One which has the same number of top 25 wins? And there’s TWO of them? The CFP really has been a disaster. Why even bother anymore when we call 60% of the “power conferences” in August? Has this sport always been this predictable? I used to sit on the couch and watch college football from near noon to midnight every Saturday. Now I wonder what the hell was wrong with me.
  2. Virginia tech needs to stop giving out program-defining wins to every in-state school. And who the hell ices an fbs kicker on a 59 yard attempt? Fuente should’ve been canned after that.
  3. Four is perfect. Usually a few conference championships each year act like wild card games for the playoff anyways. Unfortunately, the NCAA is a soulless governing body and we will see some 3 loss teams and some deadweight conference championship games for some cold hard cash.
  4. There a lot of synonyms for “stupid” that are not considered offensive.
  5. Everton and Aston Villa of all sides sitting above a pile of rubble... this is going to be a fun season. We’ve seen both city and Liverpool melt down and none of the top six seem very stable at the moment.
  6. Oh Man U... one step forward, two steps back. Quick reminder Harry Maguire is currently the most expensive defender of all time.
  7. Really wish they would hold off on ranking Big Ten/PAC-12 teams until they actually play, purely for the potential of having 3-4 Sun Belt teams crack the Top 25.
  8. I’d like to think some institutions place greater value on the well-being of their amateur student-athletes. But who knows considering our heroes fighting tooth and nail for Alabama, Clemson and Ohio state to enlarge their trophy cabinet.
  9. An NC State has been down on the field for 20+ minutes... how long is it going to take for people to realize playing football in a pandemic is a bad idea.
  10. Is it too early to say back-to-back trebles?
  11. Eagles offensive line is made of spaghetti. Now they’re about to let the Washington football team actually win a home opener.
  12. Disgusting. If I were semedo or pique I would retire. Barca played like children after the first few goals. Completely lost their composure and couldn’t even make simple passes correctly. Reminded me of Brazil against Germany.
  13. If the FIFA scandal of a few years ago couldn’t take the World Cup away from Qatar I can’t see anything (aside from Covid-19) taking it away at this point.
  14. As both an Everton and Atleti fan, this is special. I don’t care if we go out in the quarterfinal, the club really needed this after (what has so far been) a tough year. Hoping the momentum carries into La Liga, but mainly just happy to see Liverpool out of the UCL. Knocking such an utterly dominant side out on the road, this is going to go down as one of Simeone’s finest nights.
  15. Kobe was my personal favorite athlete to watch growing up... there was always something about him and his style of play that was so entertaining and impressionable on me. Rest easy king.
  16. I think that's the point. If Mourinho can park the bus and get results with Smalling & Jones at the back he shouldn't have much of a problem at Spurs. Mourinho's achieved the most at clubs where he didn't face significant backlash for his "negative" tactics, which I don't think will be as big of a problem at Spurs as it was at United. Spurs needed to shake things up, a lot of their core guys from 3-4 years ago are still there and they had a manager who had been there a long time and was underachieving. Mourinho is a pretty big detour but the dude has quite the trophy cabinet which was ultimately Pochettino's downfall.
  17. And Mourinho steps in. Honestly think it’s a perfect fit. What are the odds for Poch going to Bayern?
  18. Niko Kovac out at Bayern. Odd move, unless they can get Allegri (I can’t see Bayern going for Mourinho) considering they have so much of the season left. After watching yesterday’s game, it really dawned on me how inconsistent handballs are called now with VAR. Handball should only be called when the player deliberately hits the ball with the arm. When a player has his arms at his side it’s extremely hard to react and adjust to balls that are curling and zooming right at them, such as the case with Veltman yesterday or Sissoko in the UCL final last year. It’s ridiculous to have big games decided just because the ball hit someone’s arm when they had zero time to react.
  19. Solksjaer doesn’t look long for this world. First match after the break is Liverpool as well. Marco Silva still might beat him to the sack though. Everton are terrible, selling Idrissa Gueye has (predictably) killed their midfield.
