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  1. I'm curious on one thing or two, and what are the fonts closest to the words "ST LOUIS" and "BLUES"?





  2. I have a unique SB request, but involving the Miami Dolphins 1997 wordmark & logo:


    a.) 875.png


    b.) 2d3ugrt02d3ztqx8euybhdy3k.png


    And the following fields (with the Dolphins endzone being either orange or aqua) would be:


    SB XXX vs. 49ers (with current wordmark, in gold background and red text)

    SB XXVIII vs. Vikings (with current wordmark since 2006 or 2007, in yellow background and purple text)

  3. 12 hours ago, CRichardson said:

    Does anyone know the name of this font? I believe the Kings' numbers are derived from it but the names aren't.


    The logo is from Kohler.


    What the other forum partner said, it is Brothers Bold. But for the L.A. Kings' numbers, I believe that they are a modified variation of Bombardier Font (but with a few modified serifs). You be the judge when you can verify & compare.

  4. 8 minutes ago, natolian10 said:

    Does anyone know what font Iona uses for their numbers? I know I've seen it somewhere before but I can't remember the name. Thanks!

    Image result for iona basketball


    Related image



    I believe that it's a modification of Matrix II Wide (the numbers).

  5. MLS Realignment:


    1.) Eastern Conference:


    1.1.) Northeast Division


    Columbus Crew

    Montreal Impact

    New England Revolution

    New York City Citizens (New York City F.C.)

    NY/NJ MetroStars (New York Red Bulls)

    Toronto Reds (Toronto FC)


    1.2.) Coastal Division


    Atlanta Silverbacks (Atlanta United F.C.)

    D.C. United

    Orlando Lions (Orlando City F.C.)

    Philadelphia Union

    Miami Fusion

    Tampa Bay Mutiny


    2.) Western Conference:


    2.1.) Midwest Division


    Chicago Fire

    Colorado Rapids

    Dallas Burn (Dallas F.C.)

    Houston Dynamo

    Kansas City Wizards (Sporting Kansas City)

    Minnesota Loons (Minnesota United F.C.)


    2.2.) Pacific Division


    Los Angeles Galaxy

    Portland Timbers

    San Jose Earthquakes

    Seattle Sounders

    Utah Royals (Real Salt Lake)

    Vancouver Whitecaps

  6. 4 minutes ago, CLEstones said:


    I just dont know when I'll get around to finishing the last... 14 teams.  I made it a point so every team has a unique helmet/jersey/pants combination, in both striping and color combination, as well as unique font, and I made every team a traditional stripe pattern, as well as some sort of historical reference.  Its been a real pain in the ass.  Its probably taken close to 2 years, but I scrapped the first 8 uniforms and reworked them all.  But its a full rework... Location Maps, Playoff Scenarios, Footprints, Schedules, Team Placards... I probably made it more work than I ever should have.


    Makes sense. So it's understandable. But I just want to send you my best good vibes on that upcoming project.

  7. 15 hours ago, CLEstones said:

    Debating if I want to post my College Football realignment idea, thus solving all of the CFP issues.  But I'm also about 14 teams away from having a 64 team College Football Redesign done, that has easily taken me 16+ months, and would like to submit them as a group.  Decisions. 


    Do what's best for you. I would be so curious about what you have in mind when it comes to conference realignment in major college football. I had one similar myself before.

  8. 23 minutes ago, pagan696 said:

    Cool. Thanks. No wonder it looked sleek back in the day, and it still does today. By the way, you got my e-mail? It was involved with a font identification request too. If not, lemme know.

  9. First of all, wonderful job on the concept of the Tampa Bay Rays, plus cool custom font (which I'm curious where is it from).


    Secondly, Arizona won the WS on its 4th season, while winning its 1st division title & making to the playoffs on its 2nd season.

  10. 8 minutes ago, Sport Billy said:

    Anyone know this font?

    I'm guessing the "J" is the key.

    Thank you


    I think it's a black or bold version of Fritz Quadrata. Maybe the "J" was a bit modified

  11. 9 hours ago, BroncoBuff said:

    This thread is fascinating ... I would've though all professional sports team fonts were customized, but I guess not.

    Most fonts are customized for specific reasons, which about a half of them are used from known fonts but re-modified a bit. And that's what make this thread so interesting,

  12. How about a D-I conference based on the Upper Midwest? For instance:

    Midwest-10 Conference

    MW-10 West

    * North Dakota State

    * North Dakota

    * South Dakota State

    * South Dakota

    * Nebraska-Omaha

    * Northern Iowa

    MW-10 East

    * Missouri State

    * Illinois State

    * Indiana State

    * Southern Illinois

    * Eastern Illinois

    * Western Illinois

  13. Come to think of it, I'm curious which font is the closest to the following wordmarks:

    a.) 2884.png

    b.) 2883.png

    c.) 3317_north_carolina_tar_heels-wordmark-1

    d.) 4033_north_carolina_tar_heels-wordmark-1

    Any ideas?

    ITC Machine looks similar. Not sure if it's an exact match.


    Looks very close to TTC Machine, but I guess it might be a heavily modified condensed/extended variation plus the pointy serifs though. I might be wrong though.