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  1. My dad wore 18 throughout high school, I wore it throughout my years, and my younger brother has worn it every year since. I dont know if it started because of any specific player, but i think its a number that just looks right on a football jersey. example.
  2. Black collar on Texas looks out of place
  3. Black collar on Texas looks out of place
  4. Theese are great concepts. Ravens: If the gradient is iridescent like Oregon's mallard wings, then I really like it. Bills: the set really pops. Bengals: sublimation is awesome. Browns: this is one of my favorites in your set. Eagles: this concept is the bees knees. Giants: red nw stripes on blue is really dark and hard to see and the same of the red alternate with the blue stripes. Skins: war paint is genious just the black makes it hard to see and dark.
  5. I think they are very wrong. http://www.complex.com/style/2013/09/style-points-nfl-jersey-ranked/
  6. Looks good. If you get a matte helmet, you have to get matte decals
  7. Like FIU's beach court, on a field... *cringe* That's exactly the one I was thinking of...and the new Memphis one. Texas A&M University CommerceI actually love that field design, I have seen it before. This logo works with it. But teams like Central Arkansas with the grey and purple turf are horrendous.
  8. Like FIU's beach court, on a field... *cringe*
  9. Everything Matte. Jersey matte, helmet matte, pants matte, socks matte, shoes matte, field matte, and matte gloves.
  10. The Dolphins look best in the sun
  11. Honestly, that's such a broad statement. It's not as clear-cut as "these are modern, and these are traditional". Not everything neatly can be described as one of the two. Would the Blue Jays' set count as modern or traditional? The Flyers? The Stars' new set? There's a lot of grey area, especially with the trend to modernise classic looks and how a once-modern set can become quickly dated. And I'll echo Mockba's sentiment about that soccer kit. Baseball is more of a tradition based sport, I was meaning in football, and basketball. Alabama has a classic set, but its just boring. Arkansas "lightning bolt" uniforms are much much much better then in the McFadden days. And the '76ers throwbacks are ugly, but the Iverson days were great uniforms. That's what I mean.
  12. Yeah it's just one of Schutt's badass stock facemasks. http://www.sportsunlimitedinc.com/schutt-vengeance-ropo-pr-carbon-steel-facemask.html