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  1. As a fellow Mets fan, I dig the concept of that set. But I wonder if you could try to retweak some of them with some black as an additional color.
  2. Looks fabulous, but more detail on the side stripe area to make things a bit more unique.
  3. Was watching the concepts of the first set of teams and so far, most of them look great, especially the Browns ones (which look more sleek but yet still traditional than their current set today). Looking forward to the rest of the 29 teams soon.
  4. To @oldschoolvikings & @Lights Out: Both your concepts looks fantastic. And to review them each one a.) oldschoolvikings - Love the stripes on the sleeves with the number font being more modern, but also half-recognized, Also emphasis on the drop shadow trims too. b.) Lights Out - Cool jersey concept, but it would be better if the stripes would be where the numbers are (sleeve-wise), while the numbers should be on the shoulders. Plus, love the QB-style loose-sleeve jersey template. I wonder who has created it, because I've been trying to find some ideas and such (where I saw something similar from one of your most-recent past topics).
  5. Imagine Puerto Rico having a super confederation of sports. Here's a sample variation based on its 'minor league' baseball federation (which is nicknamed as 'Beisbol Doble A', or in its full name the 'AA Superior Baseball League of Puerto Rico' [or 'Liga de Béisbol Superior Doble A de Puerto Rico' in Spanish]). 1. - Eastern Puerto Rico Conference 1.1. - North Eastern Puerto Rico Division 1.1.1. - Carolina Section Carolina Giants Canóvanas Indians Loíza Coconutsmen Río Grande Warriors Trujillo Alto Rivermen 1.1.2. - Fajardo Section Fajardo Cariduros Ceiba Soup Marlins Culebra Small Virgins Luquillo Tourists Vieques Young Islanders 1.2. - South Eastern Puerto Rico Division 1.2.1. - Caguas Section Caguas Criollos Aguas Buenas Oasis Tigers Gurabo Falcons Juncos Valencian Mules San Lorenzo Samaritans 1.2.2. - Humacao Section Humacao Gray Caciques Las Piedras Craftsmen Maunabo Crabbers Naguabo Stars Yabucoa Sugar Canesmen 2. - Northern Puerto Rico Conference 2.1. - Far East Northern Puerto Rico Division 2.1.1. - San Juan Section San Juan Senators Bayamón Cowboys Cataño Boatsmen Guaynabo Mets Toa Baja Plainsmen 2.1.2. - Vega Baja Section Vega Baja Melao-Melao Dorado Golden Guardians Naranjito Blackbirds Toa Alta Roadrunners Vega Alta Plantsmen 2.2. - Far Wes Northern Puerto Rico Division 2.2.1. - Arecibo Section Arecibo Wolves Barceloneta Industrialists Camuy Sandmen Florida Titans Hatillo Milkmen 2.2.2. - Manatí Section Manatí Athenians Ciales Couragemen Corozal Plaintainsmen Morovis Titans Orocovis Sentries 3. - Southern Puerto Rico Conference 3.1. - Deep East Southern Puerto Rico Division 3.1.1. - Cayey Section Cayey Little Bulls Aibonito Floral Chicks Barranquitas Heroes Cidra Braves Comerío Silver Fishermen 3.1.2. - Guayama Section Guayama Wizards Arroyo Buccaneers Patillas Lions Salinas Flying Fishes Aguirre ? 3.2. - Deep West Southern Puerto Rico Division 3.2.1. - Ponce Section Ponce Lions Coamo Marathoners Juana Díaz Poets Santa Isabel Colts Villalba Beansmen 3.2.2. - Yauco Section Yauco Coffeesmen Guánica Rivermen Guayanilla Fishermen Peñuelas Oilers Ensenada ? 4. - Western Puerto Rico Conference 4.1. - North Western Puerto Rico Conference 4.1.1. - Aguadilla Section Aguadilla Sharks Aguada Navigators Isabela Garden Bantans Moca Rebel Vampires Quebradillas Pirates 4.1.2. - Utuado Section Utuado Mountaineers Adjuntas Lake Giants Jayuya Wood Carvers Lares Patriots San Sebastián Patrolsmen 4.2. - South Western Puerto Rico Conference 4.2.1. - Mayagüez Section Mayagüez Native Tarzans Añasco Foundationers Las Marías Citrusmen Maricao Indieras Rincón Surfers 4.2.2. - San Germán Section San Germán Athletics Cabo Rojo Wonder Pirates Hormigueros Pilgrims Lajas Cardinals Sabana Grande Palm Prodigies Lemme know your thoughts guys. More info at http://www.lbsdapr.org/
  6. If you wanted less games, then all I would tweak on my model is the 'division play' one of having each team facing the other 4 teams 6 times (3 home & 3 road each), then add the rest, giving the total of 64 games.
  7. Your format looks pretty cool and interesting. Oh, speaking of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), I have a curious but well-modified and proposed/suggested schedule format of the OHL so that every team can compete in a perfectly well-balanced way. And since there are 2 equal conferences of 10 teams (with 2 equal divisions of 5 teams each), here goes the following: Schedule Format (72 total games): a.) Conference play; Division play; Each team will play its other division rivals eight times – four home, four away – for a total of 32 Division games (4 * 8 = 32). b.) Conference play; Out-of-Division play: Each team will play the five teams from the other division four times – two home, two away – for a total of 20 Out-of-Division games (5 * 4 = 20). c.) Out-of-Conference play: Each team will play all 10 teams from the other conference twice – one home, one away – for a total of 20 Out-of-Conference games (10 * 2 = 20). Lemme know your opinions and thoughts about this. And hopefully it would be applied for the upcoming future seasons and many more years to come.
