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  1. @WideRight I love the curveball with Orlando. The name is great and the colors... just wow. That helmet is to die for, simply amazing.
  2. Or maybe the flying elvis logo over the shoulders like the 90s jersey wouldn’t look bad here
  3. I love the “gimmicky” stuff. I think there is a lot of balance for the main sets and then a somewhat outlandish and exciting alternates. It’s very hard to make an alternate that isn’t black, white, or silver for the Raiders but that neon look is something that not only would sell, but would be a great uniform and promotional opportunity for the team for a primetime game per season. The creativity is outstanding while making the league look like you want it to look. I applaud the entire thread, it’s very fun to follow! Can’t wait for more!
  4. Yeah, this is just the helmet update. I’ll be working on uniforms soon
  5. For the helmets I wanted something with distinct flair, representing Mexico and the Jaguars simultaneously. I know the jaguar-spotted helmet isn't super original for a Jags concept, but it feels artistic and over the top which I think represents a city like CDMX quite well. I added on an Aztec design for the helmet stripe and placed the Mexican flag on the rear of the helmet. For the helmet logo, i swapped the typical Jaguars logo on the helmet for the shield to make it easier on the eye, and I love the way it looks against the spots. For the front bumper, i felt CDMX worked well instead of "JAGS", and for a team using the same name as a relocaiton franchise, I felt the importance to use the new location often; therefore the CDMX typefaces are used often.
  6. I appreciate you doing your job, @IceCap. Next time I start a thread I will make sure I have more conceptual ideas completed upon posting. That being said, uniforms are in the works and I have a helmet to share very shortly.
  7. You're right. This is much better imo.
  8. Last fall, I saw a concept on here about a Dolphins redesign, but his presentation was one I had never seen before. I honestly don't even remember the thread otherwise I would link it in here. The owner of the design implemented it into Madden 19 or 20, and that was a big reason for getting me into modding Madden on my PC. I learned photoshop basics, and learned how to import custom uniforms and fields into the game. This is one of the changes I will be making in the early 2020's of my Steelers franchise after the release of a franchise file with updated rosters (including draftees) and simmed through 2019. With an uncertain future in Jacksonville brewing for the last handful of years, the Jaguars sought a move abroad. Most assumed London would be the location for the Jaguars, but the NFL changed their mind at the eleventh hour behind the scenes, forcing the Jaguars to consider the homeland as well as other foreign sites. Oklahoma City, Monterrey, Mexico City, and even San Diego were tossed around. In the end, the Jags wanted an NFL-ready stadium, leaving San Diego and CDMX. The divisional set up made the most sense geographically for the team to choose the Mexican capital, and they did. Without further ado, I present to you the Mexico Jaguars, or Los Jaguares de Mexico. The logos aren't anything new but I added red eyes for the Jaguar, as Mexico is red and green. Here are the wordmarks, first in English" Y en español: The team has also revealed their fieldart for the upcoming season, The team has not announced a timeline for new uniforms at this time, but have updated their social media handle to reflect the move. Let me know your thoughts. I know this isn't some crazy detailed redesign, but I'm proud that I've even gotten to this point with my graphic work.
  9. The Dolphin looks naked to me without the helmet, but that's just my 2 cents. Option 1 for the wordmark too. The field is a thing of beauty
  10. I actually love this, and think the helmet should stay, personally. The Dolphin with a helmet is such a classic.
  11. The reds with no black is always the best. Loooove the white hats as well
  12. Oooh this is gonna be awesome. Love the whole thing so far, but really dig the Ravens destiny jersey
  13. That whisker change is on the money!
  14. I love the 4 sections for the Schooners. Their whole set seems so timeless.
  15. Its odd seeing the Steelers without their usual sleeve stripes, but its just so well executed that I don't mind the change. Nice set, nice series!
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