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  1. These look to me like old school soccer concepts (ya know, without the sponsors) Also you can desaturate the shorts (Ctrl+Shift+U in Photoshop, don't remember GIMP) so they won't show up blue
  2. Kinda see the current Pats, dunno why
  3. With the Grunge focusing on black, I guess this one should focus on green.
  4. Or why not replace the dark teal with pink? Isn't that also one of Miku's colors?
  5. The best one yet. Love moving to just black and green. Only problem is the Moondogs identity also featuring a guitar in it.
  6. This is a fantasy universe, let's just say he didn't do what he did then. Still, the update is fine. Besides, moving away from the Cobain looking guy makes it fair for the bands not called Nirvana