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    Sports logos and jersey concepts, sports video games and playing sports outdoors.
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    Whitecaps logo, 1970 Canucks primary logo, Green Bay Packers logo, FC Barcelona primary logo.
  1. Great work as usual. All of these are amazing. I cannot wait for more.
  2. Lovin' all of these, especially Charlotte and Brooklyn. Nice job, cannot wait to see more.
  3. Great job, can't wait for the rest. Just make sure that on the back of the front all colored jerseys, behind the collar, is colored.
  4. I like it. Clean and simple, which is Everton's style. Love the collar too. Great work.
  5. I like that you brought back the Robopenguin and the yellow, and the curved stripes, usually I don't like it, but they look great. Nice job.
  6. It is a good logo, but like what Mojo said not a hockey logo nor a primary logo. When I first saw it, I immediately thought "it's a soccer logo". I like it, especially with the skyline, but try to get it to look more of a hockey logo and less of a soccer logo. Good job though. Also try experimenting with different colors, like green and gold.
  7. I feel this could be a very interesting topic. To you, what is more important, the logo or the jersey. I feel the jersey is more important just because that is what your team wears.
  8. I believe that grey roads in baseball should go, I would love to see coloured roads and more creativity.
  9. Great job on the Panthers, but I don't know if this is intentional or not but it's missing some whiskers on the right side.
  10. Now this is what they should look like. Absoleutly beautiful. Great job.
  11. Isn't there an age limit of 15 here? Or has that been changed? I really don't know, but I hope not, I love the boards. You were born after 9/11. Wow.Ya. 4 months exactly after it happened
  12. Well the record is now mine: 2002 Couldn't find any Whitecaps pics.
  13. Question: Has anyone actually seen a soccer kit with stripes at the bottom? That design on the AC Milan kit is new to me.
  14. Nice job on both of the logos. I think that having the teal on the beak is the right way to go, but that's just my opinion. Still, nice job.