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  1. Louisville City just released renderings of their proposed new stadium today.
  2. I have turned away from the NFL since the Rams left St. Louis. The only NFL game I watched last year was the Super Bowl.
  3. If St Louis had built an outdoor stadium in 95 instead of a dome would the Rams still be moving? I haven't heard anything about the Panthers, Ravens, Redskins or Buccaneers needing new stadiums.
  4. My post earlier was kind of a joke, but as a person who grew up near St Louis and loves the city, this hurts. I hope St Louis is able to get another team in the future. Stan Kroenke is a curse to any sports team he touches. All the teams he owns in the US (Rams, Rapids and Nuggets) are dead last in league attendance outside of the Colorado Avalanche at 22 of 30. Los Angeles will be happy to have the Rams back until they realize what garbage the Rams are with their current owner. Unless something drastic changes I give it ten years tops and the LA Rams will be near dead last in the NFL in attendance. St Louis can support a NFL team with a decent owner and good product on the field. Who wants to spend their hard earned money on something that is not worth it? The Cardinals are worth it and it shows. (#2 in MLB attendance). I grew up with the Rams and remember the excitement when they were coming to St Louis. I can relate to LA fans and have no hard feelings. At least I can always look back at the good old days and remember seeing Warner, Faulk and the greatest show on turf.
  5. The NFL could just expand with 8 more teams and put realignment talk to bed forever at 40. Give Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, San Antonio, Orlando, Memphis, Salt Lake City and Columbus teams and call it a day.
  6. I'll just drop these here. Jurassic 'merica and this creative logo.
  7. Miami Heat vs New Orleans Pelicans at the KFC Yum Center in Louisville
  8. It's hard finding anything that sounds good with Salt Lake City and Minneapolis.
  9. These are Georgia State's plans for the Turner Field site. Turner Filed would be converted into a football stadium keeping the original part from the Olympic Stadium intact. Also the site of the old Fulton County Stadium would be used for baseball.
  10. Darrell Waltrip ran the Tim Flock Special as a memorial to Tim Flock. It had the #300, Tim Flock's old number. NASCAR would not allow three digit numbers, so it had to be changed to 17 for the race.
  11. louisvillecoopers.com/usl-update-slugger-visuals/
  12. Some recent renderings of soccer at Louisville Slugger Field.
  13. Will Georgia State be moving to the new stadium as well? This seems like a good setup for their games
  14. Some MLS stadiums have had football games played in them. PPL Park, Villanova BBVA Compass Stadium, Texas Southern Toyota Stadium, NCAA D1 FCS Championship Columbus Crew Stadium, Bowling Green Stubhub Center, California football championships
  15. Louisville Slugger Field could soon be the new home for the Orlando City USL Pro team. This is the proposed layout of the field.
  16. Shea Stadium when the Jets were still playing there.
  17. Provel = Processed cheese heaven. The reason St Louis style pizza is the best ever. and to stay on topic hockey in a Roman amplitheater in Pula, Croatia
  18. You just made me think of this. Boardwalk Hall held a bowl game at one time.
  19. Here is a few international stadiums the NFL has held games at. Wimbley Stadium, London Estadio Azteca, Mexico City Tokyo Dome, Tokyo
  20. Bush Stadium, Indianapolis Baseball Dirt Track Garbage Dump Apartments
  21. Soccer at Marlins Park. Steinbrenner Field, Tampa
  22. Tennessee and Virginia Tech will play at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016.
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