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  1. I highly doubt quebecois will approve the mapple leaf instead of the fleur de lys ^^ Indeed I've tried different versions
  2. Wanted to post my college logo collection so far...
  3. Here is an other "n" shape version , with aurora borealis, stars and the and the red red needle of the compass. If you watch close it's not perfect but it forms a kind of fleur de lys composed of hockey sticks.... C&C are appreciated
  4. Here is Avila University Eagles, This is my first eagle ever, I prob got some stuffs to improve, let me know what you guys think
  5. Here is the final version.... what you think about it?
  6. I was looking around internet I didn't found any representation of the Notre Dame fighting Irish mascot, so I've decide to give it a try...
  7. I get you I'll do something else for the left arm/hand. I'll try the goatee V
  8. Here is the new version Ok here is the the updated version with the goatee & green hair. plus there is one with and without a cape. And about that posture what you think? I've tried something different as you guys can see... In my final version I'll also make the devil's fork in red.... instead of yellow
  9. I think the goatee will make kind of a black mass son the face as I play a lot with shadows etc...but I'll try to come up with something
  10. Here is an other version of Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils with the upper body C&C are appreciated
  11. Here is the final version of the Siena Saints, I've put the name in green instead of white... what you. guys think?
  12. I'm back on this project, I think I slowly getting it done. Here is my idea on the alternative logo, I think it's might not work if I do this logo around the citadel idea because this will be too different from the primary. Here is my first try at this, I was thinking about doing a unique logo again like the primary one. The idea is built around stars.... like when you watch the big bear star etc but that creates a stick in a N shaped after a sort of aurora borealis (smooth and aerial).... C&C are appreciated
  13. I don't know why but these days I've been so inspired about athletic logos ^^ here the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils C&C are appreciated
  14. Hope so!! it took me 3 hours to draw the mouth area ^^ I had to watch St bernard pics for like 30 mins straight to understand this area.... Take a look of the first version I had before posting here.
  15. Yeah I can see the cocky look on his face. The St BErnard face is particular do you think I caught the global shape?
  16. I had a Siena Saint logo I was working on few weeks ago, I wasn't really happy about the mouth area of my St Bernard, so I get back to the drawing process and came up with that what you guys think? C&C are appreciate.
  17. My final version of the Wake forest Demon Deacons C&C are appreciated
  18. Here is the alter ego, can't really make any horns because of the hat. C&C are appreciated
  19. You mean an alter ego? that could be a logo used for special game as rivalries....
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