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    NHL Collegiate

    I did the blue on that one first and it was a little to BLOOOOWWWW! I muted it down a bit and came out jade. To answer the other questions yes the whole league is being done. I just finished up to St Louis

    NHL Collegiate

    I looked online and a lot of NCAA teams don't use there logos on the jerseys. So I went with word marks or simplified versions of logos they had.

    NHL Collegiate

    Flipping threw the channels the other day I happened to find out I got CBS sports and they had college hockey on..Not going to lie I love the simple traditional jerseys that they were sporting. So I started doing the NHL if it ever went with a college hockey style jersey.
  4. Thanks for the Bdays wishes and there's a lot that look good with the chroming process
  5. My old team played the West Seneca Wings a few times. Small world. I am from West Seneca. Smaller world. Dunkirk/Fredonia Always find it cool when I meet people from the 716 Welcome!!!! Kinda Close Niagara the Canadian neighbor to the 716
  6. It's my birthday and I wasn't going to do anything computer related today but here's the west I got the metro left then i'll start posting them with out backgrounds so they can be used in concepts
  7. So I didn't get another division done last night. Forgot the Steelers game was on last night ...
  8. The Buffalo logo is how it all started
  9. i'll post another division tonight
  10. after I do all the logos I'll do all the jerseys. I might even put them up just with a white background so others can use them in there concepts
  11. So Seeing the new Stadium series logos and the NYI jersey that came out today I decided to give the whole league the chromed out look. First division I did was the northeast teams
  12. Thank you sir. I got to finish them soon been working on other stuff lately
  13. That is probably the best looking sabres concept I've seen in a long time (**) (**)
  14. lol you beat me to it!! I started doing some Olympic jerseys last night. I love that Norway set
  15. And Instead of the normal all star game the WHA will send a team of all stars to compete in the Spengler cup in Davos Sweden. All all star Jerseys have the players home team logo on the left shoulder.
  16. stags a did a while ago before I updated my template
  17. Sorry but Grey should have "NEVER EVER EVER" (queue Taylor Swift tune) been used on the Whakers I Love the nave and grey jerseys they wore at the end . ..I have a framed one in my room. I'm a Sabres fan but a small place inmy heart has a place for the Whale!
  18. The art department has released the photo of the first 4 goalie masks. The Cleveland one was released earlier today with the equipment but here is the Cheevers tribute mask..the Roadrunners meeping Roadrunner..The Aeros "Mr Hockey" mask and the Chicago cougar
  19. Cleveland just posted this to their twitter