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  1. You're definitely onto something with the primary logo. It's the one logo I still find myself not completely happy with
  2. What a piece of s***, honestly. I commented and reported as soon as you posted the bechance project. They need to lift their game in this regard. There's so many stolen sports logos on their platform
  3. Yep, in Vic. We've had a few guys from WA come over and play for local clubs around my area. Most notably De San Miguel You're right with the Weg comparison. Perhaps it was an original by him from back in the day. I might ask around about it now that you mention it
  4. Matched font sizes for the primary logo lettering. Feels a bit more balanced now
  5. I think I prefer the 2nd G logo, seeing as it's more recognisable from a distance. The font is called San Andreas. I added the swash myself (thanks to the Dodgers' logo lol). Oh that would not be very difficult haha. There's a team called the road runners in our league, you could imagine the logo they use Here's everything with a green background
  6. Updated cap logo. The club has a history of block G cap logos, hence the rather generic look. Updated wordmark logo. I found a better font. Bat colour change comparison The main issue with the primary logo is the use of the location needs to be central. As you're probably aware baseball isn't a well known sport in Australia, hence the location name has to be at the forefront rather than the nickname. I guess the roundel can fill that void, but there's something I like about the primary logo. I'm trying to capture a hardball style feel if that makes sense..
  7. Hi all. My local baseball club looks like they are moving toward a new look, so I've decided to put up my hand and rediscover my liking for logo design. The mascot is a native Australian bird, the kookaburra (shortened to 'Burras'), and the colours are green and yellow. It goes without saying that the current primary logo (also featured on the cap) is terrible. Warning to your retinas: Here are my logos. Top-bottom, left-right goes primary, secondary, cap, patch and wordmark logos. Comments and criticism welcome.
  8. These are all marvellous. I love the use of the pelican for Central Coast, it's such an underused mascot in Australian sport. One issue however is the use of the Maltese cross for International Melbourne. Melbourne is in the state of Victoria, not Queensland. We (Victorians) would more so identify with the Crown.
  9. The Brisbane Bandits of the Australian Baseball League revealed their new look yesterday. Previously they had used the Queensland state colours, but they have made the switch to the city colours of blue and yellow. What set my 'stolen design' alarm off are the inconsistencies of the new brand. They kept the old wordmarks, but introduced a new bandit logo. The bandit doesn't at all match the wordmark and looks generic as hell. This lead me to a quick google search: Pretty bad look for a professional organisation.
  10. A's back in kelly green.. That template is sweet btw, so clean. Would it be ok if you could post it for personal use?
  11. I’ve decided to redo Adelaide’s first team logo, seeing their current one is a crap Baltimore knockoff. Here’s their logo history: And my take: c&c welcome
  12. Any ideas? EDIT: It's Iwata new gothic
  13. Roosters and Dragons play in the NRL (Rugby League), whereas the SA teams you mentioned play in the Super Rugby competition, which features teams from all the big Southern Hemisphere rugby (union) nations. NRL teams have been getting the Marvel treatment for a while btw.
  14. I'm getting Stade Francais vibes
  15. Looking for the font for the numerals on the bezel. I especially love that 4. It's a TAG Heuer Autavia btw.