  20. Sure I’ll bite. 1. Manchester City - Biggest weakness last year was lack of depth at CDM, and the signing of Rodri fixes this. They got 98 last year despite KDB being out for most of the season, I think they will threepeat. 2. Liverpool - Still will be very good (as in good enough to win in a normal year) but I think City will be about 5ish points better. Liverpool do not have the depth up front and had some very lucky results last year (against City and Everton to name a few). A bad window means they will lose ground on City domestically but they will still be a threat on the continent. 3. Tottenham - The signings of Ndombele and Lo Celso really strengthen their midfield, as well as getting Kane back healthy. Should be improved on last year but I can’t see them in the top two especially given their RB situation. 4. Arsenal - Should score a lot and concede a lot. David Luiz is a stop-gap who is past his prime. Ceballos will improve their midfield and for that reason I’m putting them above Man United though it should be close. 5. Manchester United - Fixed a lot of issues (especially in defense) but their midfield is rather weak and I’m not convinced Rashford is going to be a 20+ goal striker. 6. Chelsea - Transition year where I think 6 is a given. If a team like Wolves, Leicester or Everton had a better window I could see them dropping but I think there’s a lot of talent in the team that will get a chance this year, guys like Zouma, Abraham, Mount, James, etc. Though replacing Hazard’s goal output will keep them from challenging for UCL spots. 7. Wolves - Didn’t make much noise in the window, I think they’ll tread water on last year’s campaign. 8. Leicester - Love the signing of Tielemans, but I think they’re a little suspect defensively without Maguire. 9. West Ham - I think they’ll be more exciting than good but there’s a lot talent in that side even if the midfield is rather suspect. 10. Everton - Losing Idrissa Gueye is going to hurt. His Kanté-esque defensive output will not be easily replicated even by two guys. Any extra goals brought in by Moise Kean up front will surely be lost at the back. 11. Bournemouth - Exciting attack should hopefully return to last season’s form, and the goalkeeping situation cannot be worse than last year. 12. Watford - Don’t think they will surprise like last year, but solid mid-table. Not big on Ismailia Sarr and they are weak at the back. 13. Crystal Palace - Keeping Zaha will ensure another mid-table finish. 14. Southampton - I think their improved managerial position and signings like Che Adams will keep them off the relegation line. 15. Burnley - Their boring but their formula seems to do just enough to keep them in the Prem. 16. Norwich City - I like Farke as a manager but I’m not sold on Pukki as a PL striker. 17. Aston Villa - They’ve spent far too much in the window for what they’ve gotten, think it will be a fight to stay up for Villa. 18. Newcastle United - Steve Bruce is a massive downgrade on Benitez and it will show. Massively overpaid for Joelinton as well. 19. Brighton - Were dreadful at the end of last year and are still reliant on aging Glenn Murray for goals. 20. Sheffield United - I like Chris Wilder but this side is very weak. He did a hell of a job just to get them promoted. I’d be surprised if they got 25 points.
  21. There’s a lot of buzz around Liverpool but I really can’t see them topping City this year. They’ve made no significant signings and City signed a proper DM to replace Fernandinho and will have De Bruyne healthy. They could maybe do the UCL again, but I think their luck is bound to run out in that competition.
  22. United are weird man. Lukaku and Pogba seem to excel playing for anyone besides them. Wan-Bissaka is a good signing but they still need another CB and CM. They’ll probably finish fourth though because Arsenal are treating the transfer market like it’s 2008.
  23. Lampard to Chelsea is apparently a thing as well. Really think this move is very premature, even if Chelsea are desperate. I wouldn’t be surprised if they finished tenth this year.
  24. Boy do I look like an idiot. Nice to see a dark horse like Peru succeed. They’re a good team and got a bit unlucky at the World Cup last summer. Side note, not a fan of PK’s after 90 minutes. Yes, I know fatigue is a massive issue in the heat but it feels a little too easy for a team to park the bus for 90 minutes and have essentially a 50-50 shot at advancing. I’d rather see more subs be allowed/longer or more breaks than have PK’s with no ET.