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  1. Brian's makes the best goalie stuff hands down. I play roller ball hockey in the summer and pick up in the winter and all my pads are Brian's...also helps that it's my name too
  2. It's not new jerseys but here's some of the new Brian's pads that have been leaked for the WHA
  3. Surprised that's the only spelling mistake..I finished that last night after I got home from the Sabres game numerous beers later
  4. Here's the official alignment of all the teams in the new WHA. The teams in black are the first 20 teams of the league. The blue teams are going to be the next wave of WHA teams to join and the red will be entirely brand new franchises added to the league. The Civic's originally from Ottawa will be moved to Portland. The arenas have been picked as well, as you see they range from 10,500 to 20,000 seats. I know some of the arenas are smaller but this is also a new league and a 10500 seat arena at max capacity it better than a 20000 seat arena with only 2000-7000 people at best like other leagues. Toronto will play at Air Canada Center until the new Markham arena opens same for Quebec City and Seattle when their new arenas open
  5. Calgary and Denver are both on as franchises,Spurs and Cowboys are coming soon. Arizona,Detroit,Grand Rapids,Quebec City, New Jersey are the remaining franchises. After that I might do another expansion to other WHA cities..Miami, Manitoba, Markham, New York and if I feel frisky I might add 4 new cities and brand new teams
  6. the gradient stripes? I'd rock it....But this is coming from a Astro's fan who owns a rainbow Ryan jersey
  7. Well its a busy day in the new WHA first item on the table is the Cincinnati's new jersey unveiling....welcome the New Swarm! And last but not least 3 new teams have been added today welcome...Vancouver Blazers, San Diego Mariners and the Ottawa Nationals New league alignment coming soon!!
  8. Vancouver Blazers...Official alignment and the #NEWSWARM coming soon
  9. I'm redoing a couple of them and a new one should be posted up tonight. Just adding some texture to the jerseys make them more life like
  10. And the old Niagara Falls Thunder are now the Otters
  11. I might redo the some of these jerseys with my touched up template..basically added some texture to it so it looks a little more life like
  12. plastidip...$6 bucks a can at home depot Ive had it on my car for about 6 months now no chips or scratches
  13. The NFL should look in to plastidip to do the helmets with. Sprays on and peels off after like a big sticker. Just spay the helmets with it (they do make a clear to make it shine and it comes in more colors than just black) put on the retro logos and good to go. Same hemlet different look
  14. And just for Spearhead..the Fighting Saints
  15. #NEWSWARMCOMING yep I'm doing teasers now
  16. Ya I'm going to redo the stingers the more I look at it the less i like it
  17. Agreed! it's up there with Ruby Tuesdays and Outback.
  18. BBBDDD

    NHL 90's Remix

    same here I've been slacking a lot on the 90's stuff for this tread, I've been doing WHA stuff for the past little bit but I might have to drop another 90's jersey soon
  19. I'm just using it on my WHA series because I want to differentiate from the NHL's Reebok edge system. I do think how ever that nike fake laces and all will be the next jersey supplier to the NHL..they took over MLS and NFL already it's only a matter of time. They adapted to the edge when it came out I can see teams doing the same for nike