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  1. I did the blue on that one first and it was a little to BLOOOOWWWW! I muted it down a bit and came out jade. To answer the other questions yes the whole league is being done. I just finished up to St Louis

  2. Flipping threw the channels the other day I happened to find out I got CBS sports and they had college hockey on..Not going to lie I love the simple traditional jerseys that they were sporting. So I started doing the NHL if it ever went with a college hockey style jersey.



  3. Getting a West Seneca Wings vibe from the Sabres 3rd... but it's unique, and I like it.

    Both are great, as always.

    My old team played the West Seneca Wings a few times. Small world.

    I am from West Seneca. Smaller world.


    Always find it cool when I meet people from the 716



    Kinda Close Niagara the Canadian neighbor to the 716

  4. whabaseHARTcopy_zps940ee0e5.jpg

    Sorry but Grey should have "NEVER EVER EVER" (queue Taylor Swift tune) been used on the Whakers

    I Love the nave and grey jerseys they wore at the end . ..I have a framed one in my room. I'm a Sabres fan but a small place inmy heart has a place for the Whale!

  5. goalsetcopy_zps4102a98b.jpg

    The art department has released the photo of the first 4 goalie masks. The Cleveland one was released earlier today with the equipment but here is the Cheevers tribute mask..the Roadrunners meeping Roadrunner..The Aeros "Mr Hockey" mask and the Chicago cougar