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  1. @the admiral Yh doing both explanations French & English is a long work ^^ Have you take a look on the version I've tried on the 1st page? I've tried to make the entry door thinner to get the igloo effect. I think it's kind of visible but this is prob of the N leaning movement. Indeed it looks like an elephant. About the hockey stick I understand what you say. I'll get back to my drawing board and try to improve this...
  2. Yeah Saw it! the jersey looks good! what you think ?
  3. ^^It's the template I would love to get the 3D ones but can't find any decent and free. So untill I find one I'll have to stick with the template.
  4. Thank you Sparky I appreciate! I initially thought about changing the third and Away, but felt like because the Navy blue is predominant maybe make it the away, and for the fans since 1972 create a kind of nostalgia with the third being worn on some occasion. What you think?
  5. Thanks I wasn't sure about the heritage jersey as I've done the light blue with the new logo, maybe I can do it in white to get 2 blue & 2 white as I feel like it'd be better to wear the heritage at home games for special occasion?
  6. @chestnutzThanks, I get what you're saying, about the former logo. I've tried something different than what people are expecting, for the N & igloo maybe it's because my opening is to big or the global shape is too thin and you lose the igloo feeling. Here, I wanted something dynamic not just a logo standing and that's it. Here is a version with a smaller entrance, and better stick (or not). I'm also aware that a rebrand is never really satisfying 100% of the fans. So yeah some will like and some won't, I respect your opinion In this version it's wider, so you can see the igloo idea. I still feel like there is no need for the rest of the stick but that's only my opinion.
  7. Thanks the worst part was the video it's not my cup of tea ^^ No the template it's @NoE38_Conceptswho sent it to me both Illustrator and PSD. But I've rework the AI version to get layers to work faster & organize everything. I've added shadows, lightnings and cleaned up a bit. look the Left side is the one I've received and the right one is with my modifications.
  8. Thanks I appreciate a lot because it's the kind of teams you're never sure about if you messed up the rebrand or not.... For the presentation I've tried to push it further! Yeah that would be really cool
  9. Hi, I've been reading around many forums about people expecting the team return. Many believe that the iconic logo should stay as a primary, so I've decided to work on this and propose an other version of the this logo. Watch the video of the logo reveal before (No music) & check the rest under the video. C&C are appreciated! https://imgur.com/vDtPrUr
  10. Here is the final versions vectorized. I've change the grey to a a kind of glacial grey (Blue+grey) What you guys think?
  11. Hi, here are the 2 latest versions with modifications -Drakkar with horns -Viking with simplified lines. -New hairs simple shapes. this is not the vector final version. C&C are appreciate
  12. @PERRIN Thank you very much! I'll clean the shapes to make it simpler.
  13. @sleuthpanther Thanks I appreciate a lot! I'll see what I can do with the hairs. I feel like small programs etc are not really interesting ppl in general. I do love to give myself challenges, design for teams that nobody watch. Who knows maybe they'll contact me . Thanks for your feedback! Indeed A is probably closer, I love both so it's shard for me to pick one. I'll rework on the look of the Drakkar, make him more mean. I used to draw a lot more when I was younger. Now that I got a graphic tablet, the taste of drawing is back again. I'll try to not touch the Viking anymore, can't promise lol.
  14. K guys afeter few modifications here they are A or B ?
  15. A new Viking exploration, I've tried a design that would probably work better with the drakkar (same graphic style). If you guys preffer the 1st version I'll have to create a secondary in order to not create a graphic gap between them. What do you think about the second version?
  16. OK guys here it is C&C are appreciated - I've added WWU on the water just underneath the Drakkar.... can you see it?
  17. Hi, I've been working on the Drakkar these last 2 days, I had few things that were bothering me on the perspective. So I've tried to rework it what you guys think? I'll add details etc when I'll start the vector part.
  18. It's ok, feedbacks makes me push the concept further. - Now I understand what you're saying it's not scratches it the top of the beard you know, the line . I made it that way to highlight the "savage" spirit of the Viking. You can't see it on the right side because of the shadow (black). If I wasn't playing with that 2 faces effect the right side would've been the same as left. that's why I've done the thin mustache on the right side, because it's kind of hidden so we're not suppose to see it as much as the left side because of the light direction. - Yeah just post your idea I don't mind, I'll be happy to see. -I've kept the same Secondary So I'll vectorize it and switch colors etc.
  19. I don't know if I've understood you for the grey part on the right side of the face...
  20. Ok thanks for the feedback I'll do it the same and show you to see if it's better.
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