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  1. Of all teams though, The Ravens? I doubt they have much of a female fanbase after all the media coverage on Ray Rice.
  2. The Bucs just look disgraceful. Secondary is :censored:e, we have no ability to run the ball, and Josh McCown is getting no help. Derek Anderson however? He looks like a HOF against us right now.
  3. Unpopular opinion: I don't have a problem with asymmetrical designs whatsoever, and I believe more teams should give it a shot. Unfortunately, I believe Charlotte executed it poorly.
  4. Poor Rams, tough to see them lose Bradford again. Bradford was playing great before he got injured last year. It'll be a tough season for the Rams. I have a feeling Zac Stacy's fantasy stock just skyrocketed though.
  5. I think the consensus on these boards is that the Jacksonville helmet you posted above is the best helmet Jacksonville has ever had.
  6. I disagree with your statement about the NFL being diluted. 12 good QBs? Not by a long shot. In fact, I could easily think of 4-5 backup QBs that could easily serve as starting QBs if given the chance. The NFL is the most balanced league based on talent out of the big 4 easily.
  7. It will be hard to hear about him as a backup, and when in his first preseason game he did hardly anything.Did you forget the year Tebow spent with the Jets? Johnny's getting his coverage.Tebow already had success in the NFL winning a playoff game and taking a sub-par team to the playoffs. Sure, whenever the Browns lose, the media will look at Johnny. But that's not because it's "Johnny Football", but because it's a young first rounder possibly replacing another QB. When Manziel starts winning games and proving himself, then the media will start to really talk. But I can't imagine the media going to crazy with a backup.
  8. A conversation is going on over on failed Expansion teams and one was an NFL team in Portland. I figured I should post in this thread about Portland in the future. ---- 20 years from now we will see Portland in the NFL. But not from relocation , but from expansion. It is highly unlikely that the NFL even considers keeping the amount of teams in the league at 32. Expect to see at least 4 teams added by 2035.
  9. In what world is that color scheme "bland".
  10. I think the Green Bay Packers are excused of the idiocracy. Because for the life of me I cannot think of anything that represents the Green Bay Packers better than the infamous G.
  11. Mike Glennon won't be seeing the field for the Bucs anytime soon, as Josh McCown was already named immediate starter. I expect something similar to a Rich Gannon situation, where a veteran backup with the physical and mental tools is finally given the pieces of the puzzle to make it work. It's Josh's team now, and I have good hope that he succeeds in his role. Bucs will probably look for a future QB in the next draft, as I don't see Mike Glennon being the future of this team. Then again, I could be wrong. Sitting under McCown would be the best way for Glennon to learn.
  12. The beauty of the promotion/relegation system is really lost if teams can't be promoted based on the standards set by the league. And this is why a pro/rel system won't be put in place until at least 15 teams under the MLS are in the financial position to succeed in the MLS.
  13. $19M a year to a guy who hasn't done squat in the playoffs...Same ol' Bengals. Same dumb Bengals, but not the same old Bengals. The Bengals have historically been one of the cheapest organizations in professional sports, even more so under Mike Brown. This is the opposite of cheap. At least most of it isn't guaranteed. I had Cincinnati in my confidence pool last year and was heavily rooting for the Bengals in that last playoff game. Watching, what, can't be described in words allowed on these forums, type of performance from Dalton makes me wonder why in the hell the Bengals decided to resign him already. Should've gave him some sort of motivation to be better when it counts.A couple predictions I have for next season: -Eagles only stay relevant because of their mediocre division. Their offense is quickly figured out by any coaching system with half a brain cell. (Which doesn't include those 2 games against the Redskins and Cowboys). -Bucs finish with a positive 9-7 record just missing the playoffs. Bucs fans are hopefully for a playoff run in 2015-2016. -Panthers fall apart in the South and Cam Newtons talents are well wasted. -Cardinals are a dark-horse talented team that just miss the playoffs once again. Palmers mediocre performances is what holds this team back from winning important games against thenSeahawks and Niners. -Lions still learn how to disappoint, and the hype from Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson combination diminishes further.
  14. As mentioned above, North Dakotas logo is one of my favorites in all of sports. Here's another favorite some of you probably haven't seen yet:
  15. The only thing wrong with both of those uniform concepts is that they incorporate a pointless black uniform. Would've much rather seen a yellow jersey.
  16. I think there was more of a worry that the Jaguars would move the team to England because of his ownership connection with Fulham.
  17. That is fantastic. This is a look that I wouldn't mind seeing in new age baseball. The pullover look would be a great sell for the Whitesox. Dissapointed you didn't include a Alternate Shorts option, though.
  18. Tampa Bay Bucs: Have a feeling that we could be in for some decent years with Lovie coaching. Not sure about a Super Bowl, but I think a legitmite playoff contender in the next 3 years is most likely. Tampa Bay Rays: I have a feeling the Rays are going to dwindle and eventually fall back to where the Rays used to always be--- last place in the East. By 2024, the team may not (and probably won't) even be in Florida. Tampa Bay Lightning: I have a good feeling about this Lightning team and I am kinda glad I hopped back on the teams wagon again (back into hockey in general). Callahan is a stud and I can't wait to see him play more. Florida State football: The next year or two will be good stuff for my Seminoles. With plans to transfer to FSU after my freshman year at a community college, it'll be exciting to watch what we can do after Jameis leaves. USMNT: With a strong young team, many people are predicting definitive success from the US team for World Cup 2018 and 2022. But losing studs like Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey next World Cup (at least, it's likely they will leave) will be a huge blow. We've got a lot of young, strong guys who should do well under Jurgens control. Here's to hoping everything pans out. I don't see definitive success, but I do see a chance at it.
  19. Who would've thought this look would be lightyears better than what they have now. That switch to nike really cost the Seahawks. I'd love to see a remake of these uniforms, and they'd sell like hot-cakes.How is this any different than what Nike always gets criticized for?Neon "volt" color? Check. No real design other than contrasting sleeves? Check. Yet because it's not Nike, it gets a pass? Because this: Looks 10 million times better Than this:
  20. Who would've thought this look would be lightyears better than what they have now. That switch to nike really cost the Seahawks. I'd love to see a remake of these uniforms, and they'd sell like hot-cakes. Did it? Are Seahawks jersey sales at an all-time low? Since when did sales indicate the uniform is aesthetically pleasing? Especially on these forums where the modern, trendy uniforms are criticized he most. So how did the move to Nike "cost" the Seahawks? Appearance wise, it "costed" then. Financially, obviously not. But that also plays along with A. their success in the new uniforms and B. having colorful players like Marshawn Lynch and Russel Wilson. Those Seahawks jerseys wouldn't be selling the same way if Tim Hasselbeck was still tossing the ball around and going 7-9 every season.
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