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  1. Just realized that in the footer of the NFL website, all of the team logos are SVG images. Good note for the future if I (or anyone else) ever need vectors of logos. They have already updated for the new logo:
  2. Not really. They have said that it's never been ruled out, but definitely have never stated that it was a priority or "high priority." As soon as the single lid rule is lifted or relaxed, they will definitely be back.
  3. Article quotes Lurie as saying “We’re working on that. We’re working on that hard. High priority. High priority. I don’t know if it will get done for the 2019 season, but I have some hopes for the 2020 season.”
  4. If things haven't changed internally, the Erie Otters should be getting a new logo itself next season (2019-20)
  5. He wears kickers shoulder pads, has for years and in Philadelphia he wears a special cut that essentially looks more like a tank top than a standard jersey. It starts off not looking too terrible but by the end of the game, ends up looking like the photo taken due to everything getting pushed/pulled on line battles. It ends up looking hella stupid, but whatever works for him I guess.
  6. I completely agree. While I love Kelly for the Eagles, the current iteration of the wing does not work well with it. I've tried so many combinations of the Kelly and the wing (with various areas reshaded to different colors) and the only way to make it look decent is to go the way of the old wing and make the entire wing silver with/without the white keyline. At that point though, there really isn't much reason to keep the newer wing compared to going full throwback to the old helmet. That being said, as noted in the NFL 2017 thread, the Eagles continued to use a different color Eagles logo throughout the season on social media that essentially replaced black with a darker version of midnight green: If they were to make any change, I could see it be closer to this (current left, "revised" right): Either way, I see it as a lateral move. Though, personally, I would love to see the removal/tone down of black in their scheme. I just worry it would mute out too much.
  7. No way, really?! I thought that jersey selection automatically grants the Lombardi Trophy. "Who knows" refers to superstition/Super Bowl stats (which is the reason the Patriots decided to wear whites) vs. this seasons stats regarding uniform choices for the Eagles.
  8. Not surprised to see the Patriots ride the "white usually wins" selection process, and to add that they are also undefeated in the Super Bowl while wearing them, it was kind of a no-brainer to me. On the other hand, the Eagles are 11-1 in their home set this year (11-0 if you don't count meaningless Week 17 vs. Cowboys). Who knows. Personally, I like the Eagles home set vs. Patriots road set best. I'll take this look.
  9. I've been noticing this as well over the last month or so. Their usage of this mostly green version is becoming more prominent in their posts and promo. I have no problem with the current "midnight green" but the usage of black can sometimes be pretty heavy when it really isn't necessary. I absolutely despise their black 3rd jersey, especially when used with the black pants. I wouldn't be sad to remove the black or tone it back considerably. For reference, this is a comparison between what is considered their official logomark compared to what they have been using lately in social:
  10. I completely agree in terms of the soft spot. They scream 90's and also immediately throw me back to the 2001-02 championship and that Game 5 OT at home when we beat Barrie. As for the colors, the yellow/gold set is roughly based off one of the sets worn by the Blades, as they featured multiple schemes in their existence (black/yellow, blue/yellow, blue/orange, black/orange). I personally like the blue and yellow/gold scheme the best out of any iteration of the Otters sets (including one-offs) they have had throughout their 21 years in Erie. The combination of the simplicity of colors, as well as the classic style to the set are an automatic up-vote from me.
  11. To be honest, that doesn't bother me nearly as much as the fact that their jersey script/patch is different than their marketing logo. When Reebok proposed the concept jersey for approval to the Otters, they "cleaned up" the script logo (used loosely, as their cleaned up version still has drastic inconsistencies), so the jersey patch is different than the one used by the Otters in all of their materials. Both have large inconsistencies, but it's one of those things that once I noticed I cannot unsee. I'd like to see them use a hybrid of the two and cleaned up further. As for next season, the current home/away sets are being completely retired. The yellow/gold set is becoming the new primary home set, and the away set will likely be a white version of the yellow/gold. I am happy they are finally retiring the rainbow scheme (current "official colors" are Light Blue, Navy, Gold, Tan, Red, White), and going with a more simplified Blue, Gold/Yellow, White.
  12. Looking to find what this font is... I think it may be customized from another as I haven't yet been able to find a match of it.
  13. Cedar Point (amusement park in Sandusky, OH) over the last month or so rolled out a new logo and website. From the sounds of it, this style will roll across all of Cedar Fair parks. To me, feels cheaper and more generic. The new website is pretty cookie cutter as well.
  14. Looks like a decent upgrade. I've actually started using Opera again, as Chrome has been increasingly operating like junk, and now Opera uses the Chromium rendering engine so it is basically Chrome stripped down. The fact that I can run all of my Chrome extensions in Opera, without the slowdown crap that Chrome keeps deploying, it is my number one now.
  15. I noticed yesterday that the like button changed for me, however, I've seen no mention of it anywhere, so it must be a small roll-out, or test of a new like button redesign. I personally like the switch, as it puts it more in line with Google+ and makes it stand out more. What are your thoughts?
  16. All of them except the Packers & Raiders And the Eagles
  17. The ball with the B embedded is the secondary, while the shield is the new primary, with "BROOKLYN" below, same font as the links above and the "#HELLOBROOKLYN" splash page.
  18. Digging for more now... Edit: The new primary logo – created by Brooklyn's own JAY Z – retains the shield from its previous iteration, and adds that iconic Brooklyn 'B' to the basketball that has been part of every logo since the franchise's 1967 inception as the Americans. The Dodgers had their lettermark, and the Nets have added another model for the borough to bear. "Brooklyn," of course, is spelled out below. Nets CEO Brett Yormark called this "the new badge for Brooklyn," and JAY Z believes the design's boldness demonstrates confidence in the new direction. The main article seems to link to SportsLogos... at least they throw out some love Edit 2: Video:
  19. I'd say lighten the background still, its a little too dark to me. Also, maybe expand the drop shadow off the content region so its flows... either that or lighten the color of the drop shadow so it isn't as black (more opacity to the shadow). Another thing I'd say is lighten the text-shadow you have on your H3's for your news/blog entry titles. The darker grey you have now is too overpowering. One last thing I noticed that I'm not a fan of is the "active" box around "Home" being stretched vertically all the way from top to bottom of the nav bar. Have less padding on the element so it gives spacing between the top of the box and top of the nav bar, as well as for the bottom. It seems way too big to me.
  20. Does that look worse than your average (non-HGI) lineman's helmet after game use? agreed. scuffed up helmets are awesome. football's a tough-guys' game. i hate shiny new helmets. HGI was contacted to help the Giants make the helmets more durable not scuff proof. Chips of the metallic finish paint would regularly come off during games and have to be repainted (think old Notre Dame helmets). HGI was just hired to keep that from happening. The scuffs on the oline helmet above look like they can easily be wiped off with a towel. If you want a scuff free helmet keep dreaming or go be a kicker My thoughts exactly. You have helmets with facemasks covered in a rubber, if anything, re-think the type of coating on the facemask so that when it makes contact with another helmet it doesn't grip and leave marks. They aren't "scuffs" as much as rubber "track marks," no different to a rubber shoe on a wood floor. I'd much rather see this than helmets with cracked/chipping paint.
  21. I love the concept... The bird, though, instantly reminds me of the IUP Crimson Hawks logo...
  22. The Erie Otters wore pink sweaters in 2008, at least one specific date of October 25, 2008.
  23. Looks like they are filming today as one of my Facebook friends posted this today... "Erie's own Dark Knight Rises "Rogue Fans" in costume after take 15!"