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  1. Makes fair sense to me, so thank you. However, I just wish that font would be a separate font for common use aside from being a separate custom font with a property name (in this case a sports team).
  2. Yeah, but still. That's the already custom font-based setted font. I was asking if there was any font SIMILAR to those numbers.
  3. That's not helpful enough. I meant if there's a non-commercial font that closer to the design of the SF Giants' number font style.
  4. Which font is closer to the SF Giants' number font on their jerseys? a.) b.)
  5. No prob. And the conference championship game logos look sleeker to be honest. About the L part, I botched on my typing, which I later minor-edited my fix.
  6. @Silence of the Rams Your custom field version looks so dope and epic. If only today's and future Super Bowl fields would look like this. Having the helmet in the left and right parts of the field, plus on the endzones, their team logos and their conference logos (on its current modern look). Plus I believe that each team's wordmarks should have a big wide version for the team name and the small thin version for the city/state/region name (like Seattle did in SB XL in 2006 (2005 season) and Arizonza did in SB LIII in 2009 (2008 season).
  7. I just noticed that too. Cuz the last time an NFC team was on the left was Carolina in SB L (I mean 50). Now the a little bit odd moment is shouldn't the Bucs had the jerseys home-team style (as of red jersey over pewter tights) while KC would be having the white jersey over red tights?
  8. Gotcha. For AFC it's "even" as of "odd" regular seasons (like KC was last year in the 2019 season, its SB was in early 2020). While for NFC, it's "odd" as of "even" regular seasons (like the LA Rams were in the 2018 season, its SB was in early 2019). But should there be a rule to determine endzones by relying on the designating home team format?
  9. I know this is off-topic, but who's the designated "home team" for this year's Super Bowl?
  10. Sounds promising. As long as it shows both facemask types (old school single bar and modern version alike). We will look forward to it soon
  11. Those samples look great. Bht imagine with the modern 49ers wordmark but in gold text
  12. @pitt6pack Fabulous job as usual with those concepts. I also miss the helmets on the endzones, whether if the facemask were single bar old school or multiple bars shades of the mid 90s or the current helmet look with its facemask style. Also I would like to see those same ones but with the current 49ers wordmark font. Speaking of the 49ers, imagine in black endzones with red text and gold drop shadow trim
  13. When you can, check your last message. Happy Halloween

  14. I'm curious on one thing or two, and what are the fonts closest to the words "ST LOUIS" and "BLUES"? http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/1/25/full/5393_st_louis_blues-wordmark-2008.png
  15. When you can, please check my last PM. It's about my request, which I posted on one of your forum topics/threads back a few months ago. Thanks in advance and sorry just in case.

    1. pitt6pack


      Sorry, it's not that I've forgotten, I have way to much going on right now to do any field things in general. Maybe after my semester ends, but I know I'll have a lot of things to catch up on for the Gridiron Uniforms Database, so that takes priority.

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