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  1. To go along with the clip art wings, Adidas schools like Arkansas State and Texas State both have the same generic claw marks instead of the wings.
  2. Didn't notice this on the bowl game pants
  3. 2 new Oregon combos being used for the spring game.
  4. USF showing these off. Probably just a recruiting pitch and just prototypes but heck it's something.
  5. The amount of patches the asu has is atrocious
  6. Bowling Green wearing gray jerseys similar to Arkansas State but orange numbers instead of red. I think it is easier to read also.
  7. Tulane's helmet tonight.
  8. One Oregon reporter has said the are the away team and wear the white ones. Pretty reliable source.
  9. Does Boston college have two gold helmets. One with a maroon stripe and one with a white stripe outlined in maroon. Saw it was on NCAA 14
  10. I know it's probably just a prototype but what are y'all's thoughts on the far left helmet with the enlarged logo. I think it could be good if they went with a smaller logo
  11. Did Indiana wear the Adidas tech fit this year
  12. I wish Baylor would make this throwback their normal combo with maybe something on the jersey.
  13. Some of Michigan's players have a patch on left side but some don't. Anybody know the reason for this. And any other pictures of A&M
  14. Sorry for the link but I'm only ipad. Please tell me this is fake
  15. Helmets were the dark gray as well (somewhat reminiscent of what Arkansas wore against Miss St). Seemed like an odd thing to wear against the home team wearing black helmets and pants. Not as bad as when Southwestern Louisiana-Lafayette wore black helmets and black pants against Arkansas State wearing all-black a couple of years ago.. Ahh. My bad. Kinda hard to tell when both schools go by stateAs a State student, I LOVE our new uniforms Not new. Just haven't worn them this year but, they are my favorite. I wish these would replace the black ones as the primary im talking about georgia i go to school there not at arkansas state