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  1. Stanford one is very cool but kind of looks like a chinese letter to me, was that intentional?
  2. I love how the NYCFC away kit looks like a baseball jersey. Awesome touch.
  3. These are beautiful. I really hope they look somewhat like this.
  4. As a Fire fan... I love that. It's gorgeous.
  5. This is probably a stupid comment but these aren't really "mashups". Maybe the Dallas one could be considered a mashup because it has some Cowboys elements on it but almost all of these are just NBA football uniforms. There's no "mashing up" going on. My complaining and pickiness aside, these are very nice. I really like the Cleveland one. I also like the Suns and Bulls. The Bucks one is also very cool. Love the horns on the helmets. Very well done.
  6. Cubs vs Rangers please. My two teams. Not sure what I'll do if it happens.
  7. Those are beautiful for the Canes. Only complaint would be the collars. Home could use some black and road could use some red.
  8. Maybe just put "Quaker" and forget the logo part of it.
  9. The Blackhawks look like Man United. Please no.
  10. Definitely the best "player model template" I've seen. Great job.
  11. TylerG

    Liverpool Kits

    I like the home and away. The 96 logo needs to be on the back. Not really feeling the alternate.
  12. Looks great, from a Chicago fan.
  13. Thanks guys. So basically now it's just recolored + the stick tape N. Thoughts?
  14. #2 #1 #3 in that order. Really cool jersey design.
  15. So should I just keep the puck white/blank or just go back to the ball?
  16. With the recent news of the Nordiques applying for expansion, I decided I would try my hand at what I hope the Nordiques would wear. Started with a logo update. Removed red for a silver/grey. Replaced the ball with a puck. Added some special stick tape. Thoughts? Do the colors work? Uniforms up next. Old: New:
  17. A+ on the presentation. Buuuutttttt, not a big fan of the concept itself. I'm not feeling the home/road uniforms. The alternate's pretty cool. As for the logos, I think it's a lateral move. Also, as MSO94 said, this isn't much of a "rebrand".
  18. Haven't done a concept in a while, so here's a Blackhawks alternate! Obviously inspired by past uniforms.
  19. http://boards.sportslogos.net/forum/1-sports-logos/