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  1. Next up is the first overall pick from last year and my favorite to win Rookie of the Year. I took a different take on things and was able to improve the quality of the image a lot by using a different website for effects. And if you want a wallpaper for your favorite rookie, feel free to suggest it below.
  2. @ZionEagle True, I am not too experienced with this and ended up using a bit too many graphics in the background. The original picture was high resolution but the whole thing got blurry once I added the effects:
  3. I figured I would start with one of the oldest rookies in the NBA, and for that reason one of the biggest sleepers in his class. This shaggy Serb and European legend will replace Chris Paul at point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers. A bit blurry but I will make sure that does not happen again:
  4. @NoE38 Perhaps Montenegro isn't obscure enough (they have a relatively solid basketball team) but I'll definitely work on Kosovo and possibly another Pacific Island country you mentioned.
  5. @Dan O'Mac Here is Djibouti. Feel free to send in any other suggestions for small, not well known countries in the world and let me know what you think about the concepts.
  6. My apologies for the long break in concepts. Without further ado, here is my first African country: Somalia. Feel free to leave comments, both compliments and constructive criticism. Any suggestions for future "obsure" countries will be accepted.
  7. If you are eventually going to simulate this league, I would suggest using Football GM (football.zengm.com), which allows you to have custom teams and rosters and simulation for unlimited seasons. It is a very fun game by itself.
  8. Interesting, very in-depth, and solid presentation. How many sports are you going to do (for all seasons)?
  9. Next up is Bhutan. I tried to make it somewhat more complex with more images and symbols. Please let me know how it looks.
  10. This is a thread where I will post some basketball jersey concepts for countries that get little recognition in any sport. This is one of the first concepts I have created, and it was mainly done through MS Paint. The maps have not been created by me. Please let me know how it looks and also suggest improvements. More to come.
  11. @ZionEagle If you aren't interested in the Detroit Dogs, take a look at this '60s Michigan State logo that I have always wanted to see updated. Please disregard the Sportslogos.net watermark.
  12. If anyone is still willing to do it, take a shot, because it is an abomination of a logo. You would think that it was made in the '50s.
  13. Can someone take a crack at this atrocity, courtesy of the Detroit Dogs of the American Basketball Association in 2001? It is quite blurry, so it might take some more work.
  14. @ArJay These concepts are excellent, especially the Highlanders (the original looks rather outdated), the Mill Rats, and the Express. However, the Mill Rats just changed their name/logo to the Saint John Riptide. Also, there is an expansion team the KW Titans and I thought you could do a lot with that. By the way, these logos look very professional. I would even contact the league!
  15. Are you taking minor league sports requests? Just saw this logo of the Cape Breton Highlanders in the National Basketball League of Canada (NBL Canada), and it was rather disappointing given that it was created in 2016. Please consider redesigning this one!
  16. Hello, I recommend that you contact audman@nblcanada.ca and recommend the logo for the Cape Breton NBL Canada team

  17. This isn't a vintage logo, but I would really like you to make this Baerum Basket logo larger and less fuzzy. Please do not keep the shadow in the background! Thank you. Also, can you allow me to put this on a Wikipedia Article?
  18. It would be interesting to see how this Providence Steam Rollers logo would turn out...
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