  8. Looks pretty close to it. I guess that most numbers are modified. But thanks anyways. Thanks for the link. Which reminds me, which font is close to the NHL Avalanche numbers? Like this sample photo:
  9. Really, where can I find it? Because I tried Googling it over & over, but it appears to be known as "NFL Ravens" and not the one that's close to it with its original name.
  10. I know it's the Baltimore Ravens number font in this photo. However, for curious general purposes, which font(s) might be similar to the Ravens' font numbers?
  11. Federation Classic http://www.dafont.com/federation-classic.font Good guess. But my alternate guess for it was the Final Frontier Old Style variation. What's even the difference between those two? Thanks so much guys! For instance, on the Federation Classic version, the "V" looks different from the Final Frontier Old Style version.
  12. Federation Classic http://www.dafont.com/federation-classic.font Good guess. But my alternate guess for it was the Final Frontier Old Style variation.
  13. What a coincidence. That's nearly the same font used for this following photo: Emphasis on the words 'Kola Champagne'.
  14. @buzzcut - What does the 'WFF' stand for? Might I ask.
  15. The numbers nearly does look like a sans-serif variation of Cooperplate Gothic Bold. But another one close to that is ITC Blair Bold, if I'm not mistaken.
  16. Looks like Colles or Armada I agree with walkerws. Looks like a modified bold version of Armada in my mind, due to its weight and thickness. But it looks pretty cool though.
  17. Here's a silly realignment idea based on a pro basketball league called the 'Liga de Baloncesto Superior Nacional' (or 'National Superior Basketball League' in English). That's how some of current Puerto Rican greats like Carlos Arroyo & J.J. Barea came from before heading to the NBA. So far, it consists of 12 teams, but has like a total of 20 to 30 teams history-wise (most of them either being dormant or no longer active). But anyways, here's the current 2015 league list of teams competing: Capitanes de Arecibo Vaqueros de Bayamón Maratonistas de Coamo Brujos de Guayama Mets de Guaynabo Caciques de Humacao Atenienses de Manati Indios de Mayagüez Leones de Ponce Piratas de Quebradillas Atléticos de San Germán Cangrejeros de Santurce Then there are a dozen of many other past teams within the league's history such as the following: Polluelos de Aibonito Conquistadores de Aguada Tiburones de Aguadilla Taínos de Cabo Rojo Criollos de Caguas Indios de Canóvanas Gigantes de Carolina Toritos de Cayey Cariduros de Fajardo Gallitos de Isabela Titanes de Morovis Ganduleros de Villalba Suddenly, by mixing both parts, I would create a super-like BSN league with at least 24 teams, divided in 2 conferences (with 2 divisions each). 1.) BSN Atlantic Conference 1.1.) BSN Atlantic - North Division Capitanes de Arecibo Vaqueros de Bayamón Mets de Guaynabo Atenienses de Manati Titanes de Morovis Cangrejeros de Santurce 1.2.) BSN Atlantic - West Division Conquistadores de Aguada Tiburones de Aguadilla Taínos de Cabo Rojo Gallitos de Isabela Piratas de Quebradillas Indios de Mayagüez 2.) BSN Caribbean Conference 2.1.) BSN Caribbean - East Division Criollos de Caguas Indios de Canóvanas Gigantes de Carolina Toritos de Cayey Cariduros de Fajardo Caciques de Humacao 2.2.) BSN Caribbean - South Division Polluelos de Aibonito Maratonistas de Coamo Brujos de Guayama Leones de Ponce Ganduleros de Villalba Atléticos de San Germán Any thoughts guys? Oh, to know more about this sports league, check out its website at http://bsnpr.com
  18. I know that too. But I said 'any fonts close to' because I know they are custom fonts. I just wanna know if there are any fonts close to them.
  19. Can anyone help me find which fonts are close to the ones that I'm about to attach? a.) San Jose Sharks early 2000's b.) LA Kings early 2000's P.S.: Just wanna let you all know, it's the number fonts I'm curious about, not the letters for now.
  20. Looks like the Nike Combat font. I might be wrong though.
  21. Any font similar to the one that says 'XTREME'?
  22. Why I hadn't thought of that? Thanks for making the corrects, which now logically would make more sense. Otherwise, I would had just left the NFC North equally instead.
  23. Nice one with the AFC (which I bet the AFC West stays equal). And it realistically makes sense in a geographic standpoint. But you forgot the NFC, so here it is (with the NFC South staying equal): NFC East Detroit New York Philadelphia Washington NFC North Chicago Green Bay Minnesota St. Louis NFC West Arizona Dallas San Francisco Seattle
  24. Must be 4th and Inches (a.k.a. the 'Georgia Tech football' number font as of 2001 or 2002).
  25. With all due to respect, this mini-tweak suggestion would have make sense for sure from the get-go when the NFL had put the current realignment since 2002.