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  1. Ah, I know exactly what website you’ve used now. I wouldn’t take footyjumpers.com as gospel. The creator simply used the league mandated official logos, instead of what has represented the clubs for decades. I’ll rephrase and say that St Kilda’s club logo has been used since the 30s, and has also stayed on the Guernsey above the heart since then. We’re all very attached to it, like that of European football club crests. Check out its origin story here.. https://www.saints.com.au/club/history/the-crest
  2. Braves style double piping added
  3. Update alert: Pinstripes created
  4. Nice!! I just added some head spoon piping and thicker shoulder piping to the dropbox file, where I've also added detail to the sleeves and buttons. I'll definitely get around to adding pinstripes soon. Did the 'shadows' work well on Illustrator? I see they aren't there in your jersey. Just preference?
  5. Just an example with my local team
  6. Well I've found myself in another lockdown, so this meant some time off work and passing time on Inkscape. Here's what I've made: No, that isn't a promo shot from Nike for their MLB range, it's a SVG template that @johnrafael and I made. I've only made enough piping for a recreated Giants jersey, but I'm down to add more if this gets enough traction. The SVG contains opaque and blurred layers to heighten its 'realness'. Here's the comparison between the SVG and Nike promo And finally, the SVG download https://www.dropbox.com/s/icsmgi5m4z6gbjz/NikeJersey2.0.svg?dl=0
  7. You know a hell of a lot more than me lol. Sent DM
  8. I had it in SVG format, with the background, shadow and jersey all seperate layers. I'm just unsure of how to change the colour of the jersey without using an overlay (which will remove some of the jersey's texture).
  9. Nike Baseball template. I need some help with changing the jersey's overall colour and piping. DM for SVG
  10. Nicely done. I'm a saints fan, so I'm pretty rigid on changing the crest to the extent you have. A general thickening of the lines would be more palatable, but what you've done with the jumpers are great. Just an FYI, Hawthorn has no 'e'
  11. Thanks mate. Collingwood is like Australia's Yankees, in that you either hate them or love them. I'm the former, though it's annoying seeing an admittedly famous and historic club have such a convoluted logo.
  12. Here's the partial of the angry dude:
  13. Thanks! I'm going for that classic feel with the logo. A Sherrin (what we call the footballs) together with a magpie bring up suburban feel. I'm sure there's a large portion of Australians that have gotten swooped by a magpie while having a kick of the footy at a local field. The eyes are the one thing I'm continuing to tweek. I like the structure of them, but they're way too small as you said, making it tricky for smaller applications. I've scaled them up a bit, hopefully they don't look too cartoony or anime-y.
  14. Here's an update guys! The hoodies were made. They were an earlier design as the bat is still just an outline, but I'm not fussed with that. Hats, along with a full brand 'unveil' are next. I've also messed around and made a kookaburra a la Baltimore Oriole. I'd like to run this past @raysox first though, as I used his 'other birds as the orioles logo' project as inspo. I'll post it once (or if) I get his blessings
  15. You're definitely onto something with the primary logo. It's the one logo I still find myself not completely happy with
  16. What a piece of s***, honestly. I commented and reported as soon as you posted the bechance project. They need to lift their game in this regard. There's so many stolen sports logos on their platform
  17. Yep, in Vic. We've had a few guys from WA come over and play for local clubs around my area. Most notably De San Miguel You're right with the Weg comparison. Perhaps it was an original by him from back in the day. I might ask around about it now that you mention it
  18. Matched font sizes for the primary logo lettering. Feels a bit more balanced now
  19. I think I prefer the 2nd G logo, seeing as it's more recognisable from a distance. The font is called San Andreas. I added the swash myself (thanks to the Dodgers' logo lol). Oh that would not be very difficult haha. There's a team called the road runners in our league, you could imagine the logo they use Here's everything with a green background
  20. Updated cap logo. The club has a history of block G cap logos, hence the rather generic look. Updated wordmark logo. I found a better font. Bat colour change comparison The main issue with the primary logo is the use of the location needs to be central. As you're probably aware baseball isn't a well known sport in Australia, hence the location name has to be at the forefront rather than the nickname. I guess the roundel can fill that void, but there's something I like about the primary logo. I'm trying to capture a hardball style feel if that makes sense..
  21. Hi all. My local baseball club looks like they are moving toward a new look, so I've decided to put up my hand and rediscover my liking for logo design. The mascot is a native Australian bird, the kookaburra (shortened to 'Burras'), and the colours are green and yellow. It goes without saying that the current primary logo (also featured on the cap) is terrible. Warning to your retinas: Here are my logos. Top-bottom, left-right goes primary, secondary, cap, patch and wordmark logos. Comments and criticism welcome.
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