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  1. ITC Machine looks similar. Not sure if it's an exact match. Looks very close to TTC Machine, but I guess it might be a heavily modified condensed/extended variation plus the pointy serifs though. I might be wrong though.
  2. I think you need a .zip like program like WinZIP or WinRAR to be installed, then you right-click the .rar file and extract it on a separate folder.
  3. This recent set update looks way better. Great job. Oh, by the way, did you make the concept jersey template? If not, where did you get it from?
  4. I like the 1st set of jerseys. But I would love to see a black alternate variation of the jersey and pants, plus the current Cardinals jersey font instead of the traditional block font. Otherwise, keep up the good work.
  5. Come to think of it, I'm curious which font is the closest to the following wordmarks: a.) b.) c.) d.) Any ideas?
  6. Thanks. I knew it looked something a bit familiar (like the old Miss. State wordmark font on their football jerseys from 1996 to 2003).
  7. @officeglenn - To me, it looks like a variation of Kenyan Coffee (medium weight). Anyways, I'm curious on which font is used on the "Material Monikers" name.
  8. Looks like a modified custom variation of Impact or Compacta Bold condensed, plus the serifs.
  9. I agree with you on that one. And I'm not from Canada. But in order for the CFL to have more than 12 teams or upto 12 as the max, I bet the league itself needs to do too much scouting on cities with legit football stadiums, plus the money investments and the fan support.
  10. I second that. Either this prediction or something similar MUST happen someday. Let's be honest. That way, there will be a great well-balanced schedule for all teams; when one team faces its other 5 division rivals twice (home & road), and faces the other 6 non-division teams once (3 home & 3 away, with home-and-home series alternating every 2 years) for a total of 16 games instead of 18 or even 22. For the playoffs, instead of 6 spots, it should be 8 (2 division semifinals & 1 division finals per division). That way, there won't be any crossover divisional matches. Just pure East vs. West finals/series to dispute for the Grey Cup in every single season, as the way it should be.
  11. For the Royals, I think it would look great if it has a drop shadow trim (like the 2002-2006 era), black for the home white & road gray jerseys, and possibly white for the alternate purple jersey For the Rangers, everything looks sleek and legit (especially without the piping lines in the center of the jersey). By the way, which font is close to that wordmark at that time? Just curious. Anyways, wonderful concepts so far. Great job.
  12. Thanks. But it's customly expanded in length and height from its original size. However, it counts.
  13. To 'Home Opener' specifically, looks like Armada Black or Extra Bold. The rest of the writings (except the "United in Red" one) is also Armada, from Light to Regular to Bold. Mucho thanx! You're welcome. Anyways, I bet you're curious of which font is close to the one in "United in Red" too, because so am I.
  14. To 'Home Opener' specifically, looks like Armada Black or Extra Bold. The rest of the writings (except the "United in Red" one) is also Armada, from Light to Regular to Bold.
  15. Love the concept jerseys so far TRoy. But I have some specific opinions on some of the teams' concepts: For instance, I like the Calgary Flames' modified font. Reminds me of the NFL Patriots font (or something close to it). However, I honestly love the black "C" on the red jersey. I don't know why people hate it so much. The Colorado Avalanche concept looks legit! Hope there would be an alternate jersey (also based on that uniform design).
  16. Looks very impressive. Well-done sir. Excellent work.
  17. Speaking of special uniforms, could you make the set with all of your jersey combinations individually? For now, I see like a possible dozen in total.
  18. Thanks! and the font is the one that they used pre Rich Rod when Foles played. I noticed, because I saw them before in the early 2000's. Aside from Conrad's version, I wonder if there's a font similar to those numbers, if you know what I mean. But putting that aside for now, I can respect that you have only red pants on red jerseys. But I would be curiously impressed if the red pants would go with the white and navy blue shirts as well. Oh, don't forget the red helmet as well.
  19. Great job on the concept. I honestly like the Titans/Patriots-ish number font. At the same time, the jersey looks traditional at its own kind.
  20. Huge bump right there, compliments of making reference to FNDBlake's suggestion. But speaking of suggestions, I would put the silver outline trim between the blue numbers & wordmark on white jersey (and white numbers & wordmark on blue & black jerseys) and the black outer outline trim [but in drop shadow effect] on white & blue jerseys (and blue outer outline trim on black jersey).
  21. I honesty I like the color patterns on the black kit. So I think it should be kept.
  22. Understood. By the way, I think the trim colors on the letters & numbers should be the following: a.) white jersey: blue numbers/letters with green or silver trim and then a black drop shadow shade trim b.) blue jersey: white numbers/letters with green or silver trim and then a black drop shadow shade trim
  23. Fabulous concepts so far. Looking forward to the rest from you Mr. Tyler. Keep working hard & never give up.
  24. ^ Extra bump to billc52865's comment right there.
  25. Impressive improvements so far chipper. Don't want to spoil around.... But imagine a black alternate jersey in this set. I think it will go off the charts. Keep up the good work.