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  1. Likely a kicker. It was pretty common then, and now with with one brand of shoes, because of the feel kickers want on their kicking foot.
  2. The Patriots did the same thing as soon as he was assigned 5 early in the off-season.
  3. That's a real doozy, because it's Kyle Arrington's body with Revis' face. That's a bad 'shop.
  4. As someone who lives in northwestern Wisconsin (Superior), the Bucks aren't even televised up here; we get the Timberwolves. It's only because of how MLB allocates its regional programming that I can watch the Brewers on an alternate satellite channel instead of the Twins. Basically, north of Eau Claire, we're the largest city in the northern-part of the state, and this area is entirely too hockey-crazed in the winter to care about the Bucks. Essentially, the admiral is correct, a lot is working against the organization from growing their fanbase statewide, most prominently is that they haven't been all that fun to watch. They would do well to cater more toward the Milwaukee metro region.
  5. I'm wondering if they're the "pro-line" jerseys that NFLshop sells, honesty. The whole thing had me mystified.
  6. I'm not sure if this belongs here, so I'm posting it in multiple spots. What's the deal with this jersey? I found it at the Marshall's in the Nicollet Mall. They only had then in children's sizes, but it clearly is the new uniform, but produced not as a Nike jersey, but as a Reebok EQT. There isn't any Reebok branding, but the equipment logo is at the collar, and on the hem. They had Ponder and Jennings for $35. Any ideas?
  7. And this will be the only time that ever happens...
  8. I've seen both the limited and elite Vikings jersey side by side, and the only real difference is the body of the jersey; the solid torso versus the paneled. The limited is a far better value than the elite in the Vikings case.
  9. Because it's so very, very far from the city... oh, wait, no, it's in the city, isn't it? It might technically be within Milwaukee's civic boundaries, but it's geophysically isolated from the rest of the city and accessible only by freeway (despite being built in an era when ballparks were being built to facilitate foot traffic) to where it may as well have been built in some remote Waukesha County suburb. Between this, the Brewers taking "Milwaukee" off their road jerseys the year they moved into Miller Park, and their sudden push to market themselves in Northern Wisconsin... even going so far as to claim the new park's roof was built to guarantee they could freely commute to games and not have to worry about rainouts... it's not hard to connect the dots to see who they were trying to facilitate. As for the whole needing to build Miller Park in the valley for tailgating thing.... I've never bought it. The old Park East Freeway was demolished around that time, and that would've been the perfect spot for a new Brewers stadium. God forbid I travel seven hours only to have a game rained out and not be able to attend the game(s). Target Field is in downtown Minneapolis and the atmosphere before the game sucks. Miller and its location are far more fan friendly.
  10. To piggy back that post, I really prefer the Browns with the orange pants.
  11. As much as I love Miller Park, I still miss County Stadium. I would love Miller Park much more if it were downtown where it belongs instead of the Valley, away from the rest of Milwaukee because outstate fans are scurred of the big scurry city. I come down from Superior twice per season. There isn't anyone more "outstate" than me without literally being from outside the state. The three minutes it takes to get from Miller to downtown Milwaukee isn't that big of a deal.
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