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  1. JMU unveiled a new helmet for their game at Richmond tomorrow. I really dig the new Duke Dog/Virginia logo, but the unnecessary gray helmet sticks out like a sore thumb. Also hate that it has the logo on one side and the numbers on the other side.
  2. Here's a look at the new Duke Dog logo on the white helmets, which presumably JMU will be wearing in the national championship game on Saturday. Gotta say, I really the way it looks.
  3. JMU unveiled new white helmets for the white-out game against Central Connecticut State today. All white helmet and facemask with a chrome JMU-outlined logo. Would've loved it a lot more if the chrome outline was in purple rather than silver, but they're ok for a one-off game.
  4. A skull in a V with digital camo and a black helmet? Man that's really going out there for UVA if it's legit
  5. I feel like I need orange and red 3D glasses to look at this kit.
  6. Apparently the arm badges will look like this. I don't like this at all. There's too much blank space and the curved text just looks off.
  7. They should also keep the striping on the alternate jersey. Much better than their regular one. Yeah we've had those old Mizzou template jerseys for a while and it's time we update the template and the striping. The entire was look really flashy and we did have a lot of recruits here yesterday for them to see so hopefully they enjoyed it. I would really like for our Duke Dog logo to be put on the helmet as well. Also, I was really glad they actually put the Duke Dog logo on both sides and didn't do the whole logo on one side number on the other side thing most schools do.
  8. Not too big of news, but JMU broke out new blackout uniforms and purple chrome helmets this weekend for our homecoming game against William & Mary. They kept the new uniforms under wraps so this was a total surprise to everyone in attendance. We had a black alternate a few years ago but we've only worn a gold alternate of our normal jerseys since then. They got pretty big cheers from the fans and players. Having a good come from behind victory against a rival also helps Normal look: Black Alternates with Purple Chrome Helmet:
  9. Really impressed with these uniforms so far, great job. Good work on the template as well. I like how you've given the Patriots a bit of a throwback look. The only real critique that I have is that the wordmark on the Bills uniforms above the numbers is very hard to see on the blue and red uniforms. Maybe make the text white so it's more visible? Can't wait for the rest of the AFC.
  10. The white box around the sponsor jutting into the blue half of the kit just ruins it. If that wasn't there this would be quite a great kit from Puma.
  11. Here's JMU's. Simple, but I think it works.
  12. I actually really like the gray uniforms. The volt socks and numbers really pop on them. The white uniforms aren't quite as good but still look decent. My favorite part really like the chrome logos on the shoulders on both teams. It looks really well done
  13. I really like the thick colored collars that the Texans and Broncos have. The neckroll style (like the Saints) is bad, but I really like it when it's all one color.