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  1. great work (as usual) I just feel that the crest is a bit "naked". maybe a soccer ball at the bottom?
  2. I think the crest is too dark. I think it's better if you keep the black and white one (like on the kits)
  3. sounds good Don´t get me wrong, I followed your thread on minor soccer teams (I hope you will come back to it) and became a fan of your crests
  4. no complaints - simple but effective but I have to say that your template puts me off a little bit... is there a way that the kit doesn´t cover the crest? maybe it's just me...
  5. I like the german look of it (cresa wise) are you going to redo the Annapolis using the new template? looking forward to see the other teams!!
  6. glad you are back with your concepts, Fullarmor!!! I will definitely follow this thread
  7. great thread, amazing crests!! Are we finally going to see Idaho, Wyoming or Montana represented on a football (soccer) concept?
  8. liked what you did with Bentonville Little Rock looks a bit odd. The spokes of the steering whell are not centered is it on purpose? can´t wait to see the ones from Georgia!