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  1. I'm not sure if I want just Austus or Austus Football in the name of whatever league ends up being the first formed. Right now, I'm having a bit of difficulty trying to come up with a good acronym or league name.

    1. Bomba Tomba

      Bomba Tomba

      I say just  go with Austus so that the public don't get overwhelmed with all the footballs (soccer and gridiron being the other two)

    2. neo_prankster


      Here's what I have in mind...


      National Austus League (NAL) (Pronunciation "Nail"?)

      United Austus League (UAL)

      American Austus League (AAL)

      Continental Austus League (CAL)

      Elite Austus League (EAL) (Pronounced like "eel")

      Major Austus League (MAL) ("Maul"?)

      World Austus League (WAL) ("Wall?")

      International Austus League (IAL)

      Professional (or Premier) Austus League (PAL)

      Professional Federation of Austus (PFA)

      Austus Circuit of America (ACA)

      National Austus Circuit (NAC) ("Knack"?)

      Professional Austus Circuit (PAC) ("Pack"?)

  2. And for Japan I suggest putting the number in the circle so the helmet doesn't look bare
  3. What about in the EPL. Aston Villa's color is more on the purple side, West Ham is more on the red side, but they both still call it "claret"
  4. Since the old Maddens only let you customize 32 teams, I'd suggest picking the IAAF teams you like the most and go with those.

    1. Bomba Tomba

      Bomba Tomba

      That's what I meant lol.


      By any chance, do you still have your old logos as well?

    2. neo_prankster


      I still might have a few of them. What's up?

    3. Bomba Tomba

      Bomba Tomba

      I might make some of those teams too. I think I may have asked you before but that was probably 3 PCs ago

  5. Yo OP, I recently dug out my old copy of Madden 08, and was thinking of making some of these teams as custom teams. Would you allow it?
  6. I vote Surge or Mad Dogs, just because the other two names are less unique (Monarchs especially with the color scheme)
  7. Kobe's daughter wore 2 though
  8. Another case of "scrap the white, not every team needs it"
  9. You should ditch the white and all traces of white, just make silver the away
  10. The new logo reminds me of the guys who made GTA
  11. I prefer 2 > 1 > 3 Also, the Flavor 1 jacket being mostly black with blue and red on opposite sides reminds me of cop car lights in the dark.
  12. I hope this gets made, so it will be announced as a "new New Jersey Devils Jersey Devil jersey"
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