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  1. *Sigh* What's with people not understanding that TheLAKnight is basing these uniforms on their ACTUAL NHL counterparts.. and he's doing an incredible job at that. Stop nitpicking things that are part of the real uniforms he's modeling them on.. it's annoying. Keep up the phenomenal work, this thread is the best.
  2. Why are the Panthers numbers so huge? Other than that, everything is very cool!
  3. Do it! Love the names - Thunderbirds is a little "too" modern for 1920 in my opinion, but the rest of the names are perfect.
  4. Fantastic idea... Really wish this had been a route taken by the organization. Hollywood Stars vs. Los Angeles Lakers - how awesome would that sound? The uniforms are really good-looking too!
  5. Wow, now this is a concept! Love this..
  6. The Blizzards and Fire nicknames do not fit the time period at all. Much more 70'sish.
  7. The Flyers uniform is very unique.. I like it as a fan of the team. I think either strictly black or strictly orange without the gradient would make it perfect - but keep the awesome "swooshes" on the front and back!
  8. I love both, even though I'm a Philadelphian fan... Pittsburgh sweaters are so nice.. I wanna try to buy a Philly one!
  9. Dayne Amaze

    McCarthy's NHL

    This is such an enjoyable series so far.. Your excellent writing and descriptions only make these awesome concepts even more pleasing to look through! I am a big fan of each and every one of your uniforms. Keep it up, please!
  10. Nice! I like it! and Saints works great
  11. you should atleast spell Patriots - Patriotes - the French translation... It's Montreal, not New England after all.
  12. I'm a huge fan of the 76ers, and those uniforms are PERFECT. They need to contact you asap..
  13. The Flames set is perfect! As a Flames fan this is exactly what Calgary needs to do in the future... you also fixed the terrible "Germany sock" stripes that the Flames currently use by switching up the order of black, gold and red. The black alternate is SO GOOD.