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  1. Angelo State University football anyone?
  2. Just realized that in the footer of the NFL website, all of the team logos are SVG images. Good note for the future if I (or anyone else) ever need vectors of logos. They have already updated for the new logo:
  3. Not really. They have said that it's never been ruled out, but definitely have never stated that it was a priority or "high priority." As soon as the single lid rule is lifted or relaxed, they will definitely be back.
  4. Article quotes Lurie as saying “We’re working on that. We’re working on that hard. High priority. High priority. I don’t know if it will get done for the 2019 season, but I have some hopes for the 2020 season.”
  5. If things haven't changed internally, the Erie Otters should be getting a new logo itself next season (2019-20)
  6. He wears kickers shoulder pads, has for years and in Philadelphia he wears a special cut that essentially looks more like a tank top than a standard jersey. It starts off not looking too terrible but by the end of the game, ends up looking like the photo taken due to everything getting pushed/pulled on line battles. It ends up looking hella stupid, but whatever works for him I guess.
  7. I completely agree. While I love Kelly for the Eagles, the current iteration of the wing does not work well with it. I've tried so many combinations of the Kelly and the wing (with various areas reshaded to different colors) and the only way to make it look decent is to go the way of the old wing and make the entire wing silver with/without the white keyline. At that point though, there really isn't much reason to keep the newer wing compared to going full throwback to the old helmet. That being said, as noted in the NFL 2017 thread, the Eagles continued to use a different color Eagles logo throughout the season on social media that essentially replaced black with a darker version of midnight green: If they were to make any change, I could see it be closer to this (current left, "revised" right): Either way, I see it as a lateral move. Though, personally, I would love to see the removal/tone down of black in their scheme. I just worry it would mute out too much.
  8. No way, really?! I thought that jersey selection automatically grants the Lombardi Trophy. "Who knows" refers to superstition/Super Bowl stats (which is the reason the Patriots decided to wear whites) vs. this seasons stats regarding uniform choices for the Eagles.
  9. Not surprised to see the Patriots ride the "white usually wins" selection process, and to add that they are also undefeated in the Super Bowl while wearing them, it was kind of a no-brainer to me. On the other hand, the Eagles are 11-1 in their home set this year (11-0 if you don't count meaningless Week 17 vs. Cowboys). Who knows. Personally, I like the Eagles home set vs. Patriots road set best. I'll take this look.
  10. I've been noticing this as well over the last month or so. Their usage of this mostly green version is becoming more prominent in their posts and promo. I have no problem with the current "midnight green" but the usage of black can sometimes be pretty heavy when it really isn't necessary. I absolutely despise their black 3rd jersey, especially when used with the black pants. I wouldn't be sad to remove the black or tone it back considerably. For reference, this is a comparison between what is considered their official logomark compared to what they have been using lately in social:
  11. I completely agree in terms of the soft spot. They scream 90's and also immediately throw me back to the 2001-02 championship and that Game 5 OT at home when we beat Barrie. As for the colors, the yellow/gold set is roughly based off one of the sets worn by the Blades, as they featured multiple schemes in their existence (black/yellow, blue/yellow, blue/orange, black/orange). I personally like the blue and yellow/gold scheme the best out of any iteration of the Otters sets (including one-offs) they have had throughout their 21 years in Erie. The combination of the simplicity of colors, as well as the classic style to the set are an automatic up-vote from me.
  12. To be honest, that doesn't bother me nearly as much as the fact that their jersey script/patch is different than their marketing logo. When Reebok proposed the concept jersey for approval to the Otters, they "cleaned up" the script logo (used loosely, as their cleaned up version still has drastic inconsistencies), so the jersey patch is different than the one used by the Otters in all of their materials. Both have large inconsistencies, but it's one of those things that once I noticed I cannot unsee. I'd like to see them use a hybrid of the two and cleaned up further. As for next season, the current home/away sets are being completely retired. The yellow/gold set is becoming the new primary home set, and the away set will likely be a white version of the yellow/gold. I am happy they are finally retiring the rainbow scheme (current "official colors" are Light Blue, Navy, Gold, Tan, Red, White), and going with a more simplified Blue, Gold/Yellow, White.
  13. Looking to find what this font is... I think it may be customized from another as I haven't yet been able to find a match of it.
  14. Cedar Point (amusement park in Sandusky, OH) over the last month or so rolled out a new logo and website. From the sounds of it, this style will roll across all of Cedar Fair parks. http://www.cedarpoint.com To me, feels cheaper and more generic. The new website is pretty cookie cutter as well.
