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  1. My bad for posting that I can't get the link to work to show the picture here directly....
  2. Hi guys I'm back lol, I've been busy these days hope everybody is doing well I was looking for logos to work on College sports logo (as usual) and all of a sudden.... I came across Washburn University athletic logo. I've designed a new version of their mascot Ichabod Washburn. What you think about this face version? My next attempt will be to put the hand near the hat. C&C are appreciated. https://imgur.com/gWbaKKj
  3. Hi guys I'm back, I've been busy these days. Here is something I've been working on to announce the project as a TV spot. I thought that this I think could definitely make it feel real, and bring it to life. Quality is not the best, but tried to present this the best way possible. What you think?
  4. Here is the presentation of the last logo version with the formers.... what a long road!
  5. Here are the jersey sets! C&C are welcome Away jersey Home jersey Third jersey Special jersey Jerseys
  6. Hi guys have been trying to do the away jersey... What you guys think of this? Don't worry it's not the final pres so yeah lines aren't straight etc...
  7. Thanks for the feedbacks & appreciations. I was thinking about replacing the yellow with an other colors, white seems to be the only alternative. For the Avila logo, I'll keep exploring few stuffs and see what can be done, I can't decide yet which one I prefer ^^ For the Montreal logo, there is no real meaning behind that shape I was looking to do something really different form the forme logo or teams and came up with that it's basically between the circle & shield... I can try an other shape. It is a simple design indeed I've decided to not bring back the stripes to make it easy to read, with the stripes I'm not sure it would be possible.
  8. I'm taking a lot of risks... currently working on the Nordiques and now Montréal FC (formerly Montreal Impact). I know the rebrand received some backlash so wanted to see I could come up with an interesting idea. Here it is what you think guys? C&C are appreciated
  9. I"m back in this thread! Here is my new version on the Delta Devils, the right arm might be a lil bit too long but what you think overall? C&C are appreciated
  10. Indeed I gotta admit that I've been lazy here ^^
  11. Here are my first 2 uniformes The Away The Fourth C&C are appreciated! I feel the pressure loool
  12. Here is the uniforme of this 4th jersey! I'm not used of hockey design sooooo.... lol C&C are appreciated
  13. Ok here is the update thinner with start matching the rest. what you guys think?
  14. Here is the design with thicker lines and a gradient (no patches yet), I'm still playing around with colors designs etc
  15. I'll make the lines thicker and see if it works. ^^
  16. Forgot to do the eye test so here it is and this time every team are here what do you think is it blending well?
  17. Ok guys this is bizarre I'm pretty sure and really avant gardiste lol, feel like I can use the navy blue jersey as a special jersey... And when I say "special" it is ^^what do you guys think about this?
  18. I'm not sure which one yet but yeah there will be one with the alternate logo on front. I'm think about the overall design at the moment.
  19. I got you sometimes you got feeling about teams that cannot be explained!
  20. Ahhh I'm really happy!! I've been working hard on it as it very challenging to try to pleased fans & make it as modern as possible without forgetting the former design... But I have to admit that I love the global design, ppl from on this forum really helped a lot!
  21. Here are the potential jerseys colors with the logos on , what you guys think?
  22. Thanks guys I appreciate Do you believe it can work with the primary one (image) or it's too different ?
  23. Other alternatives... C&C are appreciated
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