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  1. Hey BK95. Nice concept on Syracuse's football jerseys. And I can imagine now the uniform combo variations. However, I was hoping to see the number font that was once used on the Syracuse basketball jerseys (during the Carmelo Anthony era). Just kindly suggesting as a mini-tweak.

  2. The font on the Creighton wordmark does surely look like Armada, but a condensed variation (UConn-style) and italic too. So to make it unique, it's mostly custom-modified. And the font on the Abilene Christian wordmark nearly looks like the letters of the 'BC Eagles' font, but a bit modified due to the pointy serifs.

  3. Your SJSU Spartans concept looks very unique in terms of design, while keeping some traditional looks as well. Oh, I wonder if you could tweak a bit, but using this font (or something close) for its numbers and letters:


    P.S.: Or how about trying to put this uniform design on the Nike Elite Template?:


  4. The 2003 font is just plain old Athletic Gothic. The other uniforms use a proprietary Russell font called "Orb."

    Thanks, that's all I ask. By the way, are both of these fonts available for download or such? Tried searching them, but to no avail yet.

  5. B-Triplex Cond Black

    Thanks for answering on Pic B for the font of my Colorado Buffaloes basketball jersey guess. Maybe you know the closest font for the old Cincy uniforms from their C-USA days that I made a few posts ago.

  6. A= to Rawlings UCONN from Conrad.

    B= to the agency gothic I think from that same set

    Pic A - The numbers looks like UConn-esqu (in a condensed variation).

    Pic B - Agency Gothic font doesn't match, unless if it's the letters on Pic A.

    And the numbers from the old Cincy football unis?

  7. About the Boise St. concept, I like the helmet logo design. But I mostly admire the number font (not sure if it's on Conrad's font list yet). And the logo design on the sleeves make the uniform look more unique in some perspective. Anyways, great job!

  8. NC State- Speedway

    Thanks. I believe that was the best font for NC State basketball (and it should be for NC State football, especially on its Atlanta Falcons-style jerseys in 2004 & 2005.

    How about these numerals on the old Cincinnati Bearcats uniforms back in their old C-USA days?

    a.) as of 2000


    b.) as of 1999


    c.) as of 2003

    52236157-quarterback-collin-carey-of-the or


    d.) as of 2001

    717166-sep-2000-quarterback-deontey-kenn or


  9. I'm guessing from scratch.

    Aww, that sucks. But anyways, is that font also part of Conrad's font collection? Oh, by the way, anyone can guess this type of font on the early 2000's N.C. State basketball jersey?


  10. Only Humboldt St (a CCAA member) is the only D-II and non-FBS Cal school to sponsor that sport (currently playing as an affiliate of the GNAC, which ironically was a former full member of that said conference); while Cal Poly, UC-Davis & San Diego are the only D-I schools to sponsor football in the FCS level (the last one in the PFL, non-scholarship).

    CSU-Sacremento wants to have a word with you ;)

    Oops! My bad. I almost forgot about them. I thought Sacramento State are in issues of having its football program to be endangeredly extinct. But thanks for sharing it.

    On the other hand, Morris Brown College and Northeastern Illinois University at one point sponsored an athletic program until the became defunct in 2003 and 1997 respectively.

    A sample of Morris Brown football (1940's), back in the their times at the NAIA now D-II SIAA:


    A sample of Northeastern Illinois baseball (1990's), back in the their times at the Summit League:


  11. CentralMissouri-NebraskaOmaha-03-MBishop

    Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha football

    It's sad to see one of the greatest and most traditional sports programs in D-II football history like those of Nebraska-Omaha. Several conference titles in the defunct D-II North Central Conference (1983–1984, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2004–2007), where also ALL 4 Dakota schools played at one time as well; as well as UNO wrestling with several national titles (991, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2011, its final season). To me, that was not a smart move to drop these sports while moving to D-I and the Summit League. For football, the Mavs would play in the MVFC, while for wrestling, they would be D-I Independents.

    Ah the Pioneers. I grew up in Hayward. I remember the rash of California schools dropping their football programs: Long Beach State, Cal State Fullerton, Pacific, Cal State Northridge, Saint Mary's, Cal State Hayward, Chico State and San Francisco State.

    Many Cal schools had dropped football until the mid-90's such as those you mention, which led the Big West (of D-I) and the CCAA (of D-II) to drop that sport. UC-Santa Barbara also at one point had football, until it was defunct in the late 80's or early 90's:


    Only Humboldt St (a CCAA member) is the only D-II and non-FBS Cal school to sponsor that sport (currently playing as an affiliate of the GNAC, which ironically was a former full member of that said conference); while Cal Poly, UC-Davis & San Diego are the only D-I schools to sponsor football in the FCS level (the last one in the PFL, non-scholarship).

    And although I couldn't find any pics as proof yet, but UALR also once sponsored football (back then as Little Rock Junior College), where they had prime of success in the junior college level.

  12. Was anyone able to figure out the second "WINDSOR" font yet? (5 posts before this)

    Not yet, and I swear that I seen that font before by that 'W' on then 2nd pic with Windsor, one of those CZW poster promo videos, which I'll try to find a pic and screencap it. Anyways, anyone know any font that's similar to the following photos?:



    Would appreciate it.

  13. The Pitt jersey concept looks amazing. But if it was me, I would prefer the number font that they once had back from 1997 to 2003. Hope to see some gold pants and a possible navy helmet too. Anyways, great job. BTW, what's the font on the PITT wordmark on that helmet?

  14. Excellent job on the Georgia State uniforms. :) Plus, cool number font, which I wanna curiously know what it is or what's it based on.

    I believe that I used the Seattle Seahawks font for these uniforms

    I knew it looked familiar. Thanks for letting me know. By the way, is there a font similar to it? Anyways, cool stripe sleeves, nearly shades of the Cincinnati Bengals' sleeves.

    There is a ton of Modernized Block numbers out there I cant name all of them, its kinda lazy on my part to use the seahawks font but i didnt really think it would be such a huge deal

    No disrespect to the traditional block number font, but I personally like the modern fonts that are used on most sports jerseys as of now. Speaking of Modernized block fonts, the Virgina Tech number font from 2008 was a true example! I think it's known as Blacksburg Bold font, which was a legit font (in my opinion, it should had stayed in VT). But the only traditional block font I can admire most is the one that was used on the 1997-2012 Miami Dolphins uniform set (I think it's ITC Machine Bold or a modified version of Pro Block).

  15. 4th and inches is the "Windsor" font. It's free at dafont.com

    Yup, that's definitelt 4th and Inches (a.k.a. the Georgia Tech athletics font) on the left pic. But mgdmhl also stated the type of font on the right pic as well.