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  1. the black makes a huge difference in my opinion, i think this would be cool as an alternate
  2. how do we enter or submit a concept
  3. for someone who doesn't like any concepts these are truly all amazing keep up the good work
  4. stop with the crossovers they're stupid and pointless
  5. yes yes yes yes, but! change one thing the facemask color, maybe purple
  6. can i ask what effect do you use for the old/worn off effect you did over the logo
  7. living in green bay myself i dont think fans would like the orange camo ones, but the one with the camo in the inside the green jersey looks good
  8. im a huge broncos fan and i just dont like these concepts. i dont like the skinny grey stripe it just doesn't look good and the blue stripe over the shoulder makes it look like a college uniform, the helmet looks so strange to me for some reason the blue colors on the uniform doesnt really match in shades. overall its a nice clean concept just not good for this team
  9. from someone who doesn't like any concepts these are pretty cool
  10. i wanna be LG (energy) if its available if thats not available i will be 7 eleven never mind i read the rest of the comments
  11. Dray

    all my latest nhl work

    thank you for the criticism i gotta ask, Ive been told to download templates, but what is the difference between a downloaded template and picture of a template saved on google, if you know
  12. These is all my Nhl tweaks, concepts and nhl 14 cover, i wanna know what you think, criticism i have an idea for ea. every year ea sports should create a rare limited edition nhl cover, both of the players on the cover should be captains of each of the two teams in the upcoming winter classic but only release so many covers of it, they will still have the cover vote for player on the original cover, example release the martin brodeur cover and release this cover^ as a special edition cover [rare] it will be hard to find