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  1. Wtf, these are real??? When I saw it on Tweeter I thought it was a joke.
  2. Easy steps to make the Texans' unis better: 1. Switch helmet shell to white. Their great logo doesn't stand out on the blue shell. 2. The number font is horrid. Simplify. 3. Lighten up the blue. Doesn't have to be Oilers' colors (even though that would be awesome.
  3. They were so close to making this a B+/A- set. 1. Put the '78-'97 logo on the helmet. 2. Remove "New York" from the front. 3. Ditch the black unis and all black trim on the others.
  4. The helmet logo looks arched on #33, but the rest don't looked quite as arched or arched at all.
  5. I've seen a lot of criticism of "inconsistent striping" on uniforms the past several years on this forum. Not saying those who dislike it aren't valid, but it's never bothered me. Anybody side with me?
  6. I think it'll look great. Just like any Michigan Rose Bowl end zone.
  7. Stetson Commercial A 1980s Christmas staple.
  8. Whenever the college gets in the news, which is a rare occurrence, all I hear in my head is "Stetson makes it easy for you". Those 35 years and older will know what I'm talking about.
  9. So far, I've loved what Virginia and Virginia Tech have done. Minnesota and Illinois pooped the bed with their updates. Who else are we anticipating? Florida and OU's jumpman update, Iowa St, TCU, ???
  10. Dang. I loved this color on Tech.
  11. Yeah, Arkansas has it, but I suppose I'm mainly talking about the larger, plain font. Basically the same as a name plate.
  12. I live in OKC. Can't remember if I read it or heard it on the radio, but Lincoln Riley stated the woodgrain alts are history. New alts in the future. OU has had that same helmet logo for 50 (?) years or so. I assume they put the updated logo on the helmet for the Spring Game to see if the fans would accept it. I thought there would be an uproar, but it barely made the news. I noticed it immediately on TV, but those at the game couldn't tell the difference. I'm not sure when the Jordan brand unis will be revealed, but I can tell you the fanbase would be set if the jerseys don't have "Sooners" across the chest. That's kind of an Oklahoma and Texas-area jersey tradition down here. Oklahoma, Oklahoma St (not anymore), Texas, Texas Tech, Arkansas (not anymore), SMU, etc all have or had large word marking above the numbers on the chest.
  13. https://twitter.com/jryanhartwig/status/985226293422813184 Updated helmet logo for Oklahoma.