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  1. No disrespect, but my point was that it should be like having the navy numbers with gold trim, but UNDER that Shamrock Series font, instead of the 'traditional' block font. Besides, have you seen the white ones from 2013? Having gold numbers with green trim doesn't fit me well. Good thing that on his concept jersey, it's based on the original traditional uniform series; but with the modern font. That's all I was trying to clarify a bit.
  2. Great job on the ND uniforms, especially on the white road jersey, with its numbers/symbols being navy blue with gold trim.
  3. You're welcome. I can understand and respect your opinion, but I hope you like the tweak suggestions I explained to you (while keeping the classic template format).
  4. Did it had a drop shadow trim effect too? Just curious. Anyways, the only 'block number' format I would like is the ones like the ITM Machine font. Just saying. But each to their own when it comes to personal tastes.
  5. I was wondering if the Toronto Maple Leafs have kept with the 1997-2000 jerseys, the one with the numbers based on the logo's wordmark font. Anyways, here is what I would suggest: Lemme know your thoughts guys. P.S.: The following concepts aren't mine. The true credit and copyright goes to A_J_H.
  6. Great job with the concepts, especially with the possible uniform jersey color combos too. Looking forward to what's next from you.
  7. Griffin - As a fellow FSU Seminole fan, I gotta say the following: Great job on the concept. That would look much better. Coo green helmet too. However, on the sleeves of the white road jerseys (as well as the white pants' stripes), I prefer the green stripe in the middle and the orange stripes over and under, just like on this pic: Anyways, keep up the good work! And when I saw the green jersey/orange pants combo; hope to see more combos such as the orange jersey with green pants combo or an all-white combo or an all-orange combo or an all-green combo or a green jersey with white pants. P.S.: I prefer the 2000 to 2003 Canes jersey set with the unique horns stripes on the sleeves, which WAS an original jersey template design before other schools (like New Mexico St. or New Mexico or Oregon St. or Portland St.; even the ARENA's L.A. Avengers once used it) used it too.
  8. @Concepts_SM - Great job on the concepts. Although I'm not a fan of UConn, but I like the navy with red-orange as its primary colors. P.S.: The TV numbers should be on the shoulders instead of the sleeves (which could be substituted by some alternate designs or such). Keep it up!
  9. Prior to the California Golden Bears new wordmark/typeface re-branding in 2012 (mostly on football); which font(s) are close to a.) the letters and b.) the numbers of UCal's previous font (as of 2004)? It would be much appreciated.
  10. I customized it off the current Vikings right numbers. I just sharpened the rounded corners into horizontal leaning diagonals, and thinned the horizontal bars slightly. I see. No wonder it looks like a sleek and better version of the ITM Machine font (the same type of font that the Miami Dolphins used on their jerseys from 1997 to 2012). Thanks for sharing it, and great job on the modifications. P.S.: I still believe that the TV numbers SHOULD be on the shoulders (now that the sleeves on the jerseys are shrinking to lineman-size).
  11. You make a very logical point. But do you think that most franchises should check out our concept suggestions and re-create or re-apply them as their own? Just wonderingly asking.
  12. I can respect on what you're saying. But even so, is there a font that's similar to the writings of the 'State' wordmark logo? That's all I ask.
  13. Sounds fair enough to me. Other than that, if it was like 2000 or before the RBK Edge jersey era, THAT should had been the full jersey set of the Sens for sure! What do you think?
  14. Oh, I see now. I wish you luck on that. In the meantime, keep working hard on your concepts (sorry for saying this like the 3rd of 5th time).
  15. I totally approve of this. Thanks Demonkah. But there's a small problem. The number font on the sleeves didn't match on the ones in the back of the jersey.
  16. Yeah, I need to learn how to code a uniform combo website. Learn how to code a uniform combo website? What do you mean? Anyways, I guess you still have a lot of work to do, when it comes sharing some of your concepts of the rest of the teams.
  17. ^ Looks spectacular the all-navy uniform set. But I was expecting the white-over-navy combo. Anyways, great job (including the navy helmet.
  18. It's ok. I'm used to get or be offended, but deep down I knew I wasn't being personal. I was simply sharing my voice out loud in form of typing in this topic. And like you said: You have your opinion, and I have mine. At least having navy pants would re-modify more of its traditional ways. Or if you can, try adding that as a tweak on your concept. Speaking of which, looking forward to the rest of your designs based on the other FBS teams (like you did with the Washington Huskies concept). Keep up the good work.
  19. I can respect your opinion about what you said because this is your topic. But you don't respect mine? To be honest, seeing "traditional" styles on fonts and patterns on the jerseys is very, very old-school in my opinion. Like, this ain't the 1980's or 1970's with just ONLY athletic block numbers. (except any modification or regular version of the ITC Machine number font). And you're right on one thing. Penn State has NEVER had more than 2 jersey combinations in a season at any given time (the same could be said with Oklahoma and Alabama). But I believe seeing Penn State in a road jersey consisting a white shirt and navy pants (or an all-navy uniform set) won't hurt the school traditionally and competitively.
  20. First things first, yes I am. But most of my friends know me as J-LOG (which explains part of my username). But I sincerely don't like to be called by my real name on the internet. Secondly, I believe that Set B should had been the right choice for the Sens to completely tweak/modify at that period of time. For Set A, I could re-change those colors as you suggested (if you like).
  21. I was wondering if the Ottawa Senators have kept with either of the jerseys between fall 1997 and spring 2007. Anyways, here I present the following: Here is version A, based on the 1997-2000 alternate turned 2000-2007 road red jersey: Here is version A, based on the 2000-2007 alternate black jersey: Lemme know your thoughts guys. P.S.: The following concepts aren't mine. The true credit and copyright goes to A_J_H.
  22. For the numbers, thanks. But for the wordmark letters, there's no font similar or close to this custom typeface? I see.
  23. Can anyone tell me which letter font was used on the "State" script wordmark; as well as the number font on the numerals? Thanks.
  24. If I was a designer for Penn State's uniforms, I would do the following things: a.) The helmet should have the Nittany Lion logo with the the navy stripe & facemask. b.) Two jerseys: Navy & white. Keep the single stripe on the sleeves, as well as the collars being colored with the Nittany Lion logo at the base of the collar; but having the TV numbers on the shoulders, and having a different number font based on this: c.) Two pants: White with a navy stripe; and navy with a white stripe; so that there would be only 4 uniform combinations. Just my opinion.
  25. Demonkah - Fabulous job on the Sens red and white primary uniforms. I dig (understand and like) with the stripe pattern desgins. Hopefully you could re-make these again, but for a black version of the jersey. Oh, a tweak suggestion, could you put the number font that was used in the Sens 1997-2007 red alternate-turned-road jersey (the same number font that was in the Sens 2000-2007 black alternate jersey)?