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  1. My favorites for 1989 Home - Canada Away- Cuba Set- Taiwan Hat - Venezuela
  2. That's ok, getting back on topic here are my favorites so far: WBC Logos - 1981 & 1973 1985Home - NetherlandsAway- CubaSet- TaiwanHat - Venezuela 1981Home - NetherlandsAway - Puerto RicoSet- Puerto RicoHat - Venezuela 1977Home - VenezuelaAway - Puerto RicoSet- Puerto RicoHat - Venezuela 1973Home - VenezuelaAway - Puerto RicoSet- Puerto RicoHat - Venezuela 1969 & 1965Home - USAAway- JapanSet - CanadaHat - Canada 1961Home - USAAway- JapanSet - PanamaHat - USA 1957Home - USAAway- Dominican RepublicSet - PanamaHat - USA 1954Home - USAAway- Dominican RepublicSet - JapanHat - USA
  3. Caribbean Series totals from 1970-1980 DOM 41 - 27 PUR 36 - 32 VEN 33 - 29 MEX 23 - 43 WBC Main Event totals from 1969-1981 VEN 12-6 PUR 9-7 DOM 2-8 MEX 2-8 I understand this is a concept thread , but the Dominican Republic won both Caribbean Series in 1973 and 1977 both hosted by Venezuela.
  4. No, since the 1970's the Dominican Republic has dominated the Caribbean Series and Venezuela hasn't been as good as you have depicted. Nonetheless, your designs are excellent and will keep me following this thread.
  5. That explains why you have Venezuela being more dominant than the Dominican Republic, but in reality DR has been the best team in the Caribbean Series' latest era. The teams sent to the Caribbean Series are basically quasi-national teams with a few foreigners sprinkled in. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caribbean_Series
  6. This thread has been a pleasant surprise, I would like to see the other uniforms of the teams which have yet to qualify. What does Colombia, Italy, Netherlands , etc look like in the 1960's?
  7. I believe this is a clever way of paying homage to the gradient oval without actually using it. I like it. . I actually think the gradient would work well on the white jersey...Not sure about the blue one, though. I agree. Also, for some reason I thought the Rays used a sleeveless jersey for a longer period. I was expecting this color scheme with a sleeveless jersey, but this Rays concept looks good regardless.
  8. I believe this is a clever way of paying homage to the gradient oval without actually using it. I like it.
  9. I am using a .psd file and don't want to change things to Illustrator so close to the end of the series. I am not nearly so comfortable with Illustrator yet, but I do hope to work with it more in the future. I didn't mean for you to switch templates in the middle of presenting your concept. I was simply me stating my preference, it is completely up to you to revisit this thread with a different template down the road. Regardless, this has been one of my favorite concepts. Btw, Tampa looks fantastic.
  10. I would have liked to see this concept with following template http://www.mediafire...52o7b5j4rq9z605
  11. I was reviewing this thread and found this, thanks, it looks great and so do the Mariners. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the remaining teams.
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