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  1. They're preaching to the damned. That's college hoops territory, and people in Eau Claire probably aren't driving to Milwaukee on winter weeknights even if they want to. NBA teams arguably have the smallest radii in pro sports. not many people are driving into cities farther then an hour aways in any city to watch a basektball team unless they are die hard fans or are going for a weekend or more.
  2. Wow...nothing like having one product able to leak every new logo and wordmark you have.Somebody at a glass company is going to lose their job ... or deal with Bucks/NBA. Nothing spectacular, but if they play up the green and cream and the deer head by itself -- as they seem to be doing -- it should look good. Seriously how many logo leaks are they gonna have only from beer glasses?And who would put that many logos on a cup? Will there eventually be a glass with a jersey on it? Are the bucks :censored:ing with us by making glasses with all the logos on them and leaving them out to be photographed? So many questions. It's like a souvenir shot glass. I see glasses with tons of logos and stuff all over them like that all the time. This was most likely used by Sales personal in everything they have been doing for the last year. there is a picture of the bucks new offices at the Shlitz park that has the trim colors of these new logos. so we have been seeing the new colors for a long time. look at the strips on the walls edit
  3. Dudes these ROCK!!! Love them all..cept the Red one..but thanks for the post!The red one is the best! all i seen in the red one
  4. They need sky blue pants and navy blue tops with Gold and tin off colors. If you want to do union colors go all out.
  5. St. Louis and Dallas could be interesting. Really because I think Minneapolis is the next stop. and for a kick be against dallas so both get to wear North jersey. Or they will have a stadium series on hockey day.
  6. I just moved to Milwaukee and the first things i thought of when it came to the bucks was and this is a pretty bad ass logo and using the line from Game of throne which is Just some thoughts I'm looking forward to bucks games
  7. You don't have to kill the name. Birds of prey are known as raptors. Pick a Canadian bird i.e. the great horned owl and rebrand the image.