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  1. Gotta go Outlaws, has a nice intimidation factor to it and speaks the region without directly pointing at the casinos and mobsters, or wild west cowboys wherever you want to take it. But Las Vegas Outlaws has a real nice ring to it, much better than Las Vegas Knights although I do love the dual meaning it could have.
  2. Hometown vote but the Bulldogs were a beautiful looking team during their time as the Oilers affiliate, the colour scheme seemed to just work for our city and I loved the shoulder patch. Also an excuse to post the legend that is George Laraque. Also loved the blue Habs tribute.
  3. Hey guys, obviously I do not post much around here but trust I am searching the boards everyday this is by far one of my favourite places on the internet. The reason why i am posting however is that I am launching a new website project, and usually I like to do my own design stuff for my projects but I just simply am not as good at it as some of you on this board and am thinking I want to try and up the ante and put together a really well designed package to polish my site off and attract some views. Basically I am looking for a partner of sorts who can handle the design side of the website which frees me up for content because I put a lot of man hours into working on the look of the site but it just becomes too time consuming, I always try to have my own material where I can so instead of using stock photos or other news outlets photos, I like to create my own headers, infographics etc. so it'd be great if I had a talented person who can focus on the design side of things. Here is a link to my old website just to give an idea https://cflunderground.wordpress.com/ The website is dedicated to all coverage on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats who are my hometown team. The name is Eat 'Em Raw (originally was Eat Em Raw Radio) and the slogan is "A quick fix for your Tiger-Cats Addiction". Here are some of my current header designs and random wallpapers (not very good at all...which is why I am here), but they should give you a general idea of what I am looking for, but I am all for suggestions and different designs. I am just seeking somebody who is hopefully passionate about design and also the CFL if possible who is willing to take on this project with me, even if I can get a few people that'd be great.
  4. Make it two? Another hometown example