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  1. I see where you're going with it and like I understand where you're coming from, but it doesn't feel like any of it really works together for a unified theme, I gues. I would be kind of excited to see a whole graffiti set for the nets, but the very geometric net and kinda clip-art basketball take away from the dynamic nature that graffiti brings to the logo. The shield also feels very static, but more in a regal sense than just a stock shield. If you want to have a very "Brooklyn" themed design, don't feel afraid to have an asymmetrical shield that feels organic, and try to play with a more stylized net. I love the idea, but I feel like the execution isn't *quite* there yet.
  2. Once again, it's been a minute. Here we are (finally) with Minnesota. This is sorta rough, but I wanted to kinda go through each of my decisions the best I can and then eventually post a logosheet like the other teams so far. -This is a custom made, realistically inspired evolution of the baseball uniform. One thing that's always bothered me about baseball jerseys specifically is how loose they are. While some of you might claim it's for the purposes of player movement, modern stretchable fabrics allow for tighter, more form fitting uniforms that allow for an equal, if not better, range of motion. To increase this dynamic flexibility, I have made the sleeves substantially shorter (think Roger Maris short), while the back of the jersey and under the arms feature holes for breathability, similar to how the Vapor Untouchable football template features seamless perforations, as well. The pants are also shortened, mainly because of personal preference but also to better reflect the trends of athletics clothing and the need for flexible, and aesthetically pleasing clothes that make the person wearing it look good. Perfprations are also added to the back of the pants on the hamstrings, and an extra seam denotes the knee area to help protect against exposed kneecaps. Baseball needs a uniform that reflects the athleticism that its players posses, and Nike is specifically the corporation to mess around and push baseball into the future. - I went with a sorta-retro-inspired look while trying to retain the elements of the most memorable Twins teams, and I think I did an okay job at that. Incorporating the new T into the TC monogram was a must for me, as well as using that wordmark (shown off in the previous post) on the home jersey. I omitted the overly complex, cartoony "two-guys-shaking-hands-over-a-river-even-though-there-is-a-whole-ass-bridge-behind-them" logo, for all of those reasons. The number font is custom and VERY open to change, was I'm not 100% with how it looks right now. - I feel the need to mention that the bull "City whatever" uniforms (I can't remember what it's called and don't care atm) seriously impacted how I went about the construction of the uniform set. The use of light blue on the hat squatchee and as a drop shadow where Gold would normally be used is inspired by Minnesota's "Land of 10,000 Lakes" moniker, and the texture of the away uniform is meant to invoke the view from above onto a lake. As always: C&C appreciated, and I'll be trying to incorporate as many suggestions as I can.
  3. Yeaaaaaa, could you use literally any other astros uniform set , the use of Columbia and red was definitely the right choice but I would love to see either their current set (or a modification of the post-sunrise 80’s set) used as the base. Love the series though, and the recolor away from sand and brick at least made this look palatable lol
  4. It's not Kenny's fault that his path to the super bowl in his prime ran straight through Bum and Luv Ya Blue, not to mention the Steel Curtain (the AFC Central was absolutely brutal in the late 70's). Randall Cunningham is up there, too. Now THAT is a man you can't tell the story of the NFL without.
  5. No one would be that stupid to think that Astros fans *want* any reference to those brick and sand uniforms, right? Right?!
  6. Reverse retro seems like a program tailor-made for baseball, I really hope Nike does something of the sort starting in 2022
  7. Well I think part of the reason why this intentional departure is seen so negatively from a uniform perspective is that uniforms are chiefly a means of identification for the viewer, and because these are such a radically different design than their traditional uniform set, coupled with them using the same colors as a team who *also* uses their B on the hat, makes everything muddled. Sure, holiday uniforms can be gross in their templating and can make it difficult from many instances to figure out who is who, but the baseball "purists" were mostly fine with it due to white being at home and grey being the away. With these uniforms, there is no visual distinction for identification from a far distance or non-close up TV broadcast. Also, the most annoying thing is how they've marketed this scheme. If they owned up to the fact that they don't care about a team's identity when designing these "city" uniforms, then that would be one thing, but this is a direct quote from their press release. "the [Nike and MLB] relationship would help guide one of the most historic visual connections in sports: the bond between baseball club identities and their fans." They literally just don't do that! Just having the players wear the jerseys isn't reason alone to say that you're "guiding the visual connection" between a team and city, and the only representation of Red Sox branding reads as a university 3000 miles away. Having said that, I think that in a vaccum, the jersey is just fine. Aside from the brand departure, they played it really safe in the composition, which is kind of a bummer. If you're gonna make people mad, then go all in, you know?
  8. SO this feels like kind of a hot take but the Nets branding, although pretty uninspired in a vacuum, operates *perfectly* within Nike's new uniform system. I think because of the ambiguity as a brand, the Nets can kind of do a grab-bag when it comes to representing their borough's culture without disrupting already existing brand elements (chiefly because of how placeholder-y the current brand truly feels). The wordmark is boring, so why not have a subway-inspired keyline! Colors are just black and white, but the splash of color in the Biggie uniforms felt natural because of how the Nets have continued to pursue community over sticking to their literal logos and wordmarks. These are stupid though, and kinda fall out of the realm of feasibility for me. I can't shake that they look like a really bad "Friends" inspired design, even though I know that isn't what they're supposed to be.
  9. One thing I wish I could get a better read on is the number font for a lot of these teams. I think one of the coolest things about early football uniforms was a lack of standardization in both size and shape, and only showing 11's doesn't allow for that, if that makes sense. Maybe using a famous player number (20, 22, 7, 81 for the lions, 15, 14, 36, 92, 4, 12 for the packers, etc.) For the Texans specifically, I think a darker red or red/orange would look great, and the helmet design feels reminiscent of the Astrodome, actually. Maybe making it a slightly more overt reference (with like a circle at the top or something) might make it feel more connected to the city the way that others are. I also don't know about the sublimated H, I think something you could do that could keep the H in the design is make the vertical bars of the H into shoulder stripes, while the crossbar of the H becomes a stripe similar to Indianapolis' on the shoulders. I love this series tho, and will probably come back to comment more about some other teams in the future. Kickass stuff, fr
  10. You.... make some really good points. The speedflex helmet has given me hell in how weird the space is to design for. The Eagle does look weird on the helmet, and I've been a big fan of the wing look, I originally didn't use it in my design because I wanted to keep it "traditional", but I think it works really well. Here's a little update and preview to a new college football series I've been workin' on for the last couple of months. A Hayden Fry set will be coming soon too, so keep your eyes peeled for that!
  11. get rid of the NY above the numbers and it's perfect
  12. Hey! I think I've seen those before.... But great job as always. I think UCF looks good, but instead of the knight, but the gold UCF on the black football helmet. Stanford's striping reminds me a lot of ut's sleeve stripes, which are already iconic in their own right. My solution to this would be to add black back into the traditional uniforms, such as a black outline on numbers and a BWB (or WBW) sleeve stripe, which could be the same size you've shown. Or if you're not willing to go that far, maybe to a double outline on the numbers to mimic the helmet logo? Just spitballing and also I don't have my finger on the pulse of Stanford fans, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.
  13. I re-did it and posting for y'all that only browse these boards.
  14. Take the lion off the sleeves and it works (Also reminds me of BrandMooreArt’s project, which is a good thing). The bears colors don’t really work with Browns-style striping, but I understand that the concept is exactly the same without changing the sleeve stripes. If you’re going to change the bears, go big and do something that isn’t as simple as swapping the stripes. I like some of this series, other parts are perplexing, but I’m here for the ride. Keep it up!
  15. I will be coming back to this again I swear but here's a preview of another team I guess? I'll go back and make a new redleg, but overall I'm happy with my Reds look.
  16. This is coming from an "Oilers name should stay in Houston" guy, but the history was wronged. It's cool if a city wants to celebrate city heroes (especially if they never played in the relocated city), but don't forge record books to make people feel better. If the Oilers name came back to Houston, it would still be asinine to call Earl Campbell the franchise's leading rusher, just as it is to call Muggsy Bogues or Larry Johnson members of the same franchise as Gerald Wallace and Kemba Walker. They're not.
  17. It's Earl Thomas in a poorly swapped Ravens uniform. That's the Seahawks font
  18. The guy who makes all of the uniforms on wikipedia is probably the least accurate person on the planet. Take his work with a heavy grain of salt.
  19. did not know that! Here I am ripping people for lack of historical accuracy AND YET... I'm the clown here. If that's the case, I'd love to see something maybe involving the three fleur de lis inside the shield which is used on the LA City Seal, along with the other things i had to say Anyways, I'd love to see the Athletics in R/W/Navy and without the "'s" in their monogram, but everything staying the same, because Johnson didn't mess with the design of the team. It wasn't until Charlie Finley bought the team in '63 that they switched to kelly green and athletic gold. Also, it's Texas.
  20. But seriously, I think a few of these decisions are a little bit mind boggling. LA Stars: I'm gonna combine some of my Stars and Browns critiques because neither truly represents a modern baseball aesthetic nor do they properly give the impression of Los Angeles. The Stars shouldn't use a retro style LA with the exact same interlocking design as the "Yankees of the West" Browns, it's a bad look and disingenuous. Speaking of being a browns rip off, the Stars shouldn't use the colored placket, as the uniform worn by the Browns at the time of the move had a colored placket (they wore it in the '44 series as well). It would once again look weak of them to copycat the Browns on 2 separate things. Their primary logo is weak and feels extremely flat with that gold circle, I'd suggest something like this: Quick but effective fix that I think opens things up a lot more, as well as balances white a lot better. I like the use of sublimation, but it directly contrasts the old-timey colored placket with too many stripes and the tuscan monogram. I think you should go with something in a more modern style but thats just my opinion ig. Speaking of modern style, I think the city home plate uniform is pretty cool, but i'd love to see a shiny silver added into the design, because of like "silver screen" and movies or smthn idk. Sand Diego Whales: I mean they're good. Don't really have anything to say about them. incorporate light blue more into the home uniform because it feels out of place (even though it's the color of the away, which doesn't super count because powder clue uniforms are common for teams who don't have it in their color scheme. Los Angeles Browns: So to make the arguments I'm about to make, I'm going to assume Donald Lee Barnes doesn't sell the team to Richard Muckerman, who makes some uniform changes to the team in 1946. With that said, Those Browns uniforms are extremely weak. IRL, Barnes changed uniforms in '39 to include a colored and striped placket, and they weren't changed until he sold the team. I doubt that he would've changed uniforms to be plain placketed, but ya never know. I like the contiinued use of drop shadow, as the Angels wore a uniform with a drop shadow the same season. I don't think brown and orange would've stayed the color scheme until today, however. I like @_DietDrPepper_'s idea of brown and gold, but maybe add red in there maybe as a teritary color? The Fleur de Lis makes no sense in Los Angeles. The reason they used it in STL was because the city was named after French King Louis IX. I'd remove it and if you can't think of a logo, just leave the sleeve blank. The homeplate jersey is loud, but I don't think in a good way. It gives me a greater impression of a fan jersey or a style jersey than an actual uniform. If you wanna make streetwear, make streetwear. But don't pass it off as a professional baseball uniform. I only nitpick because I like this series. Keep up the good work!
  21. okay I love the Dodgers but I have one question for the giants. If you have the redwood “O” mark, could you promote that over the standard “O” mark and then have the alternate hat be the same idea but with the Oakland tree? Solid work on Cleveland, but a few notes because I guess I’m just that guy for this thread: 1. How do you think the stadium situation would work out? I mean I love the Art Deco aesthetic but that would be something you *really* have to commit to to do right. I don’t think they’d stay in league park if that’s the case, but what would Municipal look like at that point? Also, what do you think Jacobs and the 94 rebrand would’ve looked like, as the neoclassical trend was in full swing (but that aesthetic heavily clashes with the Guardians name and the statues’ style)Idk just curious 2. I don’t really get Art Deco out of the look. I assume you took the ‘94 rebrand as the starting point, which is fair, but I’d say that since the scripts and uniforms were drawn up in the 90’s, maybe try to get a little more thematic with it? 3. I don’t like the C around the guardian face. Love the face tho. The outside just feels out of place, and I feel like maybe the face could stand on its own? Just throwin out ideas. 4. “The Land” is tacky, baseball uniform our not. I think a similarly styled uniform with just “Cleveland” written on the front would be cool, but you do you fam excited for what’s to come!
  22. If i were to use a specific jersey material for historical accuracy, how would you want me to explain that?
  23. 46-52, the Boston braves had the tomahawk logo. Just sayin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Still lost on why Giants still move to San Fran, as the only reason why the team really moved out west in the first place (instead of somewhere in the midwest) was because O'Malley convinced Stoneham to move out to the west coast with him (because the NL wanted two west coast teams). Don't know where or if they should move in this timeline, maybe the Indianapolis stars move to San Fran instead of LA in the federal league, as the browns are already out there? Idk just trying to think.
  24. Wait, if the braves stay in Milwaukee, how do the hammers have that exact same style of uniform? That doesn’t make sense to me. I’d actually suggest repurpose bits of the Twins looks, past and present, because that’s where the sens originally moved. Also, any reason why the Senators moved to Atlanta instead of Minnesota?