  15. I should mention that the shade of Blue here in their uniforms WAS the correct shade of Blue used in the original unis. Oh - and if anyone's interested, I do have the official Pantone values for all of these 1994 throwbacks...I could post a "retrospective" of the colors. I worded it poorly, I meant more so that the current blue in their helmet logo didn't match the shoulders, not really that the shoulder color was wrong. That was my mistake. As for posting a retrospective of the 1994 throwbacks, I'd love it see it
  16. Ah, I wasn't sure the color of their pants. I was thinking it was just quality of the photo that didn't show them as true white, but you're right.
  17. My reaction? YOU are an idiot. Half of the complaints are that YOU don't like the selection (even if accurate), and YOU're not even sure about accuracy on most of them. Oh, so you mean that a board based upon criticizing and ripping apart many different aspects of graphic design in the current age shouldn't have a thread with any sort of negative posts in it? My point wasn't to bring up something that was so perfect and wonderful that it should be praised. I brought it up because I haven't seen any posts about it. This topic was created so that people can discuss the accuracy of these, or even use it as possible inspiration to create some new concepts based off of any accuracies or inaccuracies in the uniform sets worn. I really don't care about your opinion. If you don't want to read it, feel free to browse other topics that you might find interest in. Plain and simple. This is a sports logos forum which drives off of logos, colors, uniform sets, etc. It fits. But you're right. My bad.
  18. Arizona Cardinals Plain, yet effective. White helmet, red jerseys, white pants. It works. Subtle inclusion of the Chicago Cardinals "C within a C" inside the stripes. Cincinnati Bengals The "BENGALS" across the helmet, with the simple, yet classic uniforms. I kinda liked this combination. New England Patriots Throwing back to one version of the then recently retired Patriot Pat. I still like the helmets over the current "Flying Elvis" helmets. Minnesota Vikings: Very minor changes, nothing too noticeable. Indianapolis Colts: No real changes/attempt. Kansas City Chiefs: Very minor changes (no stripes on the sleeves). Cleveland Browns: No changes. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: No changes.
  19. Pittsburgh Steelers Hideous uniforms, but extremely accurate for what they were going for. Dallas Cowboys Bad attempt. They fixed the inaccuracies in these a few years later, and currently wear the correct throwback as an alternate. This set contained their normal helmet, with the smaller star, and the wrong shade of blue between the shoulders and the helmet. New York Giants Throwback to the jerseys they reverted too and currently wear. Good set. Philadelphia Eagles Not to sure about their accuracy, but they looked a hell of a lot better than the hideous yellow and blue monstrosity that were the Frankfurt Yellow Jackets throwback they wore a couple of years ago. New Orleans Saints Thrown back to the darker gold, more sleeve stripes, along with the larger helmet logo. Decent set, however I like the lighter gold they use now. Green Bay Packers Not a fan of the bright yellow shoulders, and gold-ish pants. Detroit Lions The traditional plain ol' Thanksgiving uniforms we've seen a couple times. Seattle Seahawks I think this set just contained more green than normal. Not quite sure, but a modernized version of this set, with these colors wouldn't be too bad. Chicago Bears The hideous Bears throwback. Not too sure about accuracy, but it is not a pretty design. Miami Dolphins Very good job of recreating their old set.
  20. After looking back at some older throwback uniforms, I was thinking about some of the 1994 "diamond" 75th NFL anniversary. I'm surprised after searching that I haven't found another thread on these throwbacks. After looking some up, I just not realized how horrid some of the attempts at throwbacks were... Here are some of the photos I found, feel free to add. Buffalo Bills (& Houston Oilers) A very good replication of the early Oilers, as seen by the throwbacks from last year being exactly the same. Were able to match the typefaces correctly. As for the Bills... horrible attempt. Left the helmets red, and instead inverted the buffalo on the helmet from red to white, so that it fit on the helmets. Striping pattern was also off. Denver Broncos Very good job at replicating their older uniform set. Would have liked to see this recreated with today's technology. L.A. Rams & San Francisco 49ers For the Rams, this all bright yellow jersey was an eyesore. Why, oh why, did they not throwback to the white and blue scheme. For the 49ers, they petitioned the league to wear this for the rest of the year, won 10 straight games, ending in the SB victory. They weren't bad, but they weren't good. As for accuracy, they were almost dead on, other than the helmet logo, which wasn't included in the initial design. San Diego Chargers The standard Chargers baby blue throwback we're accustomed to. Very good throwback. Washington Redskins (& Atlanta Falcons) For the Redskins, very bland, but accurate (for the most part). The "spear" throwbacks are far superior to these. As for the Falcons, again, not bad, but the current throwback alternates for them are the best set. L.A. Raiders Same throwbacks as used in 2009, a very strong overall throwback. I like this over their current set. New York Jets They did a good job rectifying the problems in this set 4 years later when they reverted back to the white helmets, but this is a pathetic attempt. Green helmets, with an inversed logo.
  21. As much as I hate the trade, when is the McNabb in a Redskin uniform going to show up?
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