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  1. If the D is black, I hope Clemson has been stretching.
  2. If I ever become too inundated with positivity in my life, I can always rely on this forum to rectify it with all the complaining. I really appreciate that in this site.
  3. Texas looks regular? When are they not regular?
  4. Their 1996 Rose Bowl season era uniforms are some of my favorites of all time.
  5. A small deal? In 1987, OU and Nebraska played as the #1 and #2 ranked teams. They were two of the nation's super powers for two decades straight in the 70s and 80s. This is like posting a picture of a current Vanderbilt game and stating the SEC doesn't have passion.
  6. The Thunder is the culmination of several events that really started with the Bombing. Downtown OKC was a cow town dump in 1995. Since then, the city has passed 3 major bills which has overhauled downtown through sales tax and continues to this day. Getting an NBA franchise just 13 years after the Bombing was a miracle and may not have happened without the tragedy, believe it or not. The major owner, Clay Bennett, was born in OKC and is an Oklahoma staple. The franchise takes each new player drafted or signed through the OKC Memorial and museum so they experience what the tragedy means to OKC. I believe that the vast majority of locals know the team wouldn't do something like this without good intentions. Plus the Memorial organization was evidently consulted throughout the design process.
  7. The side panels of the Thunder OKC Memorial uni looks like the chairs at the Memorial site. For those who don't know, the chairs represent each victim. I'm OKC born and bred and felt the blast at the beginning of my second period English class in 7th grade. My classmate's father died in the blast. I was there when she was told which building blew up. Will never forget that. I know OKC isn't a destination for most of you, but if you all ever happen to get here, you should go through the Memorial museum and the memorial itself. They did an excellent job with it.
  8. Hmmm.. throwback or new? Guessing throwback.
  9. The look has a lot to do the the school name on the front which has been common in this part of the country. OU, Texas, Oklahoma St, A&M, Tech Tech, SMU, etc., all wear or used to wear the name on the front for a long time. It has been a Southwest Conference + state of Oklahoma thing for a while. Add in that OU and Arkansas are basically the same colors, and you get a similar look.
  10. Boom. Home run. Love that look for the Hogs.
  11. So, who do we have left now? Washington, Arizona, and who else?
  12. Wtf, these are real??? When I saw it on Tweeter I thought it was a joke.
  13. Easy steps to make the Texans' unis better: 1. Switch helmet shell to white. Their great logo doesn't stand out on the blue shell. 2. The number font is horrid. Simplify. 3. Lighten up the blue. Doesn't have to be Oilers' colors (even though that would be awesome.
  14. They were so close to making this a B+/A- set. 1. Put the '78-'97 logo on the helmet. 2. Remove "New York" from the front. 3. Ditch the black unis and all black trim on the others.