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  1. I will design you a Fantasy Football logo if you donate $20 to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. All the proceeds go to charity. Please share
  2. I thought they used a toilet seat as inspiration for that logo. Haha makes complete sense now considering...
  3. I prefer this all white version Patrick Kane is sporting than this white version...
  4. I actually prefer this all white version Patrick Kane is sporting in this photo over the unnecessary stripes version.
  5. Is it just me or does the Bears "C" borrow from the elongated football shape as well? And for a team so close in proximity seems weird to be similar in approach.
  6. It was 1961, just before the start of Green Bay Packers training camp. That's when Coach Vince Lombardi had the idea of putting a logo on the helmets of his players for the very first time. A new design concept, the Packers "G," was born. It's a concept has stood the test of time, thanks to the careful original work of its designer, St. Norbert College adjunct faculty member John Gordon. Video here:
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I agree that No. 2 is probably too bright.
  8. I really dig the orange concept. Makes me wish I had done a version with this color too. As long as they aren't playing the Dynamo when they sport these!
  9. The Chicago Fire #cf97ThirdKit recently had a contest to design their official third kit so I spent some time with the template and came up with these concepts. Instead of creating big color blocks I wanted to offer a different look entirely with a few pattern options. The light grey featured on the first and third concept would be printed glossy.