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  1. This is extremely well done. I seen some people comment on Twitter and other platforms wanting a Nets/Giants mash, so I went ahead and made one..
  2. Nets tried for a dark court, but the NBA didn't allow them. Lights would reflect a ton and be an eye-sore. Instead, they used it on their practice court.
  3. With the recent rumors involving the Nets and the Dodgers' owners talking about combining assets, I figured this would be the perfect time to unveil a Nets Alternate jerseys concept I've had for a while. Rumor has it, the Nets asked permission from the Dodgers for the script 'Brooklyn' font that everybody knows and is familiar with - the Dodgers denied. I was thinking, if Prokhorov and Guggenheim Sports and Entertainment do combine assets, the Dodgers may allow us to use that script wordmark. So, with that being said, here's my jersey concept, along with a few logos I made a while back to compliment the Dodgers-style jersey. Knowing the Nets, I'd really doubt that they bring in an Away version of this jersey, but here's what that would like like (rough draft). If you would like to see the logo changes I made, check them out here: Let me know what you guys think!
  4. Quick Jersey concept I made. Thanks to 'Lights Out' who originally made the Nets concept, I made it into a ASG concept.
  5. I like it. I like the new letters and the color look better. I still do not like the arrow itself. I never understood why it wasn't pointed, instead it's rounded off and doesn't look intimidating or dangerous. But nice job all around!
  6. Awesome idea and an awesome product so far! I'm looking forward to seeing the Brooklyn team!
  7. I really like these! Nice work! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Giants!!
  8. I'm going to be honest, yours it better! The X's on the Official one are too squished. And I like to banner at the bottom of yours over theirs that just says 20th Season. Nice work!
  9. The Brooklyn Nets will be wearing their first Alternate Jerseys tabbed ‘Brooklyn Blue Jerseys’ for 5 of their last 8 Home Games. The jerseys will feature their regular ‘BROOKLYN’ wordmark in Blue with a grey jersey with sleeves. I decided to mock-up the Nets current logos and Home Jersey in those Colors. The Grey/White/Blue color scheme must have been considered, since the old Brooklyn Dodgers featured the same color scheme. As a Nets fan, I really like how the White looks with the Dodger Blue. Even though I really like the Black & White color scheme the Nets went with, the White/Grey/Blue looks really nice and clean. (More on my Twitter - @MikeKing00) *EDIT* New Secondary Logo's: Home Jersey: In-Game Jersey: Tell me what you think!
  10. The Nets will be wearing "Brooklyn Blue" sleeved jerseys for 5 home games coming up to end the season. So I thought, what if they chose the White/Blue/Gray color scheme over the Black/White... Possible other logo: Secondary Logos: And the other scheme: *EDIT* New Secondary Logo's: AND finally, the Home Jersey: In-Game Jersey: What do you think?