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  1. Bowman Gray Stadium, Winston Salem College Football NASCAR NASCAR at Soldier Field
  2. Louisville Cardinal football and the AAA Louisville Redbirds(Bats) used to share Cardinal Stadium at the Kentucky Expo Center. The fairboard has just let it rot the last 15 years.
  3. Football at Tropicana Field, St Petersburg Safeco Field, Seattle Chase Field, Pheonix
  4. Here is a selection of school logos I grew up with Southern Illinois. Anna Jonesboro Wildcats Benton Rangers Carbondale Terriers Chester Yellow Jackets Duquoin Indians Fairfield Mules Harrisburg Bulldogs Murphysboro Red Devils Shawnee Redskins Vienna Eagles
  5. I grew to like Louisville's sleeved fruit stripe uniforms. Notre Dame's not so much.
  6. The new stadium is nice but I still miss this one. I had a lot of great childhood memories here.
  7. I loved these uniforms. One of my favorite all time in the NBA.
  8. Very appropriate for the cocaine-ladened 1980s. At least it's still better than this
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