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    I am a French student and I would like to show my work and have some criticism. Sorry for my english I am here to improve my language too.
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  1. here is the that version.
  2. yh it is , wanted to create a perspective view + sky (blue) stylized.
  3. @dont care ok, other than that do you see what that can represent?
  4. Hi, I'm more used of the concepts section. Here is a try on the Canada Place logo redesign, The first time I saw this logo, I liked it very much but some aspects of the design was a bit weird too me. So I've decided to recreate the logo and to keep the same spirit but with few changements. Here is my version. What you think about about my proposal?
  5. Hi guys, Watford had a redesign contest for their logo, unfortunately I've seen it too late. Here is what I've done. Their nickname is "the hornets" so I've decide to work around that to make a design closer their name but I kept few ideas from their past shield. What you guys think?
  6. Thanks to those who gave their feedbacks. this is much appreciated
  7. Thank you that's the kind of feeling I wanted to create, make people feel like it's an official one.
  8. Hi, I've been working on my 2026 World cup logo. I've decide to only show this version. Here it is. ps: I don't know if I have to say it but the right one is my final version.
  9. Sidney

    Ballix crunch

    Well I haven't changed anything from a nutrition fact picked on internet. No it's not marshmallows, it's basically the cereal in bigger.
  10. Sidney

    Ballix crunch

    Hi guys, I haven't post here for a loooong time.... I don't know if this is the right place for these in case it's not I'll post them in general designs... ^^ I have some stuffs I been working on, I've always been a huge fan of cereals boxes in general. I love the characters, the universe etc. That plus the fact that I am a college basketball lover, I've decided to associate both to create cereals designs with my favorites athletes. Here are what I've done so far, it's not perfect but with a some work and practice I can (I think) be in the right direction. Tell me what you guys are thinking about these. Here are the Tennessee Volunteers with Grant Williams, Admiral Schofield & Smokey the mascot. Here is Rui Hachimura from Gonzaga. Enjoy!
  11. I have a question, why not leave them use it and then report it? I mean this is 100% the same, so they'll pay the damages etc... I had this question in mind as I don't know what to do, leave them use it etc and attack.
  12. Hi guys here is the new team! I was busy these days and I had issue to create the logo because I had no ideas. Anyway hope you guys will enjoy! Logos presentation Kits Captain & Coach Co-captain Other players
  13. LOL sorry for not starting on Hi! Hi! I got an instagram account where I post my designs. I put my logo on every single design. I had a a new follower with the word "Creative" in the name so I went on his page to see his "creativity" and I've found one of my piece on his page without any credit and he has removed my Logo. I had to do something so I've put a comment. Ok he said on the bio that he's reposting stuffs but why not credit the artist? What do you think?
  14. You can now go on my portfolio here I'll add more of my work here >