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  1. Here are the mofifications -The New York script fit the curve -The frame of the script New York has been improved (smaller) -Improvement of the to of the letter K to match the top of the S -Redrawn of the ball shadow
  2. Hi , I came back on this project and tried to make some little changements, I think it's better but what you guys think?
  3. @alexandreSalut ! Yh the lines are inconsistent because it's a first draft, when I'll be done improving etc, I'll make the vector version. Les chocolatines ouiiiiiiii! C'est un thème que je dois explorer :). Tu es du milieu du graphisme?
  4. OK, lighter and I've done some little improvement on the hands.
  5. I'll try to play with the brown until I got something closer. I think only the people that know this cake will prob recognize it. I'll try to lighten it.
  6. Hi guys, I've received my drawing tablet few days ago, and since I got it.... well I simply can't stop drawing LOL. After the hockey team logo of my hometown here is the baseball team. Here is my attempt on trying to create a mascot that represents the city. Indeed this mascot is a Cannelés a famous cake in the city of Bordeaux. I'm pretty happy about the overall looking of it so far, I still got some stuffs to fix like the hands position on the baseball bat. Colors other than the brown are not sure yet. What's your opinion?
  7. OK here is the word mark what you think? I've created the font from scratch.
  8. @Htown1141Thanks! now I'll work on the word mark & see what I can come up with.
  9. Here is the final version what you guys think?
  10. @Htown1141Here is my update I've redrawn the ears and made some changes.
  11. Thanks for your feedback, The word mark isn't the best but I've tried to stay a close as possible to what they had. The biohazard symbol is the symbol of the city of Bordeaux, it's "Le chiffre de Bordeaux" the shield of the port composed by 3 moons.... LOL yh it's awkward.. What do you think I should try to het a better word mark?
  12. @Whittier SYh mb on that, I've followed a tuto from Frazer Davidson about how to not get your work stolen easily. You can find the logo below.
  13. Hi, what do you think about this? C&C are appreciated.
  14. Yh didn't wanted to do it 100% so tried to take part of it and played with it.The 3 lines on top NYC is supposed to kind of recreate the ball.
  15. ok, here is the alternative logo is it better?
  16. Hi, I'm working on that alternative logo so when I got a good one I'll make the changement. thanks.
  17. Yh I get what you're saying, maybe I've tried too hard to make the bball lines. I'll get back at it to improve it. Sure! give me few days I'll prepare the pictures so you can use them. just send me in PM you e-mail add.
  18. @BlindsayUnfortunately not.If I make an other team rebrand it won't be in this thread. Maybe in a month or 2 later who knows. haha
  19. @Blindsay Here is the Statement one, hope you'll like it.
  20. @Blindsay To be honest I forgot it But now that you mentioned it I'll prob have to do it.
  21. @Eric Westhaver Indeed Eric it's not even close, I've tried something "really really really" different than what we used to see. What you think I should've done better/different on this concept? For example. Thanks for your feedback.
  22. @AAO Thank you for the kind words. I went on your Behance and I really love a lot of your rebrands, I've seen some of them for a long time, but didn't know it was from you really good job. Thanks @Captain Tsubasa I was trying to do something really different, I think even for the yellow cab jersey was really risky. But overall I'm happy with the result.