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  1. For everybody that wants the San Diego team to be named the destroyers, I believe the fleet fits and sounds better than destroyers ever would. If we were going to relate it to the Navy the fleet represents all aspects of the "team" instead of just one class of ship. It takes positions on offense, defense and special teams together to be successful on the football field and likewise it takes all aspects of the Navy to be successful. The term fleet conjures up this notion of teamwork way more than just a single ship class does.
  2. Wow Chicago and Boston how original.
  3. I remember growing up and going to lots of Padres games. To me the brown pinstripe uniforms represent losing. Now I know the Padres have never been anything to write home about, but I will always remember the magic of the '98 Padres and the orange and navy uniforms. I think these should be in their rotation as a throwback. Honestly I get the desire to have them be a predominately brown team, but I agree with Dave Winfield when he called the brown and yellow the pee and poop colored uniforms. I honestly think the PCL Padres colors are fantstic, but the brown could work as long as there's no too much kind of like the '71 uniforms pictured above. I think either go brown and include some sort of mission imagery, or go San Diego with two different shades of blue and sand with some wave type imagery. They do need to come up with a new script no matter what they do.
  4. Man those old Marlins uniforms look great.
  5. I don't dislike all of them, but the majority of state and city flags are horrible. A few are really good, but lots are a cluttered mess, just have a state seal or a mixture of both. As for the flag on the Flames jersey, it completely clashes with their color scheme and it just doesn't look good. I think the Orioles flag patch works.
  6. I'm not a fan of any of these. Some of them actually make me cringe. Yuck.
  7. fmedges

    NHL 2017-18

    Ran across this on the sharks instagram page. Shoulder logo I'm guessing.
  8. I'm not the biggest football fan but of the games I watch it sure seems like the majority of the defensive players like to use their helmets and by extension their heads as the principal point of contact. It's foolish to blame the NFL or helmet manufacturers because you chose to participate in an activity that is inherently bad for you. The trade off of choosing that particular profession in life is that there is the risk of short and long term injuries.
  9. The choice is so obvious that you all are missing it. The Seattle Geoducks.
  10. The wearing of a service members uniform is in its own weird world between against the law and free speech as are claiming you earned certain military awards see United States v Alvarez. I can see what you guys are saying and it makes sense to a point.
  11. I knew about this I meant more like tshirts but good point. It totally makes sense from a business vs business standpoint and while yes of course there is laws concerning government entities, my opinion is that it's a bit foolish. If I want to make a tshirt with say the Army logo on it my opinion it that I should be able to because the Army is 100% taxpayer owned. Again might not be right but that's my opinion.
  12. Why does any branch of the department of defense or the us government for that matter have trademarks of their logos? To me that's like saying using the USA flag on things in in violation of a trademark. The Army isn't a business and it's job is not to make money. I would think that they should be spending their time and effort worrying about other things than a hockey teams nickname.
  13. I noticed that the Easton logos on helmets have been covered up on the game that I'm watching tonight. Is this due to Easton not paying the NHL this season because of their financial problems I'm guessing?
  14. The city's history with brown goes back pretty far back to the mission days and the friar's cloak/robe...given that the city was founded by said missionaries and is essentially the state's 1st city I think you could make a strong case for brown as a primary. Additionally you could say that the yellow represents the 300+ sunny days/year and you have youself a pretty good color combo with real local relevance. Bonus points as well for not being red+navy. Born and raised in San Diego. Brown and gold are perfect for the mascot and the city. But the Padres don't play in Coronado Caught me. Alright, so now I have a find a photo a couple of miles up the coast. Sunsets and brown scrub brush reminds me of San Diego