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    Anything by Fraser Davidson. ECU skull and bones logo in the NC outline is the best logo in college football and one of the best sports logos EVER. 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars.

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  1. Cool ideas. The scarecrow looks a lot like The Scarecrow from Batman: The Animated Series
  2. That Patriots jersey is... woof... Maybe have them just switch to whites at home, and use red accents with green piping - similar to what you did with the Red Sox
  3. The TWolves and Wild logos are fire
  4. This is a great series. The viper and guardian logos are dooooope
  5. Nike should just hire you. These are all straight fire. NC State Wolfpack? I know they are Adidas, but I still wanna see it!
  6. I NEED this. GO NOLES!
  7. NC State doesn't have the block S as well? I know they modify it with the NC - but would love to see what you can do with them as well. Never thought they've used the Wolfpack moniker appropriately in their logos/branding.
  8. This whole series is great. I gotta say, the Tyrants is probably my least favorite so far. The head just looks so busy still- and I almost think it would look better color swapped. With the hornets- you nailed the mark. The secondary is realistic, and I think using both the jet and insect works fine given what you were going for with the secondary. Each squadron has their own, unique patch and even tail markings (or they used to in the days of F-14's). One suggestion for New Orleans. I really love the cleaned up look, but... I think it would look even better if the FDL wasn't slanted and didn't have the New Orleans text running through it. Just leave the FDL vertical, with that quadrant a different color and then do "NOLA" across the band of the FDL. Simple, clean, and sharp. Can't wait to see the rest of the teams!
  9. The jerseys all look great, but the pants are all pretty generic. Would love to see the design motifs carried into the pants. The feather from the logo for the Braves? Palm tree for Miami (maybe too busy). And carry the shoulder design into the pants stripe for Hornets. As a Baltimore fan it is a little sickening to see the team in Black & Yellow... but the flag is the flag.
  10. These are all phenomenal. Especially Jacksonville. That's really great.
  11. The idea is cool, but the leg gets me. Anatomically it just looks so off, being parallel to the body with the same general shape as the head and beak.
  12. This is some of the best work I've ever seen on these boards in almost ten years of looking through them. That wolf paw celtic knot is one of my all time favorite concepts. Love it. Fantastic work Sparky.
  13. Those uniforms are